Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Dumbbell Shrugs

Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Dumbbell Shrugs

Okay what this is called here is the dumbbell
shrugs. It’s for your traps. As you see, you’re shrugging your traps. You want to bring them
up as high as possible. The dumbbells should be used as just dead weight. You don’t want
to use your biceps or arms with this exercise. Just pretty much have them lay against the
side of your body and just have your traps bring the weights up. So just tighten up your
traps and then stretch them out. You want to continue this and do about 8-10 reps about
3-4 sets. Usually a lot of people use heavy weight for this just because they want big
traps. If you just want to get your traps a little more cut up you might want to just
use light weight and high reps. Again, continue this motion with the correct posture. Chest
up, flex the traps and stretch it on the bottom. And that’s how you do dumbbell shrugs.

74 thoughts on “Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Dumbbell Shrugs

  1. been concentrating on these, started to see a difference after about 2 months, but lost it fast once i started to not workout as much!

  2. Cut them up by doing more reps? NOTHING could be furthur from the truth. It's taking in less calories then your burn to maintain your bodyweight that causes you to become "cut" (once the bodyfat gets low enough) not by doing more reps.

  3. @darkkarma THANK YOU. people dont know what to eat to achieve their goals, it took me years to realise that dieting is actually more important than lifting weights.
    2)rest (sleep)
    3)amount of time spent in the gym

  4. @thuzhar you can use the disks from your dumbel, but its not that well because you cant hold multiple disk in your hands at same time. Or try to hold 1 dumbel behind you, i am not a pro but its just an idea.

  5. Traps are pointless to cut. They're suck a small muscle group at a pretty discreet area. Heavy weights are always the way to go fro traps.

  6. ok all the other people i have seen said u should do circular motion with your shoulder and ensure your should blades and get forced together so dunno whats he is talking about….but cant say too much he has a better bod then me

  7. This Exercise is a waste of time and im at a loss as to why trainers insist on showing it!
    Your traps will not grow or benifit from this unless you have trained upper back and shoulders first and this is just the cherry on the top. This guy I can tell you does not not waste his time with this excerise.

  8. holy crap this guy is built!! his triceps are huge and protruding his arms! lmfao SOMEONE TELL ME HOW MUCH THIS MAN CAN BENCH

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  11. No please refrain from this nonsense of lifting causing growth stumps. The rumor came from people losing height due to their spines contracting after lifting heavy weights and this does still happen BUT! and its a big BUT it wont affect you if you stretch. So don't be worried about height. I'm 5'10" and was worried about it so did research into the subject. Also your 16 i suggest you do swimming and play basketball will help with your growing if your height an issue

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  17. those are by far the best arms ive ever seen and hes not even flexing this right here is motivation in in entirety??

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