What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Steve Kuclo’s Muscle Building Breakfast

What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Steve Kuclo’s Muscle Building Breakfast

all right it’s breakfast time here at
the Kucs and it’s my favorite meal of the day I always feel like there’s a lot
of options you can do breakfast 90% of the time I stick with grits or oatmeal
in the morning some egg whites spinach kind of mix up a little bit of chicken
and then sometimes I have some Ezekiel toast and stuff like that now I
get to enjoy a little bit more now that we’re off season but like I said my
staples my go-tos grits egg whites always weigh I like to know what I’m eating and
if I need to change things add things I’m a big salt and seasoning guy so put
some sea salt in it and then put some water
you know grits are known you know you can get creative you can make it a
savory dish or a sweet dish and I kind of do a combo spray butter with Splenda
when I cook them takes a little bit to cook it’s about uh about seven minutes
and then I’ll start cooking up some egg whites now and show you how I do it so
I’ll cook up the spinach first get that cooked down I’m a big salt guy
people get afraid of salt I think if you eat it often not go crazy with it but
everything in moderation is good adding salts to your foods it’s good for your body
it’s keep you you’re you know you’ll get better pumps in the gym and don’t be
afraid to eat some salt I’ll do about cup and a half those two pieces of toast
with my grits in the morning I don’t like to overcook you know I
kind of kill the heat as they’re just about to start browning up and throw
them on the plate they are ready you spend about 90% of your time in your
home in about three rooms that’s like the kitchen living room and bathroom or
master bedroom and so it was important like when I bought this house to make
sure that it had an awesome kitchen and my wife was like you know she’s always
wanted a big kitchen she moved in and got in she was like this is my dream
kitchen which is awesome throw some ketchup on there cannot forget old spray butter
it’s my my little secret I think you haven’t tried spray butter in your life
you’re missing out it’s a life changer so I always do the bubba bowl when I
when I cook my grits I make sure I got the jethro bowl make sure it doesn’t
overflow because grits oatmeal when you cook a lot I like it a little bit watery
I don’t like like a hard rock when I eat this will this I use the bigger bowl bc it
helps make make sure that we don’t have any messes in the microwave because I
know a lot of you if you’re watching this and you’ve eaten or made oatmeal
especially when you’re dieting you use way too much water like all of us have
you’ve not paid attention and made a mess in the microwave and you got pissed off
because you had to clean it half your oatmeal is on the dish in the sink so
big bowls find a couple you like and have them in the house

100 thoughts on “What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Steve Kuclo’s Muscle Building Breakfast

  1. to eat so much is the worst thing you can do to your body , veins full of deposits when he is 50 ! heart attack and good bye to the world

  2. he said grits , oatmeal, ezekial toast, sounds like ronnie coleman, ronnie coleman is more influential than arnold.

  3. the today's women are useless the man in the kitchen the preparing his food the wife likes a big kitchen but never there man at the gym pussy at home soon as you tell them to be the woman that take care her husband they run off and leave with half of your shit men will never learn

  4. Two words: Retarded diet. Way too much protein. This guy will not even reach 50 and die on internal organ failuire. All the musclules in the world will not stop this guy from crippling in front of our eyes.

  5. Spray butter & Splenda? Can somebody inform this guy he's much better off using non-artificial crap.

  6. wonderr how this goon is hired as a firefighter. When they administer drug tests.
    last time i checked steroids are illegal unless prescribed.
    and even if he is prescribed there's no way tge roids woukd b that potent.

  7. BB's love breakfast because it's the only time when there's the remote possibility they might feel like eating. The rest of the day they're never less than an hour away from the last time they ate.

  8. That ketchup squeeze is around 6-8 grams of sugar, plus the butter spray afterwards. I'd ditch both. Remove the two fried eggs and have a proper 3 egg omelette (one or two yolks) and spinach. I'd have the full egg omelette, but I'm not a body builder 😉


  10. are all body builders wealthy? every video i see of”what body builders eat for breakfast” they all have thus nice ass house and expensive looking kitchen and a stacked assss fridge😂😂

  11. He said salt in moderation and i was thinking like a pinch each egg. But nope he really love his salt those eggs taste like sea water now

  12. I love lifting as much as anyone in these comments. But honestly can anyone explain to me why anyone would want to spend 200$+ a week on food, spend 3+ hours a day prepping meals and 2+ hours a day lifting only to gain like 1.0lb of muscle a year? It seems so pointlessly inefficient.

  13. I'd say this is the perfect breakfast but imo, he added far too much salt! Bulking involves a lot of fat intake and if you combine it with lots of salt, you run the risk of getting CHD

  14. i’ve never put splenda or sugar on my grits, i put cheese and cook mine on the stove not in the microwave

  15. Working out so women won’t look at your face or care about your personality is mental illness and delusions.

  16. There's a limit to how buff you can get and still look fit, once you pass that you look fat but also ripped, like if u took steroids while fat

  17. Egg whites? What about the 2 eggs with yolk? Looks like a good hearty breakfast. To much food I think though. There's like a giant stomach ache waiting to happen.

  18. He's a good cook. spinach and eggwhites looks good. My favorite sat morn..a cup of coffee,black made rt, two tilapia on skillet . Raw diced spinach cold on top once done. Tall glass of cold Gatorade. 1cc of winstrol in each deltoid. Tablet of dball. Go train 10am .45min. not heavy. Amino x after. Glass water. Stop at Jimmy John's . Sandwich . Go smoke a little herb at friend's house . Chat. Go home cook steak.

  19. How man videos does muscle and fitness think we need in regards to what body builders eat for breakfast? I mean in every one of the videos it’s 95% the same thing just a different person doing it. It nothing over the top

  20. Why he put so much egg white onto his spinach when was already cooked 2 eggs ?? How many eggs does he eat each day ??

  21. He can still beat your ass without steroid you skinny bitches mofos. Just listen to this and learn something. Its not about steroid. Learn, stay fit. Its enough for him. Btw, Great bodybuilder, thank you big man. (And yes, salt=pump, if you can get %7 8 bf, you will understand that thing fatfuck)

  22. Ppl coming here expecting to see real healthy food but hey it's abt lifestyle nobody cant survive without flavour. Abit of salt and ketchup wont hurt as long as you keep it balance and work out hard. Most of them showing their eating habit, food they eat EVERYDAY. So how come you eat super clean everyday man you're gone nuts without abit of cheating like salt or ketchup!

  23. Grits and egg whites his favourite meal of the day ?? Dear lord above are you totally shitting me?!!

  24. Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal

  25. “Salt is good ya know….ummmm it gives you a pump in the gym ummmmm…hmmmm… don’t be afraid of salt” lmfaoooo. Facts tho

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