Would One Punch Man Saitama’s Fitness Training Actually Work?

Would One Punch Man Saitama’s Fitness Training Actually Work?

100 thoughts on “Would One Punch Man Saitama’s Fitness Training Actually Work?

  1. I’m 12 and feeling out of shape so I was wandering wether or not I should do this challenge, if I break it up into sets would I be able to do the challenge without serious injury

  2. Saitama taught us that we can do anything in our lives if only we believe and try our best in that.Saitama never gave up,not even when he felt like it was not possible.He made the impossible possible.Learn from him.Yk nothing is impossible in our lives if only we believe that we can do it.Never give up.Keep trying.Saitama wanted to be a hero.Save the world from monster and at last after a lot of trainings he finally achieve it.He achieved more than he thought he would get…The most powerful superhero ever.

  3. Would you recommend me to do this…even when I'm skinny, like a skinny Steve Rogers from Captain America? I do walk alot, I find that more comfortable to me than driving or riding a bike. XD

  4. Anyone who has never seen a natural body look at this guy, this is how you look when you don't take steroids. Amazing 🙏

  5. Thanks
    I'm going to do the One Punch man challenge. Except I'll work my way up, I'm a big guy. I'll start with 10 push up, 10 sit ups, 10 squats, and 1k run and after every month I'll go up by 10 and a 2k and so on.

  6. IM a 13 years old and 170cm.
    I can do a 40 push ups without stoping. .
    Is this bad? I dont even do training or somethin and im 60 klogram
    Im still young for being in this tall and that kilogram thing i think…. (sorry my englsh is bad)
    What do you think?
    Help me

  7. Four years later:
    "Local bald man is seen punching a store robber in the face and flew 124 miles away."

  8. I decided to start working out today.

    I immediately dropped a 25 pound weight on my big toe.

    …i think i'll start tomarrow, maybe the day after.

  9. Saitame did this training to become a hero not for sports or fitness. By doing this training he thought would be hard he broke his limits wanting to become a hero and not a personal trainer. It would be a different training for each and every person because each would have to break their limits.

  10. But it won't get anyone a one punch unless their limiter gets removed cause Saitama trained so hard that he removed his limiter so if you really want the one punch you must start at the 100 sit ups squats and push ups and just really follow Saitama and every little bit helps but also get your 8 hours of sleep and nutrition everyday and don't stop if not it won't work

  11. Actually the real power of Saitama is his mind. He thinks himself as super powerful that is what gives him self believe to do anything…..and ya power is always there from his training

  12. If you wanted to have the power to defeat everything with ONE PUNCHHHH ahem sorry reflex but with one punch then imagine doing fist bumps

  13. Saitama training dangerous idiot People if you dont believe me so you can try your own body is getting heavy and killing you

  14. Maybe it only works for ur average everyday person cause the average dude cant do that workout really easily

  15. Just keep doing it, doesnt matter how long it takes. Saitama didnt set a number of years to train he just never stopped and didnt make excuses for himself

  16. 100 push up

    100 sit up

    10 km

    No air conditioner in summer

    No heat in winter

    Eat banana for breakfast

    3 years

  17. There was a character in Baki who hugely overtrained I remember, and it ended up making him skinnier and weaker than before he started.
    I think he ended up getting on some experimental performance enhancing drug that turned him into a heavy hitter, though. Forget his name.

  18. wow this has been non stop talking, i thought dude would try it and give us his input, but instead its just an opinion, i should start making videos like this, no offense to Jax, it was just not my expectation, i figured you would try it and let us know rather than over analyze this

  19. If you use airconditioning, it will not work! Its THE essential part. You need to adjust to high heat from your strong muscles!

  20. Best way to run those distances is on dirt and grass. Concrete and cement is terrible for your legs. Even loose gravel would be significantly better on your knees.

  21. I’m trying this but I’m starting off with 20 push up 20 squats and so on 20 everything the run I’ll run for an hour or half an hour imma work from that to 100

  22. This man is already muscular. I just see him get more muscular every tough like the toons video. He isn't wrong. He is very toned.

  23. i could train running somewhere around 10km only twice in a row. Then i needed 1 day of rest becouse I fell that my bones hurts 😀

  24. Ey Jax quick question;
    If I were to do this but say, 10 push ups 10 times to reach a hundred. Same with the sit ups and squats and run. How effective would it be? I know each body is different but is there a general idea as to how it would turn out?

  25. If you can imagine it you body can do it please don't trust these so called science study they're always coming up with study's just eat Healthy and sleep enough and work out

  26. Hey Jax, just wanted to say am loving your videos. I only just started watching today, but had some spare time and I've bin binge watching. I'm a personal trainer and an anime geek too, so far I know I own all of the ones you've done videos on. So rock on my man. I will be following you on Facebook but just wanted to leave a quick comment. Looking forward to your next post.

  27. I liked the video. I want to see you do 60 days of the One Punch Man Challenge. Take it easier on the jogging but keep everything else the same and dont miss a day. Before n after pictures.

    Ive gotten stronger than ever before in my life doing this routine. I only jog 4km though.

  28. Not only working for construction i remembered and old man that sell MANGO go around town and city, i remembered my friend looking at him and insult him saying he is so skinny but after he take off his shirt to climb up the mango tree, and when wee look at the old guy and my God he doesnt have fat and his tone is like yours.
    Sorry for my engrish

  29. Can you do a Captain America analysis video comparing what the super-soldier-serum gave him compared to professional athletes and modern military, especially special operators? I mean how he is peak human in the comics, not outright superhuman in the MCU.

  30. This was the first video of yours that i watched and it was pretty informative and cool and it made me a subscriber to see what other stuff you made

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