Will Lifting Weights make me bulky | Female Weight Training | LIKE A BOSS

Will Lifting Weights make me bulky | Female Weight Training | LIKE A BOSS

hey guys just the way to the gym gonna be hit in a shoulder session with a UK BFF competitor her name is Stacy walk she likes the quarter Anastasia power Sparikos, I’m sure clarify that for you but you’re gonna be putting their for a shoulder session today I mean there’s always this spring that girls or women you don’t want to push way to get too big you’re not going to get two big guys sorry girls you’re not going to get too big the hormones to get big but what you can do is put on some lean muscle tissue which will help you get that tone look and increasing metabolism so in hindsight you will be Lena and will increase your metabolism and you will lose weight and you look great so don’t shy away from weights sold so employed i see a lot of emotions walk into the gym and jump straight into a cardio machine no no that go jump to the weight section don’t be intimidated and get those weights moving right anyway right and the stage you can just clear your name for me please and for the audience say my name is a mistake and you’re so name is her name is Carrie go right after i will saintsbury cost or something along those lines say for media name right okay i’ll put it down there for them I think yeah yeah alright cool quickly played out yeah its nature mostly sanitation i walked them do you weight room and my weight training about five times we five times a week semester and a lot we don’t do it do it do it today and I mean I’m how and I’ll get again here’s a picture of you on stage looking really difficult as they want to see as well yeah and I guess we can wait a little party again so basically depending on miracle solution i am up the RDA try maintained from partners excellent okay so guys guys I keep saying guys girls ladies whatever you want to call yourself all right do your weights anyway have cat shot in the gym gonna hit shoulders what about guys and girls ladies the weights good impression you’re comfortable you know wow what a session I mean don’t you shoulders are pumped great i mean we were in turn out like to our yeah we purposely i purposely made that intense because at this stage of my life three weeks out from the competition yup but any of their wanted to show that females ladies women whatever you want to call yourself okay you should be doing weights ok because it’s so beneficial muscle tissue that will increase your metabolism you will burn fat in the long run not point just jumping on the cardio weights is a major major function and it’s also you know you’re both involve you know help you that when you get older you start getting older I mean how did you find the session and I saw some facial expressions my night Ben shows you that you know you have to work hard you know this this doesn’t come easy as you sort of the picture on the thumbnail it doesn’t come easy and have been working hard but that’s what it’s all about I mean in life in general now you whatever you put into what you got plan competitions next again minor which is the boom so just got some big plans and if you check the description below you’ll see some linked to social media to her Instagram snapchat Facebook you name it all below the camera follow and I mean I you get out ladies for anyway a comment below let us that we think about the workout so below also download free six week workout’s sure you subscribe until next time

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  1. amazing physique big guy.. one of the best I've seen in a while. Love the content definitely hitting that subscribe button

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