What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner | “Mom Food” w/ Chris Bumstead

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner | “Mom Food” w/ Chris Bumstead

this is one of my favorite offseason
meals one of my favorite meals in general I just love Mexican food bowls tacos
burritos etc so I’m gonna be making some tacos not
Taco Tuesday but it’s always taco Tuesday in my eyes so this is
really the main thing that makes it taste that good it’s literally just a
little packet of taco seasoning smart Fiesta they call it so I literally just cook
up a pound of ground beef chop it up into small bits once that’s fully cooked
you dump this whole pack in there so I always get the 94/6 extra lean ground
beef just because no sense in having that crazy of amount of fat in it even
though I do eat beef on purpose for the fats in it if you want
even less meat sometimes I do this right now
there’s no point it tastes better with a little more fat in it but if you want a
little less fat in it you literally take it out of there you put it in a strainer
and then pour some hot water on it and it kind of just kind of strips a lot of
the fat off it when it’s hot comes off and you put it back in the pan fry it up
a little bit so it’s not like watery and just to kind of a way to get a little
extra fat off the meat yeah so this meal is inspired by family dinners my parents
were always really big on that multiple times throughout the night it was like a
rule you sat down at the table whole family together and ate a meal
together and I think our most popular dishes were probably like lasagna
meatloaf roast beef I wasn’t a big fan of roast beef all the time and then we
also had tacos which is like almost always my favorite so just kind of
carried on into my adulthood and I still make it on my own we even actually had a
taco night with the family the other night which is pretty cool my parents live a little
further away but they drove into town and my sister Melissa got a new house so
we kind of all got together there and had a taco night there and it was a lot
of fun kind of bring back old memories so old things never die that you do with
your family can’t even open the bag all this muscle
for no good so once the meats cooked literally just
crack open the pack and sprinkle the whole thing on top and then you add in
like like I said it’s about half a cup maybe a little bit more I just kind of
guess and you throw it in there and you just let that cook until the
water completely evaporates and all the spices are kind of soaked in and stuck
to the meat personally I like it simple so my favorite is just chopped up
lettuce some nice salsa and put that in the tortilla and you’re good to go the average amount of meat I eat pretty
much every meal is like 190 200 grams of meat per meal
so tacos no numbers are counted I just add that much meat onto a plate weigh it
out and then hopefully I can make as many tacos as possible slightly lacking
ingredients today I must admit so these are gonna be some plain tacos but
luckily the best part of them is the spice so we got that done I also like to
heat these up a little bit so I just kind of guess I’m gonna eat about one
two three four or five just throw these on a little thing put it in the
microwave for maybe 20 seconds it just kind of softens up a little bit makes it
warm just like you’re in a restaurant all right guys so this is the Mexican
fiesta meal making some tacos very simple easy to make the only thing
that’s different on it really is a taco sauce taco spice I added to it other
than that it’s 200 grams of ground beef a little bit of lettuce for a little
crunch and then I got four tortillas here hopefully we can fill them all up
make enough to eat so it’s as simple as picking how much
meat you want per tortilla you should kind of toss it on there simply next
step I like to toss in some salsa I have a thing for resturante restaurant
salsa it just tastes better whenever it’s said that on the labels I mean
don’t ask why just a little bit better then you add a little bit of lettuce on
top nice little crunch little texture to your taco with folding is the hard part
so you want to take one side fold it over and then you fold the bottom which
is your catcher make sure nothing falls out and you fold the other side over
like this pinch it with some fingers on the bottom so nothing leaks and then
you’re good to go ready to dive in

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  1. This is the final video where a scene is used in our full day of eating. We promised this would be our last month combining footage and this is the last video where that shooting strategy was used. Enjoy!

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