Which jobs should be considered ‘business’ or ‘career’?

June 21, 2021 0 Comments

Businesses are still struggling to fill jobs that traditionally went to the lower-income group.

They’re also struggling to attract the younger workforce.

But with an economic recovery in full swing and a new president in office, many are beginning to see the importance of keeping the jobs in the family business, even if it means that there’s a less-than-desirable job in the office.

Businesswoman Mary Ann Wollstein thinks it’s important to “keep the family-owned business.”

She says she’s been asked to help many people who are in need with job search strategies and job applications.

But her business isn’t focused on helping those with jobs.

“We’re just in this to make a living, and we’re not in this for the paycheck,” she said.

“We’re here for the family.”

Wollstein’s company, Mary Ann’s, has been in business since 1963.

It has two full-time employees, two part-time and a contractor.

She says the majority of her employees are in the retail business.

“I do have a very good job in my business,” she explained.

But she’s worried that the recession will cause some of her staff to move out.

“It’s really scary because they’re going to be laid off.

It’s not an accident.

They’ve been there,” she added.

Wollsteins husband, Bill, is a construction manager and also helps out with the business.

He’s not concerned about the recession.

He wants the company to stay in the business, but says he’s worried about what will happen to the workers in his own company.

“You’re looking at a couple of thousand people going out of the business,” he said.

Worries are also building for the future of businesses like Mary Anns, which has a lot of employees.

Businesses that are owned by large corporations and owned by corporations have fewer employees.

Wollstein believes that businesses like hers, which rely on hard-working, dependable people to keep the business going, will be affected if businesses don’t keep up.

Worst-case scenario, she says, is that some of the businesses in the industry will go bankrupt.

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