What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Steve Laureus’ Juice Regimen

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Steve Laureus’ Juice Regimen

hello muscle & strength this is Steve
Laureus IFBB pro classic physique I’m going to walk you guys through
my daily breakfast what I do in the morning nothing too complicated just to
get my day started with full of energy and just walk you through it alright so a lot of people think that this is
just thing I just scrape together and I follow someone’s lead but no you know I
actually went to school for oriental medicine so a lot of natural ingredients
like this as far as carrots green apple grapefruit cilantro ginger and celery
and this is beets chopped up already and this is aloe vera very good for the skin
very good for antiinflamitory the beets actually builds the blood is very
good for the marrow is good for the kidney is good for the liver tumeric
another strong compound the only thing I have to say is that the cilantro is
extremely strong so if you’re type of person that on some medication and
certain things you would most likely check with your doctor first enable for
you to do these things because they are very strong strong stuff so now this is
what we’re gonna do now I’m gonna cut this guy here like this and I’m gonna
start with the beets first turn this thing on yet ok so this is my daily routine so right
after cardio this is the next step after this step fifteen minutes then I’ll eat
my breakfast breakfast is the number one thing I like to do you know breakfast no
energy throws my whole day off I have a scoop and a half of protein here so this
is about a hundred gram of oatmeal here so this I’m going to put in the
microwave for a lot of minutes the reason why that is is because I don’t
like when my oatmeal is cooked I just like to warm this thing up basically just
warm it up all right this is eight eggs I normally have two whole eggs and six
whites so I just take all the yellow out leaving just the two whole eggs that I
need see just perfect this is exactly how I like to eat oatmeal all right guys
this is my breakfast and that’s normally how I get my morning started to do my
workouts after whatever I have to do next

100 thoughts on “What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Steve Laureus’ Juice Regimen

  1. Good to see such a deep understanding of nutrition here with all that went into that morning smoothie. Just half a squeezed lemon, apple cider vinegar and warm water for me as my get up ritual 🤓 I'm not sure I could eat that egg white like that tho!! I'd make an omlete and throw some Spinach and a chopped mushroom in. Also I'm not sure each scoop of oats would have been 100g, didnt look that big.
    Oats and eggs is king of breakfast!! 💪🏼

  2. LA fitness closed here in Chicago 🙁 miss my gym but thanks for keeping us entertained in this time. Home workouts it is!

  3. My gym is closed from the China-virus and I can`t train.  My store has been out of chicken so I cant get enough protein.  I have a show in May and am shrinking already.  What can I do??

  4. That juice is anti inflammatory as well as antioxidant but kind a akward to drink, hence adding little flavour will enhance the test and not to mention oat meal is most of the favourite of all… Thanks

  5. Shitty breakfast but I literally had that yesterday lol that's how I know its shitty. I rather have the oatmeal with cinnamon and honey. Have the eggs scrambled and then add peanut butter.
    Or the boiled eggs with salt and pepper and some coconut oil.
    Or my favorite is a 1000 calorie oatmeal spinach or kale, blackberry blueberry strawberry banana peanut butter chocolate mass gainer protein shake.

  6. Worst way of eating egg whites in the entire world. You waste the time and gas to cook them AND waste the yolk. What is wrong with egg white cartons?

  7. Why did he wait 15 minutes to eat breakfast after drinking his smoothie instead of eating it altogether?

  8. don't throw egg yolk in trash ! you can cook it and give it to some one in your family or for homeless .. some people can't find something for eat .. salam

  9. Its hard for me to watch this. Gym is closed due to coronavirus. I was used to eat 5 meals a day and go hard in the gym.

  10. u shuld always add some black pepper to turmeric!! it enhances it absorption! its good to see he uses the root and not the powder which is better!

  11. is that blue bracelet he's wearing a lapis lazuli bracelet with 3 lava/pumice stones? looks very similar to mine of that kind

  12. The only complaint I have with this video is that he throws away egg yolks in the garbage bin, which is a waste of food even if it's not part of his regimen.

  13. Really great content. I enjoy seeing when bodybuilders take the extra time and effort to consume and talk about other nutrient dense foods for the body. More with Steve!

  14. Ridiculous and wasteful ate a whole egg it’s not gonna do you any harm and you need to work on your neck muscles.

  15. Again this guy is playing for the camera. He don’t eat like this. I know him personally. Lies lies lies

  16. What Pro Bodybuilders Steroids Take For Breakfast | Steve Laureus'
    Is the correct title…i mean they are all taking them but no one is talking about it !!

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