What’s in the new Spanish budget?

On Tuesday, Spain’s prime minister unveiled the latest installment of his government’s fiscal plan, which sets out spending plans for 2017 and beyond.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

What’s the new plan?

The spending plan will provide a glimpse of how the government plans to finance its ambitious economic overhaul, which includes a series of taxes, a reduction in corporation tax and a tax on investment.

It also includes plans to cut Spain’s debt to 100 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2023.

But while the budget promises to deliver on the promise of a budget surplus, Spain will also face an increase in its deficit and its debt, as well as rising unemployment.2.

What are the changes?

The new budget will set out spending cuts, including a cut in corporate tax to 15 percent, a tax reduction on investment and a reduction of 5 percent on state aid.

The government also plans to raise taxes on the top 1 percent of earners and to introduce a new tax on the purchase of shares in public companies.3.

What does the budget mean for Spain’s financial sector?

Spain’s main banks will also be subject to the tax, which is expected to increase their losses from last year by 1 percent.

The Spanish government is also expected to cut the country’s state pension from the current 62 percent of GDP to 62 percent in 2018 and to cut it further to 55 percent by 2020.

The cuts will affect a group of banks that account for about a third of Spanish banks’ assets, including Credit Suisse, HSBC and BBVA.4.

What should investors do?

The budget is a significant step in the government’s plan to reform Spain’s economy, but it does not go far enough.

Spain’s growth in the first half of 2018 was lower than its average for the last decade, and the country is currently facing its deepest recession since the 1930s.

It is also facing an inflationary spiral that is likely to continue for some time.

Inflation, which has climbed above 10 percent for the first time in nearly five years, is expected in 2019 to exceed 100 percent.5.

What can investors do to mitigate the impact?

Investors should expect that they will pay a significant portion of their savings into savings accounts and in foreign currency.

In addition, they should avoid buying stock in banks, companies and banks.

Investors should also steer clear of the stocks of companies that are underperforming, such as Spain’s biggest banks and Spain’s largest carmaker, Volkswagen.6.

Can I withdraw cash from my savings accounts in advance?

Banks in Spain have told investors to not withdraw cash, as they do not have the funds to cover the debt that the government is likely be able to collect from banks, and they have not yet revealed how much it will cost them to do so.

Banks are also under pressure to keep the debt of Spanish government bonds low, which will increase the pressure on Spain’s public finances.7.

Is there a limit on how much I can withdraw?

Spain has a cap on how many people can withdraw money from their savings accounts.

The cap is set at 50,000 euros ($62,000), which means a person can only withdraw up to 50,400 euros ($64,000) from their accounts.8.

How will this affect my portfolio?

The government plans that the new budget should increase the value of your stocks by 10 percent.

That will result in an increase of around $50 billion in value over the next three years.

However, if you invest in the stocks that the budget is supposed to boost, you should also consider the impact of the tax increases and the debt.9.

What if I have investments in stocks that are still undervalued?

It is worth noting that Spain’s stock market has been undervalued for several years, and there is still plenty of room for further improvement.

You can take a look at our guide to Spain’s market risk index.10.

What do you expect to happen to the stock market in 2019?

If you invest money in stocks, there is the potential for gains to accumulate.

This is because stocks are highly volatile stocks, and you should expect to receive gains on the investments you hold.

However if the stock markets are expected to perform better in 2019, this will also mean more capital is being invested in Spain, which in turn means better returns.11.

How can I avoid falling behind?

You can find out how to keep up with the market and its price volatility on our Spain market risk guide.

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