You Can Exercise and Laugh Yourself Healthy

You Can Exercise and Laugh Yourself Healthy

KENNETH: Hello everybody. I’m
Kenneth Copeland. Welcome to the believers voice of victory
broadcast. Father, we are so grateful today. We thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. We give you praise and today is
specially and thank you for sending Dr. Jackson to us, to
give us insight into this marvelous human being, the price
creation of all time and we thank you and we pray. Thank you
Lord. I’ll mention that in Jesus name. Amen. Would you join me in
welcoming Dr.Jackson to this broadcast today? Just as I was
praying the Lord, just flashed this across my thinking. He
created everything, everything before he created his man. He
provided completely for him before he ever created him. So
here’s a way to fix everything. Amen. Amen. Amen. He is the
provider. Amen. He’s the beginning and he’s the end, the
Alpha and the Omega. And to have men like you called into this
very special, branch of medical science, neurosurgery and the
dealing with the brain. And for those of you that you weren’t
with us yesterday, Dr. Jackson is a neurosurgeon and knew he
was going to be a neurosurgeon, Because he heard the Lord say it
to him back as a very little boy, seven or eight years old
and he stayed with the program and now very successful and he
won’t tell you this but I will, very renowned neurosurgeon. And
I’m just thrilled. I’m just thrilled and he knows my name.
Glory to God. And just to have him as my friend and to have him
on this broadcast is just a blessing beyond measure to me. I
am with. Men like you and Dr Dawn Colbert and men like that.
Whoa. I get so thrilled to be able to sit here, men that honor
the word of God and put it first place. And final authority. Dr.
Jackson. We’re the, the people that we ministered too
predominantly are, we’re people of the book. We’re very
conscious about spiritual things. And the awareness of it
that it is spirit and soul and body. But on this broadcast
today, I want to go body, soul, and spirit. Most people, most of
the Christian people don’t have any idea of how physical
exercise can affect the spirit and how it can affect the mind
and the brain because the spirit affects the mind and the body,
the mind affects the spirit and the body and the body affects
the spirit and the mind and the brain. So I am. the two things
that just excited me beyond measure. It was, you’re talking
about physical exercise, but then you talked about having
laugh sessions. oh I like that. And I knew that the, you know,
that the Bible says a merry heart does good like a medicine
and from what Dr Colbert had taught and so forth. But then I
found out from you that that medical science has proven that
the body doesn’t know the difference between a belly laugh
and a put on laugh. I’m interested. Because there’s
times I had to just flat put it on because there wasn’t a thing.
because just hahaha. Just did it anyway. But you can’t do that
very long. Do you? You start laughing at yourself, you know,
but people in really serious pain and how exercise will fix
these things and how these things that, that people are so
unaware of in the Christian world. DR. JACKSON:Brother
Copeland, you open up with a lot. And so for me it’s like a
menu and you just want everything on the menu to eat
right in terms of what to talk about and so where to start. So
it’s interesting, some, some interesting facts. And you
mentioned about laughter with laughter. You do get a physical
benefit even if it’s a put on and there is a study looking at
what happens even when you anticipate laughter. So even
before you laugh, if you anticipate that you’re going to
laugh, you get benefit from that. Your heart rate changes,
heart rate changes, you get good blood flow. Yeah. In this
particular study, they looked at stress hormones and the stress
hormones. One was adrenaline Epinephrin, which you get nerved
up and that study it dropped 70% just when you’re anticipating
that you’re about to laugh about something funny. And then the
dopamine level is another neurotransmitter that decreases.
And so as a result, just anticipating that something’s
going to be funny has benefit Andy Anderson, world famous
center here in Texas. They’re amazing at tumor research
dealing with all types of tumor from brain tumors all the way
down. They looked at the question of laughter in brain
tumor research. They do traditional research, a
traditional algorithms and treatment, right? So radiation,
chemotherapy and so forth. But they kind of stumbled on
laughter medicine and they found, this is a top notch
research institution found out that when you laugh it, whether
you’re happy or not, it literally affects the cancer
cells and it enhances the treatment significantly. And
people live longer and have better quality of life, even
with terminal cancer from laughter. So that’s kind of
interesting. Now you’ve got at least a couple of studies that
we talked about in terms of of of laughter and the physical
body. And then you walk that to the soul, which is
the mind, will , and emotion. And so it’s the decision that
you make to want to laugh until you know, want to look at God’s
word and say, God, what do you say about this? And you say that
I have this joy and the joy of the Lord is strength in
Nehemiah. So I’m going to make a decision. KENNETH:To count it.
All joy count fall into different tests and trials and
temptations. DR. JACKSON:And isn’t that interesting because
you think. So I’m supposed to be joyful because somebody did
something to me or I had a a bad, something happened to me,
but it’s protective. So God loves us so much, right? That
he’s like, look, these things are coming, but if you get into
this condemnation, if you get into this anger that
hypothalamus and how your brain works is going to create this
cascade that can be detrimental to your health. But on the
other hand, if you listen to my word as it relates to the
joy and counted all joy, then that cascade and what the devil
is trying to do to get you into a state of poor health, mentally
and physically, it’s going to be blocked because you listen to
me. And so that’s why he’s saying, look, science is not
really apart from me. I created all the matter. I created you. I
created all the science and science is my textbook or
instruction book to say this is what I did. Now whether you read
it or not is completely irrelevant. All you have to do
is just believe him and his word and all of your process and
he’ll get you to get you there. So from the exercise standpoint,
one of the things that’s really interesting that we’ve been
struggling with with exercise and laughter is this opioid
epidemic. So this huge epidemic that’s all across
the country. It’s ravaging states and cities, you know,
with drugs and people are trying to find something to help with
pain. Well, when you laugh it will, it’s actually a natural
painkiller. And when you exercise, it’s a natural
painkiller and it works on the exact same receptors in your
brain and body, just like the medication. So it not only works
on the receptors, KENNETH: Come on! Say it again! DR.
JACKSON:When you laugh and when you exercise, it is really, it’s
God’s answer. One of his answers to pain, dealing with pain
because on a chemical standpoint, a scientific
standpoint, it works on the same cell receptors. So when you’re
laughing those neuro, the dopamine and the endorphins get
going and those connect to cells on a cellular level, change the
receptor, go into cell and, and then change the cell just
like a narcotic or pain medication. KENNETH: So would
that be then that that’s where the narcotic got the nickname
dope? DR. JACKSON:Yes, sir. From dopamine. Yes sir. Yes sir. And
God may that dopamine specifically for us to be able
to have that sense of wellbeing and with a dopamine, it connects
you to people. And circumstances that are good that you might
think are good. For instance, when you’re praying in the
spirit and you’re spending time in the Lord and you get happy
about it, the dopamine goes because it’s encouraging you to
do that again because it’s a good thing. So dope mean goes up
and then it helps your brain and helps your body. One of the
other pieces is regarding the brain. Neuro degenerative
disorders like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Huge topics today.
Well, when you exercise. So there was a study looking at the
cells that God put in us, right? God put in all the stem cells,
which are cells that reproduce in all of our bodies. And He
loves us so much that he put these cells into us from the
time we are two cells old. Okay. And in the, he put these neuro
stem cells in the brain and basically said this, if you
exercise and you get the appropriate blood flow to the
brain, then you’re going to facilitate my healing mechanism
of those cells working and they can affect Alzheimer’s repair,
Parkinson’s and repair even injuries to the brain. So
exercise and laughter can do that. And that’s God’s
mechanism. KENNETH:Yeah. That brings up a question, I know is
on the heart and mind of a lot, a lot people. What can you tell
us about Alzheimer’s and how it the most insidious thing that I
can think about is the something that affects the memory so that
you don’t know that you forgot and you don’t know you have it
and yet it’s, it’s increasing and getting worse and you won’t
even know. DR. JACKSON:So we talked about that memory loop,
the circuit of papez. And so that’s how we process
information initially that comes into our five senses, through
the frontal lobe, circuit of papez. And then we process that
memory into something that’s separate from our brains, which
is a part of our mind will and emotion, which stays with us as
when we leave this body. Well, the interesting pieces is that
that circuit, we’re not always aware of the memories as they’re
processed and where they go because they go to the
subconscious mind. So if the brain is broken in some areas
and that loop is broken, you’re not going to be conscious of
when you start to lose the memory and then it’s going to go
on the subconscious mind. There are about 400 billion actions
for a second that occur in the subconscious mind. Every couple
of seconds, about 5 to 10 of those thoughts and memories come
up to where we can see them. But in that moment, in those
moments, if that circuit is broken because of the chemicals
like Acetycholine, you know, and that’s for Alzheimer’s. If
that’s broken, then that loop doesn’t, the processing doesn’t
work well. And again, you’re not really conscious of it.
KENNETH:So where does people like us, how do we, how do we in
the word of God and in our daily lives, how do we protect
ourselves? DR. JACKSON:Yes sir. And so, and you had mentioned
early on about the physical than the soul. And the spirit in that
is, is that when you choose to laugh, you choose the joy of the
Lord because he said it. This is, he said this about you.
That’s important. Exercise is important because it increases
that blood flow that affects the Alzheimer’s and reverses the
damage to the brain tissue. And those are, those are the
decisions that go from your soul to your physical body and then
ultimately to your spirit to really build you up and who you
are in Christ. KENNETH: So it looks like to me, you could go a
long ways toward reversing that with those very same things,
laughter and exercise. And of course diet like you should be
in the first place. But go ahead. DR. JACKSON:Yes sir. And
especially so with a diet, you know, watching, there are
certain chemical, foods that will increase dopamine and when
that dopamine is increased, that helps to repair your brain. But
you got to have blood supply. There was a study done looking
at younger people and older people who had these accidents
died suddenly so they didn’t have any chronic conditions and
the amount of those stem cells in the brain. So again, stem
cells being cells that God gave us that will reproduce
themselves. We’re the same in the young people and in the
older people. So when you look at that, you go, well why does
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s tend to happen in older people? For
the most part and not in the younger people, especially if we
have cells that can replace the bad cells and replace that loop
of memory, the answer, blood supply, it’s all about the blood
supply. So that’s why that walking that exercise
to get that heart rate up, you know, 30 minutes to 50 minutes a
day if you can, you know, slowly built it up, gets that blood
supply to support God’s mechanism, which is those stem
cells. And those stem cells and can replace themselves. People
used to argue that stem cells, there weren’t stem cells in the
brain and there it doesn’t. And there’s no replacing. Once you
have your brain structures, you have them. That’s not true. You
literally, for instance, have the Hypothalamus, which is a
part of the brain. Hippocampus, I’m sorry, from memory in that
loop, that entire structure gets replaced over the course of your
life. You actually start with one and you end with a brand new
one because of these cells, these stem cells. KENNETH:Well
praise God. Hallelujah. So basically exercise does for the
body. What the word of God does for you spirit. Wow. Praise God.
How much time have we got Tim? five minutes. Get every once of
it. DR. JACKSON:You know when, as as Christians, we live by
faith and that’s an important piece. And so, but if we don’t
exercise our bodies and have that blood flood work, it’s
going to break down and that’s going to eventually have a toll
on our mind, will, and emotion and then that’s going to have an
affect on our spirit. And so, and our perspective, everything
changes. So then the devils wiles from the age of six or
seven, when mom or dad yelled at me, or Mom or dad said something
that I interpreted the wrong way, that was back there way in
the, in the my memory banks comes out and now I’m mad at
God. I mad at other people. I don’t have a good sense of who I
am. And so then I said, well, I’m not going to take care of
myself. So there’s no way I’m an exercise. I have depression.
There’s a study looking at twins and in twins they looked at what
happens when they had adversity in their lives early on and they
went on to have chronic pain. Another study that says that 50%
of people who had chronic pain went on to have depression. So
you go from childhood issues that are in the underlying and
then you don’t exercise. Or there’s some other issues that
happen on top of that. And so now it’s, they’re playing off of
each other between the spirit, the soul, mind, will, and
emotion in the body. And they go back and forth. So when you make
a decision, and I call it,Y’all, so which means You choose a
task. So you choose God’s word and that it says, you know, I’m
the healed or it says, he says I have the joy of the Lord. And he
says, you know, get moving. And I do that. And then A, a stands
for amazing relationships. So the relationship that you have
with Christ is the most important thing that you can
have and relying on his word and then with each other. And then,
and last lastly, laughter because with that laughter it
does so much to repair as God had, it would have it for us
beyond what we can do and even exercise. KENNETH:Praise God.
Praise God! Thank you lord. Well, let’s go ahead and
continue. I was thinking about the DVDs of yours that I watched
on this subject. Yes sir. And I believe it would please the Lord
if we just make the outline that you were using for that and just
continue with that. Because that’s where we’re lacking so
much is the correlation between the exercise. I learned years
and years and years and years ago, like 50 years ago, that
first of all, I learned to be a doer of the word, not just to
hear her only well of being a doer word is spiritual exercise.
I mean, you can hear a lot of word and no doer and nothing’s
happening. So you got a fat, flabby spirit. Then advanced
exercise was praying in tongues. Now that not only affected my
spirit, but it began to affect my mind and especially
my brain because I have a way of communicating with God that
edifies me and builds me up. But then I just absolutely hated the
idea of exercise. I was always tended to be overweight and was,
and even as a young boy in athletics, I had really, really
pushed to do it. And I, so consequently I didn’t want to
exercise doing anything else except that. And then way back
there, the Lord started talking to me about walking walk. Well,
I’d do it a few days. And back in those days I was preaching
seven days a week, which was months, stupid fault. And the
Lord send me one time, he said, it’s not, it’s not my ministry
that breaking you down. It’s all that stuff you added to it. And
He is right. So anyway, that loop, well, I’m really tired,
I’m too tired to exercise. Well I exercise and they get tired
and it doesn’t last but a few days and you’re done. Well then
the depression started and I had to fight depression before I
accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1962. I want you to
know I battled depression and didn’t know what to do with it,
you know? And then I fought it even after, after got into the
ministry and I finally began to realize, and I had opened the
door to that thing and I, one day I had just gone up and just
fallen across a bit. I was so exhausted and I just, and that
thing came over me and it had just this big knot in here that
I couldn’t cough up and I couldn’t swallow and I had been
standing against that thing with all our had and
Gloria just walked in there and sat down next to me. I was
crosswise a bid I was just laying there, she put her hand
Doc. right where I was! she just started praying. It was so hard
on me. I had to put my hands under my legs to keep from
getting her hand and taking it away. And when that happened, I
recognized right then it was a spirit. I don’t have, I don’t
have a demon in my born again spirit. No such thing. You live
in a house, you can have termites in the house. You have
termites in yourself. So, but I saw it and the minute she moved
her hand, it left. And I’ve been free ever since. And we’re out
of time, oh my, my and in the name of Jesus, I pray for you
right now. If you’ve been combating, any kind of
depression, you listen to this man and you listened to God and
you and I found out this, that depression. Come
on me. I shout just Glory to God and that thing
would run and run like a the scared demon
he is. Amen.c ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

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  1. The root of all mental health deterioration besides unforgiveness and or prolonged grief and depression is taking oneself way to serious! This was a Holy Ghost Download!! That is take your faith, the Kingdom work and your recovery series but not yourself!! Amen!

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