Why I took a 1 year break from uploading to YouTube

Why I took a 1 year break from uploading to YouTube

For the past 219 I didn’t upload a
single video here on my channel and there’s a reason and that’s what the
topic of this video.Hi YouTube, my name is Modi Rasheed I’m the creator on this
channel where we talk about self-betterment,
that is mentally physically and financially. I take these three topics I
try to combine them and make videos that will help us to improve ourselves. If I
had to take the entire year of 2019 and put it into one or two words I’d
say character building. I’ve grown a lot into this 2019 for the past year I
didn’t put a single video and the reason is: actually in the beginning I
wasn’t planning to take these hiatus. So November 2018 was my graduation month
and my mother was actually coming from Africa from Burundi coming here to Oman
to celebrate with me because else I would have went by myself at the graduation
and that would be so lonely and very sad. So my mother was coming from Burundi to
here in Oman to celebrate with me, it was a good month, I was expecting to film a
lot of videos in November and I actually expected to show you guys my mom maybe
to make two or three videos with her. Actually I came the top of my class in
computer network which is amazing, but, after that the entire 2019 actually I
was just trying to play catch-up with work, with gym, with my financial with
like my our programs my ideas my goals that I had for 2019 I was just trying to
cut up here and there I was actually backed out emotionally I couldn’t focus
I was just doing everything like hah sorry for the language the entire
beginning of 3019 was crazy everything was going so fast I was actually very
depressed my mood was very bad so I couldn’t make myself to make a video of
me smiling inside to make the type of videos I always try to make on this
channel where I try to talk about different topics in a fun and enjoyable
way but I couldn’t it was like my state of mind was very
deep and dark place I’d say that so even after that I even got sick actually ie
the 2019 I think I watched them doctors at least like 10 times I was at the
hospital three times times and that ruined my bank account for sure being
emotionally not well and also having financial problems that deepened my
depressions and I wasn’t a very good mood to make any videos and that’s like
the main reason I deferred the video and in 2019 there was very challenging I am
very thankful for my close family for my partner in life who helped me in 2019
else if I was lonely it would have been a very very best year I don’t know what
would have happened so very thankful for my close family and for my partner for
being close to me and for you some of you guys who reached out on Instagram or
Facebook to ask me always the videos what’s happening to you and I try to
explain to them like what was what is happening in my life
so 1319 all involved was a very difficult and challenging year for me
because I had a lot of medical problems I had financial problems I had like the
work at work everything wasn’t going well I was trying to play catch-up in
everything so my state of mind wasn’t very well for me making videos here on
YouTube that’s why I took their hire artists actually it wasn’t planned at
the beginning but after seeing all the thing at one were happening very fast in
my life and the other thing phase of my life was like catching up on me I tried
to make them videos actually I actually recorded some videos but I was party to
a play but every video I was doing I was looking at them and they felt kind of
failed I wasn’t giving myself the entirely actually I was trying to to
play that I’m happy I’m I wasn’t that happy so all the videos that I saw I
wasn’t doing I was doing over time I completely
to them because I didn’t I wasn’t feeling them I felt like I was hired to
be someone that I wasn’t that why I did not put an entire year so I took the
entire year as a break I told myself I would take the entire year and I will
try to focus on myself to better myself emotionally and try to save money to be
better fight financially also I tried to work the gym more I try to focus on
having some self-care some time for me just by myself to think about myself to
try to better my own self-image and try to like be better me than I was at that
time so the interpreter that put any videos but I did some major major steps
in my life for so like all the time I wasn’t uploading videos actually took
some time to read a lot of books so I read some very good books that
actually changed the way I think very amazing book that I really recommend if
you haven’t read this book in your life you got you have to find this book even
if it’s an e-book audiobook or like physical book ticket already and that is
a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill I tried not to include
every personal detail what happened in my life 20:19 but even idea that
originated wasn’t very good beer for me but something that was that actually
came out to be something right because from the problems I was having 2019 I
actually learned a lot I read books such as Think and Grow Rich I read The
Millionaire Next Door I read influence
I read the art of not giving up I’ll try to remember all the books I read in 2019
and other satai I listened we are on via all the audiobooks I put them in the
description so you guys can try to read them because they are really good that I
recommend I’m not getting any money by
recommending these just get them and read them you will see by yourself how
better you arrives right now I mean very good States thankfully and
hamdulillah everything is going well in my life after God thank you for
everybody wars actually reaching out and asking me how I was feeling even though
somebody came on comment that I died over channel and for various reason I’m
alive I hope he was joking because that is a big room and to put on somebody
instead of coming and asked me on Instagram or Facebook or any other place
where I was actually posting you have asked me ha what’s up are you there or
something but he came on my time and commented that I died I thought I didn’t
see this message I saw it after somebody else commented asking that if the news
works through that I died and that’s when I saw them misses a why why would
you say something like that day so for the future of this channel I will try to
change a little bit the format of this channel the topic will sit with them by
the energy still with them but I’ll try to talk about now mostly about
self-betterment which is a topic that I believe in it I
think by doing this I’ll be giving something out to the society that will
change because life changed my life also there is an isolate these channels to
improve myself and improve the life of other people and by changing people’s
minds by talking about topics people don’t talk about that ok so I think the
goal is to the same but I just change the format of this channel and make it
as mainly talk about this 3 section which is betterment mentally physically
and financially so hope you guys will stay around if you’re new to the channel
please subscribe like this video share with your friends if you want so thank
you guys for watching I really appreciate if you came – until the end
of this video so yeah thank you see you in the next video

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  1. This is the first video I'm filming since my unplanned hiatus. Thank you all for sticking by. Turn on notifications so you don't miss Saturday's uploads. Every saturday I will try my best to post.


    I was joking about the dead stuff, I meant dead channel. And I don't have Instagram to ask you.
    But I'm happy now that the best Vlogger on youtube is back.

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