Tutorial de Muscle Pass – Moeda Anti-Gravidade

Tutorial de Muscle Pass – Moeda Anti-Gravidade

[Opening] [WorldXM intro] [Glitch] [WorldXM intro] Hello Extremers! On this Extreme tutorial I’ll be teaching how to do a cool move used on many magic routines and sleight of hand known as Muscle Pass. In this video I’ll teach how to shoot and create the coin “floating” illusion. This move is easy to understand but it will test your patience and dedication on training. It’s inevitable to shoot high up whithout pain and form calluses in the hand. That being said, let’s begin the tutorial. Movement is the result of the tight grip and friction
between the palm and the coin. Basically you squeeze the money until it jump out. Positioning correctly, the thumb muscle presses and loosens the side of the coin. So the other side in contact will be pushed and fired out of the hand. Although in theory it is possible to do with any palmable coin. It is recommended to choose a size to always do the muscle pass. And the best choice in my opinion regardless of the size of
your hand is the 1R$ (similar to a Quarter). The weight, size and ease for get it makes it the best
choice. The first step is to do the Classic Palm, grab the coin and try to palm it in a way that it is
possible to naturally move your fingers and hide it. I recommend finding the position by pressing with the middle
finger on the palm. Note that in Classic Palm the coin is very well positioned
on the center of the hand. You can try to learn the muscle pass from there. However, to facilitate the jump. Experts recommend moving the coin a little closer to the
thumb. Once you find the position, I recommend try to palm evertime until you get used to it. Try to pick objects naturally with your fingers without
dropping the palmed coin. Now let’s try to make the coin do the first jump. Place the coin naturally on top of the palm and the thumb muscle will try to hold it in the defined
position. Note that when I hold, one side of the coin is slightly
raised and in contact with the thumb. It’s like I’m trying to turn her around. After holding, apply a squeezing force and at the same time try to make the raised side escape the
thumb with momentum. At first, the coin will just come out and turn but with trainning, it will start to come out stronger and
make the first jump. If you want, you can use the other hand to help. Use this tip only to know if the coin jumps off from that
position. We want to learn to make the jump with a single hand force. There’s no secret to gain height. The more you train, the higher it gets. Before trying to do the muscle pass vertically, I recommend training horizontally The goal is to find the correct position and moment to apply
force to the shot. and it’s much easier to shoot sideways than against gravity. With dry and clean hand, Press the coin little by little without using much force
that some moment it releases. Memorize this position because we have to apply enough force
only at this point and moment. Train until you can fire a palm away It seems easy but with the attempts you will realize that it
is quite difficult. Practice whenever you can, stop training when you experience
skin or hand pain. Vertically we have to deal with the temptation to “throw”
the coin. This can help gain height, but it can diminish visual
effect. Do the muscle pass without moving the position of the hands, so it will appear that the coin magically levitated from
hand to hand. Move your hands to the maximum range of your shot and try to
make the muscle pass. When I’m presenting I like to drop the coin from above
showing the action of gravity. I show that my hand is empty while palming the coin into the
other, and magically the coin goes back in time and returns to the
upper hand. To pick up at your fingertips… it is important to know where the metal reaches the peak. I direct the shot to the tip of my fingers and try to grab
at maximum distance. So it is important to maintain consistency in always sending
the coin at the same height. Pick up with your fingertips and display dexterity in the
technique. We concluded the Muscle Pass tutorial is a movement with many applications If you can pass a palm away, you’ve mastered the technique Now you can apply to other types of effects in the art of
sleight of hand. I’m your host Memmo. And this is World Extreme Movement. This is WorldXM! I’ll see you in the next video. Until then.

100 thoughts on “Tutorial de Muscle Pass – Moeda Anti-Gravidade

  1. sou destro porém não consegui fazer com minha mão usual,tive melhores resultados com a esquerda.

  2. Eu abrie un canal de truques ou de magica mesmo. Queria que vc me desse umas dicas de truques ja acisto seus videos um tenpao e me espelhei en vc cara vc e muito foda manw

  3. Tutorial muito bom man, só faz umas 5 horas q eu tô treinando e já consigo passar de uma mão para a outra na horizontal (n é uma distância tão grande quanto a q ele faz)

  4. Tem algum tipo de aquecimento pras maos? Quando eu vou praticar apos um intervalo de tempo, percebo q minha mao fica mais dura e sem movimentos rapidos

  5. Sempre que eu venho aqui nesse canal…chega dá uma TRISTEZA

    NUNCa que moeda vai pular mano… Já tentei Zilhões de vezes!!
    Esse cara é alienigena!!!
    Só pode!

  6. Muito obrigado, você tem mais um inscrito. Muito ótimo o seu canal. Está me ajudando muito, obrigado pelos vídeos! Continue assim…

  7. Mano seriu eu to chroando cum raiva disso vei como isso mais uma coisa simples (pra vc ne) q eu n consigo fazer

  8. Acho que o tamanho da moeda pode influenciar no desenvolvimento, não consigo fazer pressão com a moeda de 1 real, vou procurar uma antiga maior

  9. Ele faz, malabarismo, gira as caneta locona, faz os trem doidão com carte, enrola a moeda na mão e ainda desafia as leis da gravidade ELE VAI DOMINAR O MUNDO ESCUTA OQ EU TO DIZENDO

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