VAN LIFE SPAIN | mental health & fitness routines while traveling

VAN LIFE SPAIN | mental health & fitness routines while traveling

we’re Eamon and Bec and we live in a van
so we can travel the world a world where let’s face it most people are completely
addicted to their phones did you know that the average person spends 2 hours
and 22 minutes a day on social media alone I’d like to say we’re different
but we’re the exact same we often find ourselves going to bed and waking up
with phones in our hands so this week as we travel along the north coast of Spain
we do our best to set some healthy boundaries around our technology use and
just get into some better routines overall and I have been finding that if we stay
in the van right when we wake up in the morning it is so easy to have an hour
full of technology checking our emails or social media or stats on social media
and to stay healthy on the road I’ve asked if we could start implementing an
hour in the morning and an hour right before bed where we try to be absolutely
technology free it scares me but I think I’m addicted oh by the way we made it to Spain we’ve been parked up here for a few days
it’s been nice and relaxing it makes it breakfast now this morning we’re having
basically our staple breakfast which is a soy coconut yogurt with a bunch of
different fruits we’ve been loving the produce here in Europe so we’re always
trying to switch it up I think today we’ll do some mango whenever else we’ve
gotten the fridge Oh that’ll do it’s amazing not a bad spot for brekkie huh
TENDEDOR POR FAVOR! you guys might be thinking what are you
doing leaving but there’s more to see also little foil McRae’s er has
introduced into our lives again or I should say I’ve been arranged it is from
Mexico so how this thing is a game-changer as soon as you take that
down I used to make fun of people who did this like it looks so RV like yeah
like this and awnings in the : ah yeah well thank you that Playa it was lots of
fun ok what’s wrong so we’ve arrived but it’s no especi bleh then I asked her I said it’s possibly
but okay she looked at me and pointed at the sign that says not authorized oh and
that was about a two-hour drive from the last beach we’re at and we’re listening
to our good friend Simon Hill the plant per podcast highly recommend yeah one
day we didn’t manage to catch that on the vlog but we found someone who speaks
English and I think to regulate traffic or how many people are going up to these
sites or maybe just to make money they close it off to cars and you can only
take a taxi or a bus up to the top so we’re thinking we’ll still do the hike a
manís carbo-loading at the moment energy it’s good to go I’m just eating a few
carrot sticks and yeah Bice up to the top did your booty radar shine djibouti
do you think it’s gonna rain yeah also we just found out about this massive
flooding and hail storms near Madrid which is like only a few hours away from
us crazy that’s what you wanted me to turn the camera my head that was like oh
it’s gonna be so helpful for people to know about and then I said I was like
hmm you might’ve been more helpful to say that this is a national park
yeah National Park supposed to be beautiful
I’ll just see my car okay I feel like we’re on a bit of a
topic for mental health and not that I’m an expert by any means but I think the
number one thing you can do is exercise so Becca was just kind of complaining
that it’s a little bit not complaining but debating either doing this hike
because it’s super cloudy oh good call anyway what I’m trying to say is we’re
doing it anyway because we need the exercise correct absolutely
oh I know change the battery now going back to the van now here’s the sign that
we are initially miss it says that access to our largos is regulated
between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. so it says please use Tommy goal it says to
you public transport which is why you see so many buses going well where was that oh where was that
half an hour ago amigo what my translation I was just like overwhelmed
didn’t know what was going on we’re here now baby do you think your mañana Bobby that is
Rosa volley in the morning so sometimes things don’t go as planned
but that’s okay we’re gonna try to find a camp spot in the area we can still get
some exercise in and then we’re gonna try to go up there first thing tomorrow
morning because that webcam footage yeah it just didn’t look good did it but did
it but no it didn’t this is probably my third 5k this week
which is amazing super proud of myself yeah I credit a lot of this motivation
obviously it’s nice that with partner so we can kind of hype each other up but a
lot of it is coming from that David Goggins guy if you haven’t read his book
you can read it or you can listen to it on audible it’s just it’s in my head
it’s in the zone no excuses and even before when I used to run the auto a few
kilometres I would just kind of give up and stop and now it’s it’s such a mental
game I’m so much more focused on the run and everything that’s tracking and like
getting to 5k it’s just it’s not an option not to I’ll be shot riding some commas for sure finish just want to stress but I am such
a beginner runner and I sometimes I have to stop and walk but it feels so good to
get out there so just start with one kilometre walking multiple-time you’re
fishing right now is the time for a cold shower mm-hmm we’re just gonna use the
extension of the back and that’s just tapped into our water pump it’s just the
t-junction you get pretty decent pressure now it is cold okay it’s
refreshing baby almost forgot about you guys there one of our favorite meals is
literally nutritional yeast and salt with just about anything I did it with
asparagus steamed asparagus today I made a nice big salad up and the salad if you
guys have purchased our cookbook is literally no dressing all we did is made
our tofu cream cheese and that ended a little bit of extra lemon and it’s so
delicious and healthy and filling we’ve got like beetroot in they’re very
colorful salad has some seeds and nuts alrighty shall we catch them in the
morning yeah cheerio good morning good morning everybody and
welcome to the start of our hike as you can see it’s a beautiful sunny day and
the sky is clear we are sure to see some amazing sights it took us about half an
hour on a very very windy foggy road this morning to get here but we’re here
before the crowds and all those tourist buses so we’re pretty excited just for
that I’m pretty sure we literally just missed
it where is the second light I think we
walked right by and didn’t even know you can’t join the vlog let us know you
can’t force a square block into a circular hole make this fit into the
hole for this if it’s no bueno s nonpoint oh yeah
vamos s passive like you know hora todos los Claro don’t know the clear clear
I’ve convinced a min to wait an hour just in case it clears up well I just in
case the Spanish speakers didn’t understand you
yeah the non Spanish or the Spanish welcome to my house Simon insisted I turn on the care I’m
going to show you guys this got a work in progress baby boy this is all that
you pull a Southwest saucer used to have in some way takes a while to burn
okay let’s we’re all dude it’s not getting any clearer here today’s weather
is misty with a side of fog possible chance of backhoes Oh mr. Bokka
hi sweetheart I hope they don’t eat you hey thanks a lot though so welcome guys
to Verde Co Beach this was highly recommended to us from a few of you it’s
a popular surf spot here on the kind of west coast of Spain and we got here and
just really you know felt like diving right into a siesta I’m not really sure
what the siesta culture is all about but I can definitely get behind it just even
a half an hour 45 minute rest I’m feeling great and now it’s kind of
another excuse for another breakfast so this is like a little runnier than
anticipated but looks pretty good I thought I would thicken up a little more
Chia and hemp I put some nuts and then those I’m not gonna make big bowls cuz
we’re gonna work out so just like we we balls did you deceive the grapes twice
yeah thanks for breakfast baby so we get to a new place I usually like to take
the one-wheel out suss it out try and meet some new friends and back usually
likes to just decompress in the Sun so off we go oh let me go you guys the
Germans are smart go go go go
see you guys take care yeah yeah good great guys couple of Germans had a great
time as a couple of Germans the one-wheel is always an amazing tool for
making friends now our whole camp is very very friendly although even and I
don’t speak Spanish so well so it’s been a very broken English Spanglish kind of
afternoon which has been really fun anyways it’s been distracting us from
our goal of working out every day and we have said no longer what we’ve gathered
is that our neighbors do yoga and music therapy and I’m already looking forward
to visiting them in Madrid and I can do it okay I speak more Spanish by then
there’s such Sanna very similar to lunch
Nikita but I made a little walnut taco mix with lentils and spice and it’s a
really nice touch so it’s a little different and we’ve done them quesadilla
style plus I’ve been working on my Spanish because we want to ask our
friends next door if they wanted big t gustaría her bath near struck comida
because they already offered us bananas I was so nice they offered us banana
yeah so we feel like we want to get back we know we’re friends but we don’t
really talk about it lentils sin wave a sin leche sin queso
sin carnage I really took that didn’t I think they got the picture here let me
see if they like it she’s eating it bread not vegan from you view to you if
we were in some sort of community you would definitely take on the role of
shadow you’d also be the community greedy huh I
think laundry isn’t that amazing look where we are
oh yeah you just you don’t get sick of that every day something no man like
baby ah check you guys tomorrow good morning everybody and welcome back
to paradise we have already been up had our morning teas went for our 5k run in
this area was so beautiful and we’ve just taken a swim in the very mucho Frio
ocean but it felt very therapeutic to get in there so I am loving this new
start to our mornings the only thing I haven’t done yet is meditate and I think
I’m going to try to get a man to join me for that in typical human fashion I have
found my way out of meditation that hinted that she wanted a tea and so I
offered our friends to try our handmade chai and so I’m gonna make a massive pot
of chai it feels like today’s episode has turned into sharing a little bit
about our journey into finding our best self and what we believe is what you put
into your body is just as important as the exercise and the meditation in the
mental house so making our tea is always a really great ritual Amite is actually
gonna make a pot and are you using the party filter yeah these things are great
we have these on our website if you didn’t know we have a chai company we
make a fresh blend chai so this is great if you’re making like more than 2 cups
and then we’ve got a full thing of soy milk once that soy milks hot you just
treat it like a big tea bag and submerge it for 8 minutes console yeah como esta el chai finito you see in Madrid huh I’ll call you all
right so we are making the great ascent descent some people here
oh no kaze friendly I’m like waving saying like yeah we’re passing each
other and people are honking I mean like get out of my way yeah I got like just
honk that back for no reason at all anyway we are making our way to lisboa
and we’re meeting Becca’s sister and boyfriend on Saturday today is Thursday
and it’s like 11 hours away so we got to log some hours but we’re gonna stop
along the way kind of break it up a little bit we still haven’t really had
breakfast where we fasters now oh let me go I
don’t know if we’ve really shown that so at some gas stations they do have
water you need to taste it and make sure it’s good you can also ask the attendant
esta bien Beibei and agua and I tried it’s a
little plasticy and then you need to use a little piece of tape and tape it and
hang it on the ladder so you can go hands-free cuz it’s a little bit of a
slow flow so it takes some day this is what it looks like over here an air and
an agua station I wish I caught you earlier cuz you were just over here
trying it spinning it out trying it what if it had chemicals all in it I would
spit it out you’d be stronger for it huh you look like John Lennon today boo oh
thank you hello lifehack for you is whenever we’re
filling up the water I actually do our bucket load of dishes that we’ve left in
the sink so that I mean water out water in you know these things guys how much
of this van like stuff is like really helpful for you and how much is it just
like okay back we did not need that information and here we are in Portugal you guys the
beginning of our journey in this country starts now we hope you guys will check
us next week for another episode we got some friends coming to hang out I’m not
sure if you know them yet see you Sunday

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