Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 7 ~ Fitness Tracking

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 7 ~ Fitness Tracking

what’s going on everybody it is weigh in
Wednesday the start a week seven here so the weight-loss competition I got going
on with James over there at Juan de les estate and I’m excited let’s get right
to the weigh-in see what we are today dum-dum-dum week seven weigh-in
to put this into perspective one week ago on week six I was one ninety point
six what are we today one eighty eight point
two well not a monster amount of weight loss in a week but two point four pounds
in seven days nonetheless brings my total for this 90-day challenge to
twenty two point six pounds lost which is pretty incredible I’m well on my way
to hit that thirty pound mark in ninety days I am seeing some unbelievable
changes in both my body and my facial features my attitude my depression my
energy level my my pop I’m waking up earlier in the day and I’m still eating
healthy which is just incredible and so cool man
I honestly have not been in this good of shape since I was in my early 20s and
I’m working hard see what you guys don’t see from week to week is all the
behind-the-scenes dedication to eating healthy or at least a lot healthier than
I was previously on YouTube I’ll think about all the stuff I’ve dropped and
swapped for I’m still not eating the best but I am seeing just you know
pounds and pounds shaved every week and this is just so cool man I feel
fantastic James this was a trick I know it was because even though I can’t beat
you because he’s like walking like nine miles a day or more you’ve changed my
life man I’m so excited every day to keep this up I do have some updates to
share with you last week if you missed last week’s week six check-in I was
talking about exactly what I eat every single day and exactly what workout I do
for how long and the reps and everything like really specific details and what I
forgot to mention is that this changes as far as the workouts every single week
in fact in just seven days now I’m already noticing that on the body boss
system I’m adjusting the band’s to have more
tenshun already and my reps nearly all my reps from last week are changed
instead of 20 they’re now 33 times you know it’s just it’s always gonna change
because you always want to push yourself so I can’t just say it’s gonna be this
amount of push-ups each day no it’s constantly changing if I start
capping how much I’m gonna work out and base it on week one or week two I’m not
going to be able to maintain and continue to lose weight and I am doing
the hardest work I’ve ever done in three months trying to lose as much weight as
possible so I can get to a target way and then start working on toning up so I
mean I just I feel fit I hope you guys have seen it I feel fantastic and I’m
full of energy it’s not caffeine I swear right now I’m wearing an extra-large
shirt he’s right all my shirts are and I’m just I’m swimming in an extra large
shirt which kind of looks funny eventually I’ll probably be getting
larger medium shirts but right now that it is what it is and I’m just working
out in them and I’m just gonna support it anyway you know it’s been a while
since I’ve done the before and after and and understand that I’m uncomfortable
baring it all on camera but it is kind of essential to take a look back so just
bear with me I want to show you some body changes real quick now first of all
I joked about this last week but getting my my neck features back and my my
jawline starting to get more defined kind of like it was when I was in my
early 20s but definitely a slimming down here in the face area and every time I
walk into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror I’m kind of just
shocked at first I’m like holy cow and then you know getting these new muscles
up here it’s it’s it’s it’s weird to see it’s been a long time so I’m seeing
definitely some physical changes when I look in the mirror and because I know
how much you guys just love looking at my Simpsons tattoos again this is week
one January 1st of 2020 okay compared to the progress I have here at the
beginning of week seven six full weeks of working out and making huge lifestyle
changes I’m losing weight around the midsection I’ve obviously still got some
work to do we’re only about halfway through basically man Tony my midsection
I am gaining muscles and adding new muscles all over my body I
don’t know if you see the change but I definitely see a huge change in my body
in just six full weeks also noticing some changes in my thighs much more
muscles and in my calves that’s mainly due to all the elliptical workouts I’ve
been doing I feel like I’m gonna look back at this video and laugh because I’m
so proud of where I am I’ve never looked this good or felt this good since I was
in my early 20s and there’s still so much work to be done obviously but still
these are huge improvements and I hope you can see the difference because I
can’t stop looking at the difference in in my body and everything so I need to
lose exactly seven point four pounds in the next five weeks to reach my thirty
pounds in 90 days goal which at this point well nothing’s guaranteed but you
know I am finding that the temptations well they’re not as bad as they used to
be because hanging out with other people tends to tempt me a little more also
just being in areas where there happens to be a taco bell right across the
street or I Drive past a Burger King’s obviously there’s there’s some things
that I’m like oh I wish I could but right now I think I’m in a really unique
situation living in an RV and doing this challenge because inside this RV I mean
I am literally completely in control of everything okay I put what I want in
that fridge in the freezer oftentimes I am boondocking or camping away from
places that would break my diet or make me feel guilty so really this is a great
environment to lose weight and stay on this new lifestyle you know food goal
whatever you call it but I ain’t gonna lie I’m tempted all the time every time
I turn the TV on to see commercials I’m like its pizza its its pasta its
hamburgers it’s everything that I’ve been avoiding in 2020 soda
Bud Light I mean I couldn’t possibly sit here and say that this is not difficult
that I’m not making non-stop conscious choices to do the right thing for me for
nobody else but but for me that and maybe that’s why this is working so well
because if I if I cheat myself I mean there I’m not cheating anybody
I’m literally just ruining it for myself so that’s all I’m saying it’s working
really well I’m really happy you don’t see all the behind the scenes stuff and
there’s a lot going on but look I have found a new way to track my progress
both through the Apple watch series v and my iPhone 11 Pro and that is the
health app before I go into the health app and show you some specifics here you
know I’ve talked in the past about the watch itself helping me close certain
rings as far as moving and exercise and standing 12 hours a day and tracking
calories and stuff like that but what the watch doesn’t tell me necessarily is
also the other natural calories that I’m burning just throughout the day without
my workout so the health app on here is really helping me look at something
which has changed everything and I’m not a professional or anything but look if
you want to lose weight there’s no magical science behind it but you need
to work off more calories than you’re bringing in so if you’re bringing in
2,000 calories a day you need to be burning more than 2,000 calories each
day to be able to drop some pounds I don’t care who you are that’s just the
simple mathematics of losing weight you don’t need to be a nutritionist
or an expert to know that now sure it’s probably better to eat better foods but
last week I showed you that I’m keeping Erik why don’t you just throw the iPhone
on the ground you know it’s it’s only a 14-under dollar phone anyways I showed
that I’m consuming less than 1200 calories a day every single day bottle
what was it 11 82 calories a day that I’m bringing in let me show you
something real quick okay so don’t judge me or anything as I show you some
specifics here but as my iPhone shows all the dates these three rings it’s
showing you there’s a couple days like the 15th there I play wasn’t feeling
very well I didn’t finish my exercise or my my move there but see how the move
says that I did 614 of 700 calories hit in the exercise this one doesn’t say
calories let me go back so if we go back and look at February 9th for example
this is my active energy these are my workouts and as you can see it lists the
exact amount of calories I burned eight hundred and
calories.that day day before 775 then a bad day 568 then is almost a
record-breaking 1209 burned calories none of this includes your normal
resting calories so again if we go back to our rings this was a really good day
where everything kind of looped around and I overdid it a little bit but this
is Wednesday February 5th last week on weigh-in of last week where is it right
there you can see right there it does the total calories and we can see that
but 3541 total calories which includes my workout and my normal burned calories
go to the next day Thursday again 3243 calories Friday was a cheat day not
gonna be as good what does I say 26:43
again now these are not James type numbers because I don’t hike like him
but if you’re doing the math along with me I’m eating I’m consuming 1200
calories I’m burning an average of like 3000 calories a day 1200 3000 burned
again you don’t need to be an expert scientist here or anything but I’m
burning double what I’m putting in my body
therefore my body has no choice but to lose weight every single week that’s not
to say I’m not working hard and look some of these nights come by and it
reminds me hey you still got 20% left on this might be raining I may have to put
a jacket on walk to the Walmart and do three laps around the outer perimeter of
Walmart in the store to finish that and you know I’m on it
I like being able to track it I like being held accountable but with my walk
in and exploring and filming and my workouts at night my cardio and my
strength training I’m still in this perfect rhythm to continue to get fitter
and to lose weight more importantly that’s the main goal right now for this
90 days is to lose weight and I know I got two hundred and seven thousand of
you out there who all have some sort of opinion on what I should be doing
instead and I have mentioned that I appreciate all this awesome advice but
still give me some credit I’m sticking to my
plan and it continues to work every single week I’ve never in my life seen
this kind of results so possibly I’ll take into account some of the other
advice that people have been giving me starting April 1st as I begin phase 2 of
this new healthy journey in life but let’s see I’m putting lemon in my water
for a little change which is great you know like two or three quarter slices of
a lemon squeezed in my water and tastes great makes it a little different so if
I get a gallon of water at least a day haven’t been walking as much as I’d like
to really lately because of the rain the rain has been changing today I mention
that week seven again raining again seven straight Wednesday’s with the
ringing outside I would love to be doing something different in filming outdoors
for a Wednesday weigh in it ain’t gonna happen I don’t think but I got plans I
got things going on I’m trying to get healthy I’m gonna stick with this and I
got an awesome video coming up here in just two days on Friday so don’t go
anywhere anyways guys I love y’all James you’re
watching this and don’t just go ahead and brag you lost more than me but you
know what I lost more than I ever thought I possibly could at age 38 so
anybody can have a new me and that’s the cool part about it guys take care I’ll
see you on Friday and I’ll see you again next Wednesday for week eight weigh in
Wednesday bye guys

100 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 7 ~ Fitness Tracking

  1. Awesome again this week buddy! Glad you're seeing diverse benefits from the healthy lifestyle!! Honestly, you should be proud of yourself. Good luck with the next week.

  2. Hi Eric You are doing great and I can see the difference big time . Keep it up. Your cravings are probably like someone trying to quit smoking or drinking.

  3. The funny thing is when you try a lot of fast food and eat it you are going to think β€œit wasn’t worth it, it didn’t taste that good”. Makes you start thinking was it a habit or that the taste was so awesome?

  4. to watch your transformation is amazing your energy is up and you inspire everyone you come in contact with you are contagious

  5. Real cheese, cheese burgers (like Culvers), minus the bun is low carb. You can replace the bun with a chaffle (look it up on YT), Serious Keto has good recipes. Basically an egg and mozzarella cooked in a small waffle maker, you'd swear it was made with flour, both in taste and looking at it. Or just get it with leaf lettuce in place of the bun. Did you know you can make pizza crust out of ground (organic) chicken? Take 2 parchment papers and about a cup of ground chicken between the papers, flatten it out by hand or a roller, pre-cook it in oven @ 400 till well done, then add your toppings. The result will surprise you plus it's a healthy pizza.

  6. Eric you're doing great!! Be proud. You and Jax look fabulous. Just keep going. Safe travels and enjoy.
    ❀️ πŸ™‚

  7. I'm so glad that James looked to you for a workout buddy, competing with a friend is sometimes the best way to keep the motivation going. WELL DONE

  8. Really good news Eric, so glad to see you. So happy. This is great for you mentally physically and everything. You're going to go really far with this. Congratulations.

  9. WTG Eric! Thanks for the much needed inspiration. I've lost a total of 11 lbs so far since Jan 1. I'm looking much forward to breaking the 200 mark by the end of March. Wish me luck! ~Joyce

  10. Eric, i still say if you want to really lose weight, get a bicycle that'l lose weight faster than anything else. when i had one. i really weighed less than ever. strong too.

  11. Awesome results! Keep up the good work! (Nobody seems to have commented on you putting the potato in your shorts! LOL!) :oD

  12. Should have listened. An amateur bodybuilder in the 80's, my trainer told me to stretch. Both hips and 1 shoulder replaced in the past 5 years. Shoulda woulda coulda. Now 68, I discovered Qi Gong this past year. Only 10 minutes or 20 minute programs free on good ol youtube. You'll be glad you did. I became as excited after discovering this ancient stretching exercise as you are now. Lemon juice. You can find the concentrate at the dollar store. 16 oz for a buck is great. Keep up the great work kid. A fellow Washingtonian escaped to wide-open spaces in northern Idaho. Shiny side up!

  13. Hey Eric, I am your same age and a few years ago I did the exact same thing your doing I was seeing tons of weight loss. Please watch out how for how fast you lose weight. I triggered kidney stones and gout in my right foot due to the rapid weight loss and drastic changes in what I was eating. Btw your look great just be sure to take care of yourself and even though you feel on top of the world right now just as I did, be careful.

  14. You may not beat James for over all weight lose, but all can see you are a winner. You have done it and can continue your plan. Nice.

  15. SO HAPPY for you! You're doing what works! Love seeing your energy! Tips: When doing upper body & arms, etc: Bend your knees a little. Works your quads just by resistance. Also watch your form, you're slumping. Watch your week 6 video. Hugs!!

  16. My heart dropped when the phone fell. I hope you have added a liquid screen protector. The Gadget Guard liquid is a 9.99 on amazon. I buy two packets a year and put one on the front and one on the back. It is the best thing you can do for your phone. 20 bucks is far cheaper than paying to replace your phone or your screen. Send me a DM and I'll walk you through applying it properly. I got tips from the manufacturer to get the most out of it. Be safe, wear gloves when applying!

  17. Lookin good lookin good there Eric, your soon going to have to hire security to keep the ladies from banging down the door. 😎
    Keep up the good work. If you need motivational help check out ATHLEAN-X He is a professional trainer who trains pro athletes and has almost 10M subs.

  18. Nice package bro! πŸ˜‚ Lol! But for real though congrats on the body transformation I went through the same journey several years back and I love the person that I am now and feel happier and better than ever. I know you will too once you reach your goal. Never forget that you can achieve anything you want!

  19. Hey… heck with all this healthy stuff… bring back the giant burgers and all those beautiful all you can eat buffet dishes!! I miss those fabulous mashed potato and biscuits and gravy days Eric!! Be sure to keep showing your cheat day dishes! Other than loving Jax; I watch and ate vicariously through you! You are looking good though.

  20. You look great!!! What ever you are doing works well for you. Can you buy at least 1 new shirt? I just want to see what all your work has done for you. I bet you do too. Keep up the hard work it looks great on you.

  21. My eyesss!! πŸ˜‚ Just kidding bro! Man I thought you were in wrestling attire and was going to take on The Carpetbagger!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  22. "Anybody can have a new me" lovely words of inspiration there Eric thanks. I'm not going to offer any suggestions or advice because i think what you are doing and what you have achieved is totally awesome. I just have one question buddy. Do you get hungry with this?

  23. Hey, Eric, you've inspired my wife and I to lose some weight. And get in shape. Thanks for all your encouragement. And congratulations on your good work.

  24. πŸ‘‹ hey Eric, let that scale zero out before standing on it. My scale will show I weigh more if I don't zero it out first. You might weigh less than you think. ☺

  25. Awesome weight loss! You look great, hey what do you snack on when it’s rainy and your watching a movie and you get the munchies?


  27. You have such a great attitude. You have learned so much……things you never thought about before….I.e. How bad aspartame is for you, how bad fat and sugar is for you……how committed to your workouts. Go Eric, who reminds me of my son. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸŽ―πŸ’―πŸ†’πŸ€—

  28. Lookin' good Eric, lookin good! Here's another stat for your calculations. It is that each pound = 3,500 calories. So if you have a 500 deficit per day x 7 days = 1 lb of weight loss, etc. Another Here's yet another calculation. if you take the weight you are now times 12 (11 for a woman) equals the daily calories it takes to maintain that current weight. So, then multiply the 12 times weight you want to be, and same is true -= number of daily calories to maintain goal weight. Sub tract one from the other…for instance present weight 195 x 12 = 2340 to maintain weight at 195 lbs. Goal weight 170 (for example) x 12 = 2040 daily calories to maintain weight at 170 (for a man). Now, subtract the difference 2,340 minus 2,040 = 300 calories difference. By reducing daily calories 300 (half food, half exercise) one will reach target weight. Then divide 3,500 by 300 = 11.6 days to lose a pound by lowering calories 150 and increasing calories burned by 150 per day. Obviously, you're not taking the slow route, but now you have the math.

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