if you went through the whole of YouTube
you could probably find thousands of different exercises claiming to put on
muscle but the fact is it’s the simple tried and tested exercises which are
proven to be the most effective so to help you get back to basics
here’s fit medias list of the best muscle building exercises and how to do
them with perfect form and we’re starting with chest the incline press is your go-to exercise
to grow your chest the incline angle builds the upper chest for that full
round to look keep the back flat on the bench bring the bar down to the top of
your chest slowly down then explode up for a full chest workout you’ll also
need standing cable flyes while the press builds thickness in your chest a
fly works on width this is a single joint exercise you’re moving only at the
shoulder keep the rest of your arm locks bring the handles together and squeeze machine press the machine lets you focus
more directly on the pecs because it takes away the need for stabilization in
this example you’re pushing down working on the lower part of the chest PEC deck
flies again the machine delivers great isolation by forcing it to work in just
one plane of movement it also keeps the same resistance across the whole
exercise squeeze as you bring your arms together barbell pullovers stretch the
PEC fibers in a different direction again keep the arms locked move only at
the shoulder use a spotter to help control the weight now on to shoulders best muscle building
exercises for shoulders seated dumbbell press a classic and effective exercise
perfect for starting your shoulder workout start with the dumbbells level
with your ears palms facing forward push the dumbbells up touching them gently
together at the top then slowly down you may need a spotter as you increase the
weight complete your shoulder workout with incline bench front raise the
shoulders made up of three muscles and you need to work each of them this
exercise uses the incline to put the effort on the back of the shoulder or
rear delt helping build that full 3d look moving on to the front of the
shoulder this is a dumbbell front raise alternating arms left then right will
help you avoid swinging and give better control not too heavy on the weight we
are working on isolating that front shoulder muscle machine press as with
the chest press the machine forces the movement right on the shoulder using
machine like this rather than a bar allows you to bring the weight directly
down in line with the middle of the shoulder as opposed to moving to the
front or back of the head this is a cable lateral raise with incline the
cable gives you constant resistance across the movement and again lets you
focus right on the middle of the shoulder leaning over like this delivers
most resistance at the top of the movement to make your shoulders pop now let’s build those arms and our top
biceps exercise EZ bar curl the angle of this EZ bar puts the emphasis right on
the biceps rather than wrists and shoulders keep your elbows tucked in and
don’t swing the upper body slowly up control on the way down also include
isolation exercises like cable concentration curl helping you focus
right in on each biceps separately the cable gives constant tension work on the
mind muscle connection keeping control the whole time now cable curls kneeling to neutralize
the lower body this is another isolation movement shoulders and elbows are locked
in position putting all the work on the bicep squeeze hard at the top to help
build a great bicep peak triceps make up two thirds of the upper arm so to build
impressive arms work the triceps just as hard as biceps this single arm tricep
extension is our top triceps exercise lying down to avoid any other movement
apart from the tricep keep your elbow locked and high fully extend and squeeze
at the top dips use a narrow setting on the bars to
focus on the triceps keep the body upright if you lean forward you’ll be
working the chest elbows tucked in and back lockout fully at the top
a great back is key to an overall balanced physique
the best exercise for growing your back is wide grip pull-ups keeping an
old-school here these work on your lats to add width to the back they use body
weight but you can also add bands or a machine for assistance go for as many
reps as possible this is also a great way to pre-exhaust
your whole back before moving on to isolation exercises this single arm cable pulldown is
perfect to isolate those Lat muscles being seated and working each side
separately lets you find the perfect spot to fully stretch out those lats at
the top of the movement the lats are for width but you also want to fill out the
thickness of the back so here’s a machine bent over a row
notice the close grip of the handles that’ll help you focus right in on that
middle back for added mass before we move on to legs – at fit media
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subscribed with notifications on for all our new videos so never skip leg day right? to grow your
legs the most effective exercise is squats the daddy of all leg exercises
this is a high bar squat the bar resting on the top of the shoulders warm up
properly on this exercise starting with the lower weight and building up keep
your back straight chin up chest out go as low as possible then explode up make
sure you only use a weight you can control and don’t curve your spine
squats help you fire up the whole of the lower body at the beginning of your leg
day but then you need to hit particular muscles in the legs for hamstrings this
is a stiff leg deadlift it keeps the focus on the hamstrings at the back of
the leg back straight legs straight bending only at the hip as you go down
you’ll feel the hamstring working don’t overload the weight this is an isolation
movement so form is more important than weight leg extensions moving on to the front of
the leg now leg extensions build the quads and help give you that teardrop
muscle in the leg the machine is adjustable make sure you’re hinging
exactly at the knee joint back to hamstrings now and the lying hamstring
curl isolation again so concentrate on the movement not the weight controlling
and squeezing this exercise also works your glutes treadmill lunges every leg
workout should include lunges they mainly target the quads but they also
benefit core and stability here we’ve chosen a treadmill because it saves you
having to turn around every few paces and you can increase the effort by
setting the machine to incline calf raises finally four legs
don’t forget calves these raises are your most basic exercise for calves very
simple not much variation just up down up fully stretch as you go down full
squeeze at the top we know that abs are made in the kitchen
your six-pack is only going to show through if you have low body fat but at
the same time you can train your abs to thicken the muscles and create deeper
cuts crunches are the best way of working your abs there are many
variations but our most effective are these alternating crunches holding your
feet six inches off the floor keeps constant tension across the lower abs
squeeze the ABS as you bring elbow to knee for more variation try this incline
bench Russian twist it’s a great exercise for the whole core the bench
locks your legs so you’re twisting from the core not from the hips hold on to a
weight for added resistance but make sure you keep control don’t over rotate
on the movement these hanging knee raises give you a full stretch on the
ABS and a complete range of movement here we’re adding a twist to bring in
the muscles at the side of the abdominals
including obliques don’t let your body swing and squeeze at the top of the
movement and before we leave you worth saying that every workout should also
include a warm-up at the beginning of your workout get some blood into the
area you’re working firing up the muscles to help avoid injuries and
stretching at the end of every session this will help your muscles recover and
increase your flexibility not just in your workouts put in daily life
if you’re looking for full written workouts to follow, fit media channel
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  1. Hate to be a stickler but… no back, traps, forearms, calves? Either the color scheme is lacking or this does NOT cover all body muscles.


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  4. Non of the exersises will do any good if you don't do it correctly. There is no correct or wrong when it depends. 🐏

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