UFC 248 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

UFC 248 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

[ambient traffic noises] [TV noises]>>Israel: I might
take a bath after this. I might take a bath after this. Why not, why not?>>Bubbles and all?>>Bubbles and foam all over. Got off the plane today
about 12:30 in Vegas. I haven’t slept since then. I avoided napping so I
could sleep properly. Body’s kinda used
to it already, but yeah, just
wanna go shake out. Somebody ate,
like, 52 blocks. Bop.>>The only thing
I– the only thing– [laughing]
>>I can explode. We didn’t wanna go
and drive to the PI because we knew it was
gonna be a lighter session. We just wanted to move. So we just moved the table and
created a little octagon here.>>[yelling]>>Oh, I love that shot.
>>Ooh.>>Yeah, that’s it.>>Weak, son!>>Really it’s just
tuning up the body. The mind’s already here. Just keeping the balance between
doing a little bit of work so that, you know,
he’s staying sharp.>>Wow!>>And also, not doing too
much so the body stops, not just to recover, but is also hungry for
the fight on Saturday. [bell ringing]>>See you soon.>>Good morning.>>How you feeling, champ?>>Very good. Yesterday it was raining. Raining, raining. I sleep very good. I listen. [laughing]>>ATV, right?>>Weili: [gym chatter]>>Cai:>>Nice to meet you. Good to see you!
>>Good to see you. [laughing]>>Nice to meet you.
Good to see you.>>Li: Let’s go.>>What’s up, bro.>>What’s up, Sean.>>Gonna go play video
games for training today.>>Weili: This week, no hard. Just relax and cut weight. Maybe, uh, 3 days later,
later 3 days, very. Now, so-so. Three days, I weigh. [beeping] [Grunting]>>Li:>>Yesterday, I sparring,
uh– I’m training so hard. My coach tell me, “Oh, yes,
tomorrow no hard. Just relax, okay.” Now, today. 10 rounds, 5 minutes, hard. No relax. But yesterday I sleep very good. I feel very good.>>Man: Israel– you’re
the name he put out. You’re the guy he said he was incomplete
without meeting that guy. He wants that challenge,
he recognizes you as the most
dangerous guy to face.>>Yoel: It’s true. It’s true– he didn’t say
nothing that’s different. It’s the truth. It’s– he have my attention. He have my respect now too,
because he’s young, but he work, like, old school. The old school work is the
best need to fight the best. You know. Now he fight me. He need to prove he is the best. He need to beat me.>>Alright, so are
we ready to roll?>>Yup, top’s rolling.>>Alright, we’re rolling.
We’re ready to go.>>Okay, ready.
Three, two–>>Paige: You are notorious
for knocking people out though. So, let’s show
people how you do it.>>Una rodilla? One, two, three: action. You can believe
in the imagination, in the Madison Square Garden. Ahh!>>Chanting your name. [People chanting “Yoel”]>>He beat me in
the first round. I beat him in number two. And now it’s a decision, it’s–
>>Paige: This is it. This is it.>>Number 3, [unintelligible],
boom! That’s it. That’s exactly what I
do in the number 3.>>My whole life
flashed before my eyes.>>You wanna try it?
>>Yes.>>You gotta do it.>>Makeup! Makeup! Come on, bro. Come on, bro! Let’s go.>>Okay.
>>One, two, three, go! Yay!>>A little better?
>>I love you, bro. I love you.>>Glad we can hug it out. [radio playing]>>Drakkar: We just
got here yesterday. I like to come a little early,
just to get acclimated, just get my mind right. This is a huge opportunity
for me right now.>>Cortney: I think this
opportunity for Drakkar is huge, being able to fight
on pay-per-view. We like to call it the co-co. So, he’s the last fight
before the co-main event, which is huge. I definitely think with
his last performance, he kinda, you know,
opened everyone’s eyes to how good he can be,
and he’s only getting better.>>Thank you, brother,
appreciate it. Dariush, he’s been
ranked in the top 10 before. His time is over. It’s my time. I just have to go out there
and prove it to everyone. Everyone’s
doubting me right now. And, you know, I’m just in
there to take what’s mine. [ambient traffic noise]>>Israel: We are here in
Las Vegas Porsche dealership. And grabbing a few
whips for the week. I say whips
because there’s many. One for each day
of the week. Oh, yeah. I like that
new car smell. So, I’m about to
pick up Monday, and then we’ll get
Tuesday delivered, and Wednesday delivered,
right up until Sunday. [rhythmic vocalizing] Saturday, I gotta put up
something nice, man. Damn it! It’s locked! I bought my dad a Beemer
last year, brand new one, 2019. And I’ve always said
I’d get my mom a Porsche. I’m trying to think now,
which one does she like? Very sexy.
>>It’s nice to have options.>>Israel: I like options,
like buffet. You know what,
that’ll be Fight Night. That’ll be Fight Night. Tomorrow… eenie, meanie, miney, moe. Thursday. Thursday, weigh-ins. White one, weigh-ins. Today we drive out
in that one, then. We use that one today. It’s nice. I like. Yeah! [dramatic theme music] ♪♪

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  2. Zhang: my body is so so now, not good. But In 3 days it will be great and I will show you but not now. Pulls up shirt to show insane shredded six pack

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  4. Weili sounds just like the lady at the Chinese takeout from my neighborhood. Not because she's Chinese, but they have the same voice tone 😅

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  6. Someone tell Israel hes not funny and all his words and phrases are from Years ago. Stupid ass bum does anyone actually line the annoying decision foghter

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  8. Izzy's confidence is concerning me a little. I think in the first exchange we will see a change in attitude, whether that is positive or negative is yet to be determined.

  9. Israel says being a champion hasn't changed him.. or the notoriety hasn't changed him… I call bullshit. Only a goon would need a different car for every. day. of. the. week. How misguided are you? I know he'll get this dub, but fuck me he needs to be humbled up a bit.

  10. Stylebender acting like he won already he’ll be picking his jaw up along with his body in the 3rd round while Romero is celebrating a devastating KO

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  16. Hi, fight fans! I do live stream reactions for combat sports {boxing/ufc) they are a ton of fun and my subscribers love my content, you can check out the live chats for yourself I will be doing a live stream reaction for UFC248 at 3am UK Time on my Channel, let's do this Stylebender 👊💯

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