Yin Yoga for Flexibility | Full Body Yoga Stretch | 28 Minutes

Yin Yoga for Flexibility | Full Body Yoga Stretch | 28 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today is really exciting for me because it is the first
class in my brand new studio so if you’re new here that means nothing to
you but if you’ve been following my channel for a bit of time you know that
I’ve relocated I’m in the exact same room I just rotated everything 90
degrees so I’m gonna miss the window a lot but I love this new space so much
this new corner of the room so you guys let’s cut to the chase here we’re gonna
do a yin yoga practice today if you happen to have a block or a book or
something that you can lay on no I’m gonna say no book a pillow would be
better than a book feel free to grab something now I find a little bit of
space to move subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already so many things to
say let’s get started you guys all right you guys we are gonna start
laying down today if you have a block we are gonna come into soup Tabata con
asana so this block could just lay underneath your chest it’s a bit of a
backbend chest opener you may or may not like doing it my block has a few
different heights yours might as well yeah to heights but yeah so we’re gonna
lay on down with the block or just flat on your back so you might be bringing
the soles of your feet together and your knees out wide in a diamond shape or you
might have your legs out nice and straight
but that block if you’re using it it’s just gonna kind of come under the upper
back our hips are still down and we’re just gonna let the head fall back so
oftentimes my students will use a second block or a pillow underneath the head to
take some of the stretch out of the neck feel free to grab a second block or
pillow will just rest your arms at your sides kind of out a little wider and
turn your palms to face up mmm and as you settle in get a little comfy
if you’re new to yin yoga we spend a little bit of time in each pose so just
allowing your body to kind of relax find some stillness and a really good stretch where Adam whenever you need to move you
can move so since this is the first pose of our
practice today if you’re feeling a little antsy er a little Wiggly
that’s okay I just want you to focus on your breath a little bit more than you
already might be just kind of forget about the position your body’s in or any
thoughts that might be on your mind and just feel the air coming into your body and then coming back out we’re gonna stay here for just a few
more moments if you would like to reach the arms above the head and just rest
your hands on the floor above you you’re really awesome stretch for the abdominal
shoulders I mean it doesn’t feel good for everybody
so if it’s not for you just keep your arms by your sides let’s take one more inhale and exhale
half your arms are above your head you can start to bring them back
those of you on a block or pillow you can come off of them so just sit up a
little bit move your stuff off to the side we’re going to lay back down so who
bringing the length back into the spine if you were raised if you did have a
raised chest so it might feel good to pull the knees in and just do a little
rock from side to side or keep the feet on the ground and do a little rock from
side to side you can even stay nice and still and just notice the sensations all
through the back of the spine even into the neck and chest and shoulders
wherever you might have been feeling that even the hips even there so from
here we’re just gonna move into a twist so you can keep your arms out nice and
wide or move them out nice and wide and then I just want you to lift your hips
and place them onto the right side of the mat a little bit just a little move
of those hips and then the knees are gonna fall over to the left so as best
you can try and stack your knees stack your hips let that right hip lift up if
you want to cross the legs you can cross the legs that’ll take you a little
deeper into that twist but just try to keep your shoulders down especially that
right one and then just be mindful that we are here for a little bit of time so
finding a twist that works for you your knees do not have to come all the way
down to the floor that might be a little too much I’m gonna halfway through this side of
our twist so just notice where you are feeling a little stretch or a little
feeling and then just see if you can relax a little bit more in those places
maybe that’s the hips or the back or the shoulders or wherever I send a few soft
breath into those spaces so take another breath or two and then
whenever you’re ready to lift the knees back up just use an inhale to help you
get your legs back up they might feel really heavy right now if you had your
legs crossed uncross them and we’re just going to move our hips back to the
middle of the mat so just scooch them back to the middle take a moment here
check in with where you’re getting any sort of sensations from that twist move
around if you need to move or just be still and enjoy and then whenever you’re
ready to go to the other side just lift those hips a little and slide them to
the left there’s just just going to help us keep our spine and a nice straight
line so the knees can fall over to the side bring your arms out to way down
those shoulders may be crossing the legs just kind of take the same leg variation
that you did on the other side and then letting yourself kind of soften
through those hips and the tummy and the low back keeping things really simple
today we’re doing all my favorite poses I’m taking your last breath or two on
this side and then using an inhale to lift those heavy legs back up bringing
the low back against your mat take a moment and then when you’re ever you’re
ready we’ve got to come all the way up and find a nice comfy seat so rock
yourself roll yourself find your way up into a comfy seat if you happen to have
a block with you or pillow you can grab it again we’re gonna come into a nice
wide legged straddle so bringing your feet out as wide as you can legs out
nice and wide the block the pillow might come into you might come into play it
might not so you might be feeling that already through the inner thighs another
one of my favorite poses but we’re just gonna fold forward so if you’ve got nice
tight inner thighs hips you’re feeling the love and this one already without
folding you might want to rock your upper body up and down just a little bit
a few times and then we’re just gonna stay here for a few breaths so get comfy
mmm the block the pillow might be a nice head rest or chest rest but if you can’t
get all the way down towards it don’t worry about it you just close your eyes
just breathe just feel the stretch as you might feel your legs start to
kind of loosen up a little bit maybe maybe not but don’t be afraid to let the
chest fall a little more or the foreheads just finding what works best
for you I’m taking another breath or maybe a few
more but whenever you’re ready the slowly lifts up all the way out of
this we’re just gonna bring our hands to the outside of the knees help your legs
come back together maybe a little rock a little hug it was incredibly quiet in my room in my
home today so I’m digging the complete silence I didn’t even turn on my
diffuser today hmm my dogs are sleeping so peacefully which is rare all right
you guys come on to your knees we’re gonna move into our shoulders our upper
body a little bit getting into our shoulders with puppy dog you’re not
gonna need your block for this one so come on to your hands and knees hmm
we’ll reach our arms out all the way in front lift your hips off of your heels
and then you can just start to drop your forehead drop your chest your forearms
everything all the way down towards your mats so you might have a nice bend in
your arms your elbows kind of out to the sides that’s great if you feel the
stretch but if you want to take it to things a little bit further just think
about bringing your elbows towards each other a little bit nice straight on so
you can play with it find what works and then just settle in so just noticing here he can relax your
shoulders a little bit more sometimes without even noticing we tense up a
little bit in this position so just try to soften your shoulders a little bit
more at the chest be heavy falling towards your mat hmm staying for just one or two more
moments if your gun slowly and inhale to lift your chest back up you can walk
your hands back in or even sit on your heels but just a little shoulder roll
might feel good mmm we’re gonna do one more for the
shoulders laying down on their tummies so come all the way down oh so we’re
gonna be extending our left arm out to the side nice and straight and in line
with the shoulder and then bringing your left cheek to the mat so looking away
from your arm and then we’re just gonna well maybe you’re gonna stay here maybe
just extending the arm out to the side is perfect but if you want more we’re
just gonna start to kind of roll over like we want to lay all the way over
onto our backs but we’re gonna just go as far as we need to to feel a stretch
through the arm through the shoulder the chest you might get a nice twist
depending on how far you go so feel free to bend the knees plant the feet
whatever helps you turn over and then your right hand might stay in front of
you might find your hip or your low back some people can clasp their hands
together but just wherever is comfy and gives you a good stretch we’re staying a little longer if you
would like or just another breath or two more slowly and I start to come back
over and lay on the tummy and you can bring that left arm in just rest it
wherever’s comfy for a second and also bring your opposite cheek so your right
cheek probably to the mat and just take a second let your shoulder be nice and
heavy and then we’ll switch sides whenever you’re ready for that mm-hmm so
that right arm is gonna come out this time nice and straight in line with the
shoulder mmm right cheek will stay down so looking
away from the arm and then you can just start to roll over if you’re rolling
over you’re remembering that you can bend your knees or plant your feet and
move your left hand a whole lot of options for this one nice and slow let’s start to turn back
over mmm and you can just bring that right arm in and maybe the left cheek to
the mats and then we’ll just turn all the way
over onto our backs and set up for shavasana so let your feet be nice and
wide resting your arms at your sides with
your palms facing up as always I encourage you guys to stay
here for as long as you have time for just let your body be still and heavy but until we meet again have a really
awesome day namaste you

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  1. New studio!! If you are comfy, everything it's ok… And what a beautiful class, Rachel. It is incredible how the body enters the asanas in tension, and little by little each muscle is released, it relaxes … And the mind also, stops controlling everything, and gets carried away. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏.

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