We build & test our own truck! (Nissan Patrol 4×4 3.3L)

We build & test our own truck! (Nissan Patrol 4×4 3.3L)

Hey folks, great that you’re watching. As you’ve seen last time, we are working on a project for RAI CarrosserieNL and OOC. That’s an organisation that a lot of
bodyshops are affiliated with. And they’re looking for new technical employees. If you’re interested to work in a bodyshop,
check the link in the description. Last time, we started this project. You could see that we’ve converted a Nissan Patrol
into a chassis with a cabin… like a truck that’s made in a factory. After it’s made, the work of the body-makers begins. Then the body is built upon the chassis.
In our case we want to build a vehicle to transport logs. This is our vehicle. We’ve requested this model car
on the website of RAI Carrosserie. This has to go, we don’t want a fifth-wheel coupling. I’m to going to cut some little logs. Steel posts. Let’s weld the steel post to the model car. It’s perfect, right? It should be like this. It’s important that it’s square.
We’ll weld them together at the end. And if you want to know if something is square,
you can use a carpenter’s square. That’s not very accurate, because we’ll need to have a very large carpenter’s square, which we don’t have. Another method is to measure the diagonals. You have to measure from that corner to that corner… and from that corner to that corner. Those measurements have to be the same.
And with this method you know it’s perfectly square. These are the control valves for the hydraulics. Oil comes from this side, from the pump. These are all valves. They’re modular,
more valves can be added. The valves are operated by solenoids
that are on these. A solenoids is an electromagnetic coil. If you turn on power on one side, then the control slide, the plunger,
is pulled up that side. If you apply power to this coil, it will pull in that direction. This way you can let the oil that enters here from the pump
come from this connection, or from there. This way you can make the cylinders move back and forth. This thing controls the oil flow to the crane. I have been calling INDI for a long time,
and very nice things are coming. That will really be very nice. I’ve put all the packages here,
and you have to see what kind of things we have. To start with, we have a gear pump here. With an electrically switchable clutch,
so we can attach it to the crankshaft of the engine with a v-belt. And we have an oil tank here, which contains the oil for the crane. Filter, return filter, filler cap. New hoses for the crane. These are just standard straight hoses that come directly from the warehouse at INDI. Such a hydraulic hose is a bit different than a fuel hose. This contains a number of inserts. Steel inlays, which ensure that the hose cannot expand when it is under pressure. The larger the hose, the less pressure it can handle. Because the surface against which the pressure presses becomes larger. So the bigger the hose becomes, the thicker the wall becomes,
and it usually also has more inserts. To make it even stronger. And now the best part, look at this. Remote control for the crane, this is the receiver. It must be connected to the coils. Then we can stand at a safe distance and operate the crane. That’s great, because if that thing falls over,
then at least we’re not under it. This looks good, when Dirk is there we will start it. Let’s see if it works. It is good that there is a tube there. While Dirk is going to start with the lighting,
in the meantime I will start on the leaf springs. I am more of the gross material work. It is almost ready. Only a little bit of paint needs to be applied. Look who’s here, Frank Tilburgs from Tilbox. You’re building a truck, and what belongs under a truck?
a truck box of course. That is your speciality.
– Right Nice huh. We have another visitor today.
– Good day. Koen has something for us. These are some pretty big ones. They are a whole lot bigger. Nice, man. It looks good but let’s see
if we can we can put it to use. That’s what this is about! This tree is in our way
so I will pull it out! I don’t think it can do it. Yes. Well, now it’s time.
We are going to get it inspected. It’s good we tried it yesterday. Because if it doesn’t pass the inspection,
we are not allowed to use it anymore. We have another visitor.
This is the inspector. I am the inspector for
truck mounted cranes. I will get a test weight to see if the crane they build is worthy to pass the inspection. It is a RAI approval with a report. And we will do some tests. Why should people become body shop workers? It’s a very beautiful and broad job. We build trucks for: Township, Earthmoving companies, Cranes also to build overhead cranes. And stuff like that. It’s so broad i can’t tell you it all. So if you want to work
in the technical branch, Then this is a really
interesting branch to look at. Then you are the Jack-of-all-trades This is a 300kilogram weight.
I think we can do nice tests with it. We will test of it stays stable during use. And we will test if it passes
all the other guidelines. We can say the truck mounted
crane is safe to use. It does not tip over. The vehicle is in the
most unfavorable position. All with all I think this is a good test. We can say that 300KG
is the most it can lift. So you need to make a sign for the crane:
“Maximum load 300KG with extended beam.” I think 300KG is a really big tree. We have a checklist from the inspection. I secretly looked at the crane
how it’s build And what probably is and isn’t good. – What isn’t good? It sounds weird but it could be
a document question. Do you have a crane book? – I think we have to write it ourselves. It’s not there.
– Oh there we go. So if one question is no
it won’t get approved? Basically yes. Are the certificates there?
– No. Is there a lifting table?
– No. Is there a stability system?
– No. Bolts and nuts? We don’t have them, right? Chassis, Wheels and tires?
– We don’t have those either. The electrical installation?
– Oh Dirk, this is your part. Tying cables together.
– I didn’t do that. Was there any copper visible?
– Nope. I think it all is fine.
– It’s all good. The wire connections?
Seemed perfect. It’s all good.
– It’s perfect! This is the sticker we need to stick on. I have done some homework,
I watched the… – You took a look at the videos! I have said it has been
inspected on the sticker. I removed the “Passed” from the sticker. I had to put a red cross
through the “OK” sign. Thank you for the inspection.
Sadly it did not pass. I find it a pity that it did not pass,
but i think you can use it safely. I have seen the vlog with the trees. A good operator will be
able to operate the crane safely. Great! We think it works well. Do you want to work in the body shop Check the link to go to
RAI carrosserieNL and OOC They are looking for employees. It’s very broad and you will
become a Jack-of-all-trades You should go take a look. If you want to see more
of these and other projects. Check our second channel,
“Werkplaatsvlog” Thank you for watching this video,
I’ll see you on the next one! English subtitling by Elias, Den & Daddyursa MM82/Discord Subtitling Division

90 thoughts on “We build & test our own truck! (Nissan Patrol 4×4 3.3L)

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  4. Love the truck and need one!, I now need a motorised wheel barrow with enough torque to pull up a steep bank and get through narrow gates 1m wide. Any ideas?.

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  6. Super, maar wat zijn nou de consequenties van het 'niet OK' gekeurd zijn? Mag je er dan niet de openbare weg mee op ofzo?

  7. Are you using the truck + crane on your property or on public land? Here in Italy if you're in your private property you don't need licence or inspections like that

  8. from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada….the truck build has given me great enthusiasm to continue with my build projects….sometimes we need a kick in the butt from somewhere to keep up the energy level….. hartelijk dank mijne heren..:)…as for the logging truck…nice work….one little thing…get rid of the screwdriver ignition key…its hokey…..I am in awe of your ability to work through problems by developing creative solutions….Lets have some videos on the installation of the overhead shop crane please…..

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    Nice job on the truck, and love the fact all that work that has gone into it, but is still started with a screwdriver… 😀

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