Wonder Core 2 Exercise System | HSN

Wonder Core 2 Exercise System | HSN

19 thoughts on “Wonder Core 2 Exercise System | HSN

  1. ive just bought my wonder core2 im very exited ill get fit as fit now, i have been watching people using some its awesome i can hardly wait for it to get here, ill let you know how i get on in later posts bye for now cobba

  2. i started using this 8 days ago … cant use it for next 4-5 days due to getting a tattoo … but in 1 week of using it and eating the meals from the sheet you get i already went from 208.6lbs down to 202.6 … hurt like hell for 2 days after initial usage due to how much motion you get from it compared to normal crunches and sit ups but you do get used to it … i would recommend this machine just take it slow to start

    after 3-4 weeks i will also be putting a before and after pic on my facebook page with a bar graph on how much i have lost each day over the whole 1 month period

  3. Another useless money making scam. How many more of fhese useless contraptions will be released onto the public? There are exercises that require no machines etc that have exactly the same effect. Situps cost nothing, side bends cost nothing, streching cost nothing. When these contraptions are advertised its always "Want to get the body you've always wanted?" and then models (so obvious they've been working out in the gym) are shown using them and trying to sell rhe products. These models are paid to sell shit like this…..waste of money!!!!!! I bet the majority who if people who buy crap like this eventually stop using them and leave them to gather dust in the loft.

  4. does anyone know where i can buy the dvd and instructions menu plan etc please. i have bought one off a friend but she cant find the info stuff. tha ks

  5. I've been using mine for several months, using the instruction DVD, and I would recommend it. 'Regular' sit-ups for example used to hurt my back, neck etc, but that's not the case with this. Like anything else you do need to be committed, but I use this as a big part of my workout (the other is weights and cardio) and I do find it very helpful.

  6. I had the smart wonder core and that was great, so I bought the wonder core 2. Wow just wow great piece of kit for a stronger core. Plus once you are used to sit ups with it, you can then use it for roman chair sit ups without the need for the back support. Buy it you won't regret it

  7. They never show a fat person on these videos we are the ppl who need results we don’t care about ppl keeping the weight off what about the ppl who really have hanging guys please showcase someone who really needs the help!!!!

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