Why Mass Gainer Supplements Suck at Building Muscle (BIG TIME!)

Why Mass Gainer Supplements Suck at Building Muscle (BIG TIME!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today we’re going to cover one of those topics
that seems to never go away, it comes up each and every day here, and it’s one that I know very well having
lived through it, painfully lived through it myself back in my teenage years and that is the subject of mass gainers and
weight gainers. Is there any value to these things in helping
guys, painfully skinny guys, to build muscle, put on mass and so on and so forth. I can tell you this, first and foremost we
should not even begin this discussion if there’s a reluctance on your part to commit to a solid
nutrition program. I’ve said this before in all my videos regarding
supplementation. And I’ll say it again for those that this
might be the first time that you’ve seen me. If you have a reluctance to commit to a solid
nutrition plan, then don’t talk to me about supplementation. Or anybody for that matter. And certainly don’t buy anybody else’s supplements
and don’t buy ours. And I’m telling you this guys as straight
out as I possibly can. Yet realizing that that will cost sales. There’s no need to talk about supplementation
if you have a reluctance to have a solid nutrition program and commit to eating the right foods. High
quality nutrient dense foods. Does that mean that it has to be boring foods?
No. There’s plenty of ways to have a meal plan that actually tastes good. And there’s a lot of guys obviously watching
this channel who are already at that point. Their nutrition is better than most. And they’re committed to making it better
and better as they can. Those guys can start to investigate supplementation
to supplement their nutrition regimen. However if you’re a guy, and again, I was
there, I was totally there. I ate the worst diet as I possibly could as
a teenage kid and guess what I looked for? I looked for the solution in a bottle. The first gym I ever stepped into the guy
told me, ‘God, you’re skinny and you need to take a weight gainer’. So the first thing I did was, I grabbed my
grandmother and we went to the store and I went out and I bought a weight gainer. And my problem was I didn’t stop at the the
1800, whatever it was, Weider 1800, thinking that that was going to do something for me
because it didn’t so what did I do? I went back and I bought the Weider 2700,
I’m taking 2700 calories. Now why didn’t it work? Here’s the short answer to the question. Because there’s an old age old adage that
says, Horse Shit in equals Horse Shit out. And what I was putting in my body was 100%
pure Horse Shit. And anybody out there that sells a weight
gainer and advocates a weight gainer, and I’m talking Mega Calorie Weight Gainers, that that’s the thing that a skinny guy needs
to put on weight and size, is flat out delivering nothing but Horse Shit to you. So what do we do about it? I think the first
thing we have to do is we have to realize that it’s not about the calories. It’s not about the calories. Ultimately the
calories will matter. But it’s not about the calories and stuffing
in as many calories as you can. Because if you stuff in as many calories as
you can but you’re not getting high quality calories then you’ll get what I just said. That whole equation of Horse Shit in equals
Horse Shit out. You need to give your body high quality calories
if you expect it to help you to build high quality muscle, high quality metabolically
demanding lean muscle tissue. It’s going to cost your body to help you add
lean muscle. That muscle has to be sustained. There’s a place to pay for that muscle. It’s not going to let you just add it whenever
you want by taking in subpar nutrition and slamming down thousands and thousands of calories
of subpar crap. What you’re getting in these weight gainers
guys, is you’re getting loads of two things, sub quality protein and tons of sugar. And in both of those guys you don’t have the
makings of the essential nutrition that you need to help build new lean muscle. Here’s one of the tip offs that you should
know. If you can go through the aisles of Walmart
and find your weight gainer that you’re going to take, and think that that is going to give you the
muscles that you need to take, and be able to get it at an affordable price, and find it on the label, not only are they
giving you all these carbohydrates, “sugar”, but they’re giving you the protein in mass
amounts as well, 40 grams, 50 grams, but it costs 20, 30 bucks, 40 bucks. I can tell you right now, you are getting
nothing but crap. You can’t find protein that’s cheap. Cheap protein doesn’t exist. It does, if it’s cheap protein, low quality
protein. The high quality protein doesn’t come at cheap
prices. You can even think about your solid food options. Steaks are not cheap. Fish is not cheap. Even
cheese and milk on a per weight basis is not cheap. So high quality proteins are not inexpensive. However, these weight gainers, these mass
gainers are filled with low quality proteins that come at a cheap price. I think that’s doing a bigger disservice than
anything else. Because what happens is the guy, the painfully
skinny guy who’s looking for the fast answer, goes to the weight gainer, takes in 2500 calories, is told he should
have 3500, 4500 calories in a day. He thinks, he’ll take it twice, he’ll think
he’s met all of his caloric requirements, meanwhile he’s provided no real solid nutrition
to back it up. Meanwhile he thinks he’s there, because he’s
at a number, he’s hit the number, 2500, 2700, 3500, 4000, whatever that number may be, he’s gotten it in a shake, he’s good to go.
Wrong! That’s the last thing that you want to do. That’s the last way you want to think. It has to start with your solid nutrition
and then again supplement. And if you’re looking to supplement guys,
again high quality is the only way to go. I have my ATHLEAN-RX line of supplements.
You guys know, I talk about the quality of our supplementation. Does it come cheap? NO it does not. It never
will. It never will. I can’t bring you the quality nutrition that
we do at a cheap price because it doesn’t exist. This type of protein doesn’t exist at a cheap
price. Now is it for everybody? No. We cater to professional athletes guys, our
supplements are used by professional athletes. It’s not a budget that every single guy can
have but does it mean that you’re screwed and you’re out of luck? No. Start with a solid nutrition plan. I ate Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches
for the longest time, again after I already realized that the weight
gainers were doing nothing for me, and I started to actually see some benefits. Is that the perfect sandwich? No, but at least it’s Peanut Butter, I get
some high quality protein, some high quality fats, unsaturated fats, I get some carbohydrates, at least not from
pure sugar but from a Banana, right. And I was on my way. And I made some adjustments
along the way and I kind of continued to fine tune my nutrition and my diet plan. I got more and more committed. And then of
course when I got to that point where I really was locked in on my nutrition, then I looked for supplementation and I got
that extra edge. Like I said, a lot of guys watching this channel
are already at that point. They know, they’re already locked in on a
nutrition, looking for that extra edge, that’s where supplementation can come. But do not make the mistake by thinking that,
your answers are in a bottle, number 1, especially if you can’t commit to a good nutrition
plan and 2, don’t think that it always revolves around
calories. Calories alone, low quality calories won’t
cut it. They won’t help you to jump that important gap to building new muscle. All they’re going to do is just provide you
with a bunch of useless calories that your body can’t do anything with. And if you’re lucky to have that fast metabolism
to burn through it, you may not get fat. If you’re unlucky, your mass gainer is going
to become a fat gainer. So guys, hopefully this will shed a little
bit of light on an important topic again, I’m passionate about it because I lived it
and I made the mistake myself. I took all of them and every single one of
them did nothing for me. But when I made my commitment to stop eating
a bunch of shit and take that one step at a time. Improve my breakfast, start to improve my
lunch, start to improve my dinner. I couldn’t even eat that many calories at
every meal, I just wasn’t that hungry, I started to eat more frequently. Not only does that help you with stabilizing
your blood sugar but allows you to get in some additional calories as you go. But only if you’re worried about getting the
high quality calories. If it’s not high quality, forget it all entirely. So guys, if you found this video helpful,
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. In the meantime, if you’re looking for that
high quality protein, if it’s in your budget, then I would strongly recommend it to you
to, head to ATHLEAN-RX.COM and check out our ATHLEAN-RX Supplement line, again used by top professional athletes worldwide. In the meantime guys, I will be back here
in just a couple days to bring you back some other videos. We’ve got another Washboard Wednesday coming
up this week. And then whatever else it is that you want
to see, make sure you leave it down below and I’ll make sure I cover it. Alright guys, I’ll see you back here again

100 thoughts on “Why Mass Gainer Supplements Suck at Building Muscle (BIG TIME!)

  1. So should i use nxt nutritions mass gainer or should i throw it away now. My diet is ok and my muscle building is good but im young so should i throw it away

  2. If weight gainers are bullshit why does he sell them? If weight gainers don’t work, why would you use them on top of your existing diet? Am I the only fucking guy here who questions anything this guy says? He literally talks shit about weight gainers and then turns around to tell you that you should only use a weight gainer to supplement your existing diet. What the fuck chuck.

  3. I used weight gainers for over 7 months as a skinny guy, and have only quit recently.
    The reason I quit taking them is that I could work out each non-consecutive day (3 to 4 times a week), and would still end up stacking A LOT of fat around my stomach.

    Do yourself a favour and avoid these sugar (and fat) injected scam products.
    Do they add mass? Yes.
    Is it muscle mass? No. It's fat.

  4. Next time I go to the supplement shop I will check out the ingredient list and see if it actually does contain Horseshit.

  5. So I took a 1600 calorie protein shake for my inbetween meals, I went for a low sugar mass gainer.
    I’d usually have oatmeal for breakfast, a solid lunch (oily fish, chicken breast sweet potato rice etc…) and have something similar for dinner.

    Is there anything better I can be having for my snacks to get nutrition on point?
    I’m a hardgainer and get muscle quickly but don’t show so easily.

  6. This is just a question for anyone really. My dads in his 50’s struggling with his weight. He’s very thin, and actually started off and On taking weight gainer supplements to maintain his weight. He’s 140 pounds and 6’ 1” so kinda skinny. He doesn’t like eating due to unhealthy options at my house. He’s a heavy smoker so working out doesn’t really work for him. What’s a good way for someone like this to gain a little bit of weight? Are there any low impact exercises he could try? If not a supplement, what’s a good healthy ish weight gainer he could eat? Thanks for anyone who wants to give a thought!

  7. HELPP!!! … Im at 15 basketball player who does intense conditioning training hoping on adding mass, who doesn't have a consistent gym routine(but have been lifting for around 8 months) Im 6'0 and weigh 135 lbs. I'm looking to become a lot bigger proportional. I have a 3000-3500ish daily calorie intake and am not gaining nothing. Should i resort to some optimum nutrition mass gainer so i dont just burn off everything I eat???? P.S i have a pretty bad digestive system so I cant just force feed.

  8. I loved and hate athlean x videos at the same time, I hate them because everything Jeff said is true and it’s like a slap on the face for me, but I also loved it because it does wake me up and brought me back to reality, mass gainers is not and never gonna be my magic formula where I just consume it and my muscle will grow, I hereby commit myself to starting a proper nutrition plan in order to build muscle

  9. I gained almost 60 lbs with mass gainer and switched to regular whey protein later on. It was the best thing I could have done

  10. I was a skinny guy at 50kg years ago.. my bmi also at underweight.. tired of being skinny, then i took mass gainer.. it did increase my weight to 65kg after several months.. and my bmi got to normal.. but my body composition now is ? i am skinny fat now ? well at least im not a skeleton guy..

  11. I went from 63 kg to 75 kg in 4 months after i started using Mutant Mass, so I say bullshit. You’re also stating that hard gainers, will gain fat.. Hard gainers can’t gain fat Right? I sure as hell can’t No matter how many calories I stuff myself with. I can gain muscle though and Weight gainers help me.

  12. I bougth a hard gainer long time ago and what i get was a funny belly now i use my own healthy gainer ,oats,peanut butter ,olive oil,and high quality protein now i look muscular ??

  13. Food is extremely important but weight gainers do work for gaining weight. Hints, it says weight gainer. It's a load of calories. Doesn't mean you should replace food meals with shakes but definitely a good way to get quick calories in. Most of them do have more sugar then most would like but for a skinny individual that most likely won't matter. Everyone should do what best suites them. Too much judging. It's all opinions.

  14. mass gainer, milk, 2 scoops of whey, 2 spoon fulls of peanut butter, creatine -> over 2000 calorie shake w complex carbs and protein (drink right before bed)

  15. bro mass gainer is just the start. You add other ingredients to the shake to balance the macros to your diet plan lmao who tf would just drink the mass gainer?

  16. Bsn true mass is pretty much the only good one because almost all the carbs come from oats rather than sugar like most other weight gainers all the other ones are full of sugar and shit pointless carbs bsn uses good carbs this is the only one I’ve ever used where I’ve actually put on lean muscle rather than just fat

  17. I don't know what kind of mass gainer you people are buying, but the ones I buy have more protein than most regular protein powder and they're chock full of vitamins and minerals. Sure they have sugar because they need flavor. Regular protein has a buttload of sugar too.

  18. Thank you Jeff!
    For you chicken-legged youngsters out there trying to bulk up, try to take it slow and have your carbs from low GI sources like oats along with high quality low fat protein. I remember using a mass gainer supplement called MegaMass which was soon labelled Mega Ass back then! Of course for a good reason!

  19. HELP !!!!! I am 15 years old, 5’10 weighing at 110 pounds. I intake about 2500 calories but do not gain weight. I drink a 1000 calories shake in the morning without any protein powder and then eat 2 meals after that not feeling hungry . My shake consists of peanut butter , oats , banana, and milk . I’m thinking about adding serious mass gainer which is 2 scoops per serving with 1200 calories, 50g of protein, and 250g of carbs with 20g of sugar I’m thinking about adding 1 scoop to my original shake so that the carbs to protein ratios won’t be 5 to 1 and it will be 600 Calories with only 10 g of sugar, this will make my shake 1600 calories and it will last longer since I’m using less servings is this a good idea????? Please respond

  20. I tried this before when I was in high school I gained muscle and body fat and the body fat was super hard to get rid of. I could have eaten ice cream or something enjoyable instead

  21. How does it have loads of sugar in if the package says it has 8g of sugar per serving I don’t understand? The labels aren’t allowed to lie I thought ?

  22. i use mass gainers… 1/4 servings or 275 calories at a time, when i need it. my daily prepared diet is 1700 calories for my cutting, just have to add 600 more calories from other sources if im trying to gain, at the end of day if i dont get 2300 calories ill take mass gainers, or will mix 1/4 servings to a scoop of whey after a workout if i cant get a meal after… i take it for convenience, not to replace a meal. the one im taking (san brand) only has 9g of sugar per serving. 95% of carbs came from grains, rice, flaxseed… according to the label. i hope thats true.

  23. But good weight gainers are composed of natural food in powder: oat, rice, buckwheat, combined with whey and vitamins. And for me it's is impossible to eat 6 times a day, I need to drink food to reach enough calories. And drinking rice or eating it is exactly the same. It's like saying if you put your oat in a mixer to get a powder it becomes unhealthy…

  24. Hi Jeff, Could you please comment on My Protien's Hard Gainer Extreme? They say that the calories are high quality and about 400kcal per serving. Also its a gainer with only 9g of sugar. Im asking because i was convinced by someone to buy 3 of them, and now i seem to be having doubts.
    Here is their video on the product : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDpWbTmLhb4

  25. Jeff cavaliere is the horse shit. Talking shit doesn't make you cool idiot. I bet you don't even know how to fight. I bet I can put you to sleep in seconds fucker.

  26. I don't have the luxury to eat all the meals possible…. I did get a mass gainer because I'm not intaking the nessesary calories or carbs shit not even protein cuz im always on the go… If it works it works if it doesn't then i can reset what the problem?

  27. I’m on deployment and mannnn my diet is shit. It’s so hard to get proper nutrition out here. I’m struggling for 2500 calories a day. And I know I’m putting out way more than that per day. So I want to get a weight gainer, but last time I hoped on it I just got fat mass and not lean mass.

  28. I slam my mass gainer right after the gym, BUT, I have had shoulder surgery, and I’ve lost a lot of weight. Just trying to supplement my already high macros diet with a blast of maltodextrin/protein after my workouts for the time being.

  29. i see your point mate. but if you dont earn around $800 a week you cant afford the decent protein foods like white fish, big steaks etc. you look super fit. how much does your diet cost a week.

  30. That depends i used serious mass only 1 scoop with 16 oz of skim milk post workout only and help my recover big time

  31. All I have to say is thankyou.
    I saw the title of this video and thought "who is this smartarse talking crap" and then I saw "AthleanX" underneath it and immediately changed my attitude and then watched it.
    That's how much of a trustworthy and respectable brand you have here, I just thought "well if it's Jeff saying so, I should shut up and listen".
    You just saved me £48.

  32. Usually I agree with u but calories= Weight gain, there is no such thing as low quality muscle your body can’t tell between bad nutrition and good nutrition our body is designed for the wild for fuck up

  33. Sign up through this link for 10% off, top quality at the best prices delivered anywhere in the UK


  34. Why did the 2 5lb bags of pro gainer work so well for me though? What food would replace all that maltodextrin and whey protein?

  35. Then what I should I drink for my building muslces??

    Which is the best protein ?
    I been train work-out like 3 month right now and my body still looks same);

  36. I have a very active lifestyle (physically heavy job, bike to work everyday, and gym everyday). I already eat 4 warm meal a day (including oat breakfast) and peanutbutter sandwiches in between as snacks. Still I gain slowly if at all. Will weight gainers help me if I keep the same diet? It's just relatively cheap to add some fuel that way. Was thinking to only consume one on active days (not weekends) before activities. Thanks!

  37. I’m using on serious mass at the moment and have been for a while is it really that bad? Should I just get normal whey protein?

  38. I say have a healthy ass vegetable shake sometime in the day to make up for the micro nutrients that mass gainers don’t have and you’ll be fine. Prove me wrong

  39. It’s not that I’m not willing to have a good healthy diet, ITS THAT I CANT FUCKING OFFERD IT, and I don’t have to time to eat all of it in one day, this is my only option

  40. I was thinking of taking a mass gainer (mammoth mass) with a shake in the morning with berries and so on. For lunch, ill be having 8oz of chicken breast with rice and sweet potatoes and dinner is different each day but my question is if I'm taking in proper foods and a good diet, is the mass gainer still bad or a good boost to help me? Please let me know and if anyone has any comments reply! Thanks

  41. im 23 years old 5'10'' 55 kg i m hitting 3200 cal per day including 90-110 gm (eggs milk chickpeas (floor or hydrated rhosted ) and indian chapatis) protein without any supplemnts …. i think i m short of 20 gms of protein im searching for that extra 20 gms

  42. Full of sugar, might give you diabities. No where does it say get your calories from sugar, once you work out protien and fat intake the rest of your calories needs to be from carbs but your better of getting it from pasta, rice, bread, oats plus you won't be as full from all of the rubbish and just use whey to get there if you can't get it from meat or hemp protien powder. Otherwise you'll just get a beer gut.

  43. This video is horseshit. Of course if you are getting the cheapest thing full of sugar and you use it to replace your entire diet with 2k+ calories.. seriously.. you are not gonna have a good result.

    Let's spin your argument to something else "Going to the gym is bad guys, you heard it from Jeff, you always see these people going in, no warm up, pulling weights at 45 degrees behind their back like the naruto run and they wreck their joints! What you need is a professional trainer and that's not cheap, your only option, definelty not going to provide (using my vast knowledge as a personal trainer) a scenario to where the gym can be helpful"

    I looked at the nutritional values of those "cheap gainers" and unless they are committing a crime then they actually don't pack most of their calories from sugars, you can find 5kg gainers for 40-50£ with like 50g something carbs and only 10g from sugars and then you can use them sensibly, if you are the type of person who can't force themselves to eat the excess calories you need (500, or 1k at most) then maybe they ll help, you eat your normal diet and then you eat that. I can't count the days I went with no food just because I was lazy and a gainer is better than nothing, but no, you just happened to not think, as a trainer, your job, that people like us exist. And who said you wanna build lean muscle using a gainer, I straight up wanna gain fat from it, and it would be an improvement on my appearance.

    It's stuff like this that kept me from starting working out "well I am not eating almost at all how will I even be able to workout" it's like you have an antidepressant (which by the way doesn't fix depression, it's sub optimal) and then you scare people off by saying "antidepressants are horseshit, just fix your depression normally, because that is way better than those sub optimal pills" and then they go out and do nothing instead, is that better, seriously?

    edit: if your metabolism is good you are not going to gain fat, where the fuck does the gainer go then jeff, unless you are shitting gainer powder 1k calories is a fuck ton more energy for your body.

  44. What if I just use a weight gainer as a supplement and still rely a lot on food? My weight gainer also seems to have a very low sugar rate.

  45. Working out without any supplements as a skinny guy will take you decades. For dudes who are on their late teens and early 30s who don't live a very healthy routine, Mass gainer is a good thing. You can be unhealthy all you want, just hit the gym every now and then, and you will still look good.

  46. dude I can't afford a nutrition plan nor do I have time to implant such a meal plan. I eat one meal a day and one protein shake and I have to force that down. I'm just not hungry

  47. I just want to get big, I dont care about quality muscle,
    This is the problem, U guys are very close minded, Not everyone in this world wants to be an Athlete, Some people hitting gym just to be normal ,

  48. Well… I just made a sharp U-turn back to Walmart with my receipt in one hand, and my mass gainer in the other. Thanks for the honesty again Jeff!

  49. U guys keep dating sugar sugar Get a fucking good one and u wont have a problem, mine has 1 grams of sugar of 100 grams

  50. You've always been my light in the darkness of all the crap out there, thanks my trainer "jeff", hardwork and solid nutrition! Period

  51. I work out for like 20 years already and my nutrition base is always solid and full of high quality carbs from natural food, core food such as chicken breasts, rice, old fashioned oats, eggs etc… But once i started taking weight gainer (of any brand) my results improved a lot. For example, i was benching 200 pounds x 3 reps before and now i can do 10 reps and more. So it does work, but i do agree, a solid nutrition base must be in place otherwise it's just waste of $.

  52. Well I have to disagree on this one because the weight gainer supplements do work but understand this it's not a all day drink you have take this stuff during pre workout times plus you got to have real food I'm a skinny guy myself it does work I understand where his coming at that's just my opinion

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