TSP’s Rabish Ki Report | Rabish Chala Gym Part 1

TSP’s Rabish Ki Report | Rabish Chala Gym Part 1

Our ancestors always said to desire
and exercise. otherwise the date of success
and the rate of weight will be out of control We often blame the government
for the unemployment in this country. But Prime Minister, Mr. Modi, ?? Let’s keep aside the fact that you have
to pay for this labour instead of it paying you. So what we’ve come to see here today is who besides Akshay Kumar and Mr. Modi
has taken the Fit India movement seriously. so a distant relative of the gym
and the bodybuilding. Hello,
I’m Raja Rabish Kumar. Hail to God Bajrang Bali Isn’t that what hardcore builders say. Let’s take a look. Just as I entered the gym,
2 hard-working labourers stared at me as if Arnab
is paying their fees. I saw a lady running
on the treadmill and it felt like I found Barkha When i saw her face I was heartbroken and shocked. Anyway, just then the gym owner
greeted me with full excitement. – Hello, Rabishji!
– That 5 kg hand pressed my hand so bad that it seemed like the bell icon from
Screenpati’s Youtube channel. Okay, okay, man. Listen,
this hand holds the mic, not the dumbbells.
It’s a little weak so please let go. However, always remember
that my tongue is quite strong! Sorry, Rabishji. What will you have?
Tea, coffee or a protein shake? I don’t want all that. I’ll just have the answers to my questions.
Will you give that? Of course, I will. Why won’t I?
I’ll answer you proudly. just shoot it It’s not so easy, got it? ‘Cause even people with a 56″ chest
are scared to answer me. That’s why they don’t give me their interviews You might have understood who I’m talking about? So tell me how do you train here? Rabishji, our gym is world-famous
in our city. Sir, people come here with 1-2
packs but leave with… 6-8 packs. – Wow, he has biscuits growing…
– Yes, he does. – You’re a step ahead of Lakhan then.
– What do you mean? I mean Lakhan would only make
1-2 turn to 4, but you turn 1-2 into 4, 6 and even 8. – Isn’t that right?
– Well… Tell me something. Won’t it make you infertile
if you drink this protein shake? – I have 4 kids, Rabishji.
– Isn’t that wrong? – How so?
– You’re taking disadvantage of your fertility. It’s not good for the nation, bro. Hey, you’re not doing the sit-ups properly. With what the gym owner said, it was
obvious that this gym isn’t easy, it’s an excruciating workout everyday
but you need to work through it Anyways, our camera went ahead from there and
focused on a fitness freak who was lifting less weight
but shouting more. So at last I asked him bro, since all your energy is wasted
in sound energy is it really hurting you
or are you over acting? It’s not over acting
but a technique. You get energy doing this. – you get the charge
– Watch out, man. Don’t lose it all. Why did you shout now? Rajaji, this is a mix asian art of Chinese,
Japanese and Indian muscle making. Mix asian art. Our body and mind works in sync
with this. The amount we waste in sound energy will come back into us
in the form of cosmic energy. And Rajaji energy and matter
are conciousness of your body. It is not equal to MC square He looks like a devotee of Nityanand baba ‘Cause only his devotees have
such deep knowledge of physics. isn’t it? – Help! Help!
– Look, he’s lost it. Looks like all the energy of his matter
went away in the cosmos. Generally, no one wants to show
their exam result. But they love to show the entire world
what their workout result is. We met a gym member like that. Who would either take a selfie or a
dumbbell to check his before and after. Looks like you’ve lost a lot. You’re going to look
like Captain America in 2 months. One day, Rabishji. I will be succesful.
I’m working so hard, ain’t I? But I think you need to lose
some more weight. Well Rabish ji, anything for you – What?
– Here you go, Rabishji! You misunderstood, man. I was talking
about losing your body weight not the dummbells’. You took this system wrong. – What’d you say, Rabishji?
– Nothing, bro. – Rabishji, you said…
– No, no. I said nothing. Rabishji, you said the ‘system’! Exactly!
System, Rabishji. The system! The system should let us lose
our weight, right? You tell me, Rabishji.
You tell me. Is it our job to just lift weights
and reduce our weight? Don’t we have any duty
towards the society? What will happen to all the poor people
who are surviving by selling samosas, vada pavs, chowmein, hakka noodles and jalebi, if we
become selfish to lose weight. will this system feed them, Rabish ji? No, man. No. Mr. Modi tells us to sell pakodas on one hand
and on the other he starts Fit India movement! Who’s going to eat the pakodas
if India is Fit, Rabishji? It’s not called developing nation,
it’s contradiction. It’s contradiction, Rabishji. And when their samosas and pakodas
won’t sell, their children will turn into criminals
because of hunger. They’ll hold guns in their hands
and cause riots all over the nation. Will these toned body and 6-pack abs
be able to face their 1″-2″ bullets? No! I ask you Rabish ji Will these gym owners provide security to their members? No, right? – Tell me something.
– Yes? Are you on protein or on drugs? I just eat eggs, Rabishji.
Indigenous one, The brown brown. However, I feel like you should be
an employment minister of our country. ‘Cause you’ve made a good system
within a system. You get fat and come to gym
for gym owner’s livelihood. Then you go eat at the fast food places
for their livelihood. – Very nice, bro. Very nice!
– No, Rabishji. My heart’s just that way. – soft, kind, cute and naughty
– So… during the World War II When people had surrounded Hitler. Hitler said that, what happened
was for the best. If I shoot anywhere,
someone will surely die. That’s the kind of positivity
I got from him. I think this nation needs builders
and youth like him. For a while I got the feeling of
Indian trains at the gym. When I saw a builder take the dumbbells
to the bathroom like a ticketless traveller. But I went in like a TT
and caught him. What is this?
What are you doing? My camera is outside, bro. How will I
report this? Open it. – Come on.
– Come, come in. What are you doing, bro? What did you do? Actually, Rabishji,
my gym membership has been expired, so I’m saving money by not
letting people see me. That’s theft. but whats wrong in that.
I’m quietly exercising and using my right. I’m not even bothering anyone. When I first came to get membership,
they said it’s 4000 per month, and 4200 for 6 months.
So I took it for 6 months. – But you only come for 1 month.
– That’s right – You think they’ll refund me the rest?
– They absolutely won’t. You got me in trouble. He’s ruining my image. The nation says
I’m a good journalist. – you got me in trouble.
– Hold on.. Hold it.. How will I answer Mr. Modi?
What do I tell him? What are you doing? – They’re gone…
– What did you just do? Nuclear Bomb !
A threat is more than enough. – I’m sure you read the news, right?
– Yeah. Okay, tell me why you didn’t come
for the 5 months you’d paid for? Laziness. That’s all. – It took 5 months to wake up.
– hmmm, your laziness was very lazy. Absolutely. But how do you hide from people
when you come here? Rabishji, only my dumbbells recognise
me at the gym. and they can’t talk. Also, I’m sure
you’ve watched ‘3 Idiots’. You just need a uniform and not fees
to come to a gym. and yeah, that I stole from the locker room. If the Indian government needs spies,
come get him from the gym. he is so good at spying.
No one even knows about him. How will they know who I am?
My body would’ve changed by then. – I’ll smash their teeth in! Bloody…
– Okay, I’ll leave now. Do you need something?
I can send it to you. Just a little room freshner. Not that, tell me if you need
any dumbbells… – Okay?
– I’ll get that myself. You also come along now.

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