YOU Have BAD Posture!!! (3 Signs and How To Fix Easily)

YOU Have BAD Posture!!! (3 Signs and How To Fix Easily)

YOU Have BAD Posture!!! (3 Signs and How To Fix Easily) [0:00:00]
What comes to your mind when you see a soldier? Power? Strength? Confidence? But, why? Is it just the uniform or is there something
else going on? Gentlemen, as a former US Marine, I’m going
to let you in on a little secret. You see the key to appearing strong and confident,
it’s not complicated, but it can be messed up. In fact, if you mess up, what I’m about
to talk about you could look weak and insecure no matter how well-dressed you are. So, are you ready for it? The secret ingredient to attracting a beautiful
woman, nailing that job interview, or giving a killer presentation. Gents, the secret is posture. And, we’re not just talking any posture,
we’re talking perfect posture. Standing up straight? Yeah, that’s one of the first things you
learn in boot camp. You see, when you stand up straight, when
you have perfect posture, there is a mindset shift that happens. A man with perfect posture, he radiates strength. He oozes confidence. And the best part about all this is that you
can get better posture fast. Now, to start things off, let’s talk about
the difference between good and bad posture. So, what are the signs of poor posture? Forward head position, rounded shoulders,
and anterior pelvic tilt. So, now that we’ve identified bad posture,
let’s now go step by step on how to bring in your body into proper posture. First, pull your head back and tuck your chin
in slightly. Roll your shoulders back and down. Activate your gluts to bring your pelvis into
correct position. Proper posture will form a straight line from
your ears to your hips. Bad posture is a habit. It takes time and practice to overcome it. So now, let me share with you some easy ways
to improve your posture permanently. First up, the wall method. If you’re having trouble understanding how
good posture should feel, try standing up against a wall to practice. Work from the bottom up placing your heels,
buttocks, shoulder blades, and head against the wall to create proper alignment. Hold it for thirty seconds and you’ll notice
instant improvement in your posture. Next up, we’ve got the stretch and strengthen
method. Now, a common cause of poor posture is that
certain muscle groups are being overly tight and others are overly weak. This pulls you out of proper alignment. Tight muscles that often require stretching
include chest, lats, and hip flexors. We often focus too much on sexy exercises
like bench press and curls while letting our back muscles become weak destroying our posture
over time. An easy way to correct this imbalance is to
add exercises like rows, band stretches, and dead lifts. Method three, manage our electronics. Now, we’re all guilty of it, but spending
hours each day hunched over your computer, hunched over looking at your phone, this is
going to kill your posture. What you want to do is fix the problem by
changing the way you engage with your electronics. So, when using your phone, bring it up to
eye level instead of hunching over. When looking at your computer, again, bring
the screens up or better yet, go to a standing desk. The reality is many of us have office jobs. We spend dozens of hours working at our computers,
and this is what makes it so easy to slip into bad posture. Combat this by changing your systems, change
your environment, and take frequent breaks away from your screen to stretch or go for
a walk. Seriously, taking five minutes to go for a
quick walk, to do some stretching, to straighten your posture, guys, this, will do wonders
for you. A good rule of thumb is for every twenty five
minutes you’re at your computer, take five minutes to walk and stretch. So, what video to watch next? Gents, check out this video, fifteen body
language mistakes that are killing your confidence. Guys, most guys are making these mistakes
and they don’t even know it. [0:03:58] End of audio

65 thoughts on “YOU Have BAD Posture!!! (3 Signs and How To Fix Easily)

  1. First

    Amazing Video
    Very helpful
    I have a little bit posture problem
    I lean while sitting
    So I tried to eliminate it with the help of earlier video
    And it's working
    Thanks Antonio 👍

  2. WATCH NEXT: WORST Body Language MISTAKES Men Make & How To Avoid Looking Weak! –

    Do you want to see more videos on posture and body language? Comment below! 🤔👇

  3. As a dentist who spends nearly 12 hours/day hunched on a chair, I can't stress how important it is to incorporate stretches and strenght exercises into your workout routine! I used to try and stand up straight, walked over to the wall to correct my posture, but after an hour or so, my muscles where so tense, I would slowly start hunching back.

  4. @ Real Men Real Style Ha ha, I have terrible posture and I've been trying to fix it (though it's easy for me to subconsciously slip back into the it again), thanks for the tips, Antonio!

  5. Important to always remember this. I've had all of those but now I've got rid of most of them, and it feels and looks good. 💪

  6. If Antonio doesn’t show us his Marine head shot photo, it didn’t happen….

    Nahhh…. it definitely did happen. But still, the public demands it!

  7. You also sleep better when your posture is good, cos nothing is straining or hurting and you can lay straightened in bed.

  8. Great video Anthony. Would you consider doing a follow up with some stretches anyone can do at home (like at 2:22)? Take care.

  9. Maybe that why I get looked often. Also growing up my mother always yelled at us if our head was down. Also weak males can't even look up half the time staring at the ground.

  10. I'm practicing as I watch this video. I aligned to the wall then walk away straight, it works and I haven't done everything thing yet. Do you have a video on how to walk elegantly or gracefully

  11. 0:09 Bro, what's this "former U.S. Marine" business? You ARE a Marine! Once a Marine, always a Marine, bro! My dad, my uncles and my sister all joined the U. S. Navy and it's who you are for the rest of your life. Semper Fi!

  12. if you already have a gym-membership then incorporate frontsquats and frontrack-holds into your weekly routine, not the twisted-arms version. work your way from just being able to hold the barbell in your frontrack with the aid of a couple of fingers standing upright to eventually sitting ass-to-grass with hands gripped around the barbell

  13. Another tip when walking and maintaining a good posture, is to watch at a point far away, around the horizontal line that devides the sky and ground.
    Do not look at your feet, it is usually bad posture.
    Keep your head up and scan the ground from afar, to see any poopy traps

  14. But i do that but cant keep up with it because i get tried very quick so what i do and i guess my mucles are weak .even it has destroyed my way how to walk properly


    There are several videos on this channel, teaching men how to dress well in hot weather.
    As a young man in Britain, I found myself getting caught in a lot of downpours, and find myself arriving home with my hair soaked and my hands stinging from the cold.
    Please could we have a video, going into detail on how to dress for wet weather , including a description on waterproof/water-resistant fabrics.

  16. Definitely a confidence booster. The superman pose for a few mins in front of the mirror daily is an excellent method to fix your posture.

    Keep up these short videos as well Antonio, love them!

  17. Have you tried the Amazon Brand of shirts called Buttoned Down?? I think you could make a whole video out of it.

  18. good posture = sexy
    beats any wannabe dodong who wears expensive clothing with big logos, or overhyped crap like supreme

  19. I've had proper posture for 4 years now and I assure you proper posture helps you a loooottttt
    Also, the positivity and enthusiasm you release throughout your day will be so much better

  20. Antonio, can you please make a video about Alain Delon style? I think he is one of the greatest actors and one of most influentual style icons here in Europe. You are amazing, i've learned so much from your videos. Greetings from Serbia! 🙋‍♂️

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