Why You Should Train Bodyweight

Why You Should Train Bodyweight

100 thoughts on “Why You Should Train Bodyweight

  1. Because being a big guy who aint worth shit is emberassing when one of my punches can kill him in how well i lean into while evading his slow heavy swing. Obvi

  2. Intro song is “ARk” by the way just helping you guys btw Chris if you see this comment u really motivated me man to come where I have today with fitness 🙏

  3. Vans are probably the worst thing you could train in. So flat and absolute no support what so ever. Busted my knee teaching a full day in vans…never again! That injury lasted for 3 years 👟

  4. Hey Guys, give herca break. She is gorgeous but she is very athletic and she deserves the recognition in doing a great job performing these exercise routines. Well done girl!😊😊😊👍👍👍

  5. My mind right now: *come on, just focus on the workout routine, just focus on the workout routine…….just focus on her….God what Am I doing🤦

  6. For those who prefer bodyweight than go to gym.. ive to ask.. what are the goals for bodyweight training? If endurance, what is it for?

    I go to gym n most people aim for hypertrophy, the purpose is to look bigger n stronger. Plus bodyweight training like weighted dips and pull ups are included

  7. that push count isn't right. she goes down, it counts as one. she goes up, it also counts as one. She made 12 regular push ups and 10 knee push ups and the total shown was 40. WTF

  8. dont buy the heria PRO app, i bought it week ago and still cant access the pro workouts. sent 5 messages alrdy, still no reply back. they wont give the money back. straight up scamming people. so many people have had the same problem. dont buy that shit..

  9. Based on my recent observations, not a single American woman looks like this. They pile on extra pickles on their Big Macs to work their biceps.

  10. This was one of the better non Chris videos imo. Arica was informative the whole way through and gave reminders of doing the full motion of the rep while doing them. Very much in the Chris information style. Well done

  11. I'd like to see u doing all the advanced stuff like handstand planche pushups muscle ups ! Women can be fukin strong too do not limit yourself to basics stuffs please show the people what u got 💪

  12. your sport bra looks a bit tight, especially on the left side. just noticed it. its realy not flashy, im just good with details, you know

  13. I’ve been doing body weight exercises for years and always surprise people with how strong I am because they think to be strong you have to be literally bulging out of your clothes lol.

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