Your Rowing Questions Answered in 2019 | Part 1

Your Rowing Questions Answered in 2019 | Part 1

12 thoughts on “Your Rowing Questions Answered in 2019 | Part 1

  1. (Q&A) What's better option if I have anterior pelvic tilt – skierg, or rower? I have my Concept 2 rower, and I'm trying to row with good technique, especially to engage my glutes, and my core more, and don't let my hip flexors do too much job. I also stretch my hip flexors everyday. Should I row without straps around my foot? Is rowing can help fix my apt (with proper technique), or it's gonna make it worse? Maybe skierg will be better option? Thanks for any responses. πŸ˜‰

  2. Avoiding blisters rowing barefoot: why not just wear socks? Best of both worlds, good contact with the machine and no blisters. This is how we rowed in college centuries ago when I was young.

  3. Thanks for this video, especially credit to my question at 3:50. Bonus to that was your clear reasoning for lifting toes as a signal for technique problem of pulling with legs. I noticed that following your good technique advice, it feels more like I am coasting downhill (legs relax) while recovering to the catch. Headed into indoor rowing annual "test" in February; these kinds of tips are great.

  4. Really good stuff. Thanks for the answer about rowing without shoes. I have been seeing more videos about foot contact and I have been doing it wrong for so many years. With better contact and more attention to what my heel and palm of the foot is doing I think my contact and connection with the machine has increased even in the short time. I have not tried no shoes since I have been working on that but will give it a try this week for sure. Love the channel. Love the content. Wish I had this over 10 years ago when I started rowing indoors.

    I can see this transferring to my recreational scull as well which is where I would really like to not where shoes. Speaking of which, do you row on the water ever? I know the focus is the machine for the channel but I would love to learn more about beginner on the water rowing. I am self taught by youtube and books and don't have a community of rowers to really share it all with but again am loving the channel.

    Side idea, maybe you have had it before. If I and other viewers were to record 2-10 minutes of rowing or so and send it in would you be willing to critique it? I would love for someone to watch and see what I am doing wrong. If you want I would be more than happy to send in some footage. If my bad habits can get better and help someone else… I am all about it.

    Have a great week!

  5. Hi Shane a dark horse staff! re-wrapping the handle with bicycle handlebar grip – can it help to prevent blisters when rowing long distances?

  6. No hip flexor or toe raising issues here. Dumb luck -> I never strap my feet in!
    I've always used running shoes, though. Will try various degrees of less cushion. It sure would be sweet if I could drop a split or two at the same effort level.

  7. Love the videos!
    Noted your comment about losing energy with squishy shoes.
    I looked in vain for some better shoes but suddenly remembered I have non-squashy Squash/(US Racketball?) shoes and sense that the slim sole and the thin inner make a difference.

  8. Hi Shane, I just picked up a new tip from this video that I'm looking forward to trying. I've been rowing about 17-18 years and am now ripping personal bests for 30 minutes by just paying attention to my form from the tips in your videos. I had gotten used to my distances dropping slowly as I get older. Thanks!

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