TSP’s Bonnet Pe Charcha ft Harsh Beniwal | E03 – Gym vs Yoga

TSP’s Bonnet Pe Charcha ft Harsh Beniwal | E03 – Gym vs Yoga

Listen, get me some green tea
and not normal tea. Bro, since when did you
start drinking green tea? Well, you know I need to get a little fit.
My paunch is starting to show so… What’s the truth? Shreya’s coming next week. -Shreya?
-Yeah! Didn’t I tell you about
my third long distance relationship? -Yes, yes!
-Well this is the 4th one. Bro, I’ve been chatting with her
for the past 2 and half weeks. Not just a little,
we’ve been chatting a lot! Bro, don’t you know that your social media
pictures and your reality are poles apart? Yeah, man. That’s true. However, I’m fine with the rest
of my body, it’s just my stomach. But I don’t know why I’m worrying. I’ve started doing Yoga. -Yoga?
-Yeah! Bro, you should just go to the gym
if you want to get fit. Just because you’re Shilpa Shetty’s fan
doesn’t mean you start with this yoga! What’d you say? What’d you say? It’s not just about
being Shilpa Shetty’s fan… I mean, I’m a fan of her nose
but I’m not inspired by her to do this. I’ve seen videos of Yoga on the internet,
I liked them, I was inspired so I started. Haven’t you seen Vinod? Have you seen how fit he is with Yoga? Who Vinod?
The geek from our college? Your dad, man! Bro, he’s 55 years old! You’re young, so you need to be at war
with some iron and machines. Not with the floor and mat instead. There’s no war in this, man! It’s just showing off!
Everyone just shows off at the gym. They’ll hold the dumbbells for 2 seconds
but they’ll take selfies for 2 hours! That’s showing off, man!
They’re checking their progress. There’s a world of a difference between
the 1st and 10th selfie! It’s not like this yoga of yours,
where it takes centuries to show results! So you’re saying that people who’ve been
doing yoga for decades is a waste of time. Bro, people didn’t have
anything to do ages ago. All they did was pray
to the Sun God all day. The amount of time it would take
for your prayers to reach the Sun, is enough for a fat guy to go to the gym
and turn into Vin Diesel! -People don’t have time to waste now.
-Yeah, but they have money to waste! Do you know how expensive going
to a gym can be? -Expensive?
-Yes! Look, what do I need for Yoga?
A yoga mat and a data pack. I play a video, I watch and learn
free of cost. But in a gym… there’s a membership fee,
2 shoes for indoor and outdoor use, a diet to pay for, a trainer’s fee, and a mobile! What?
Hold on a second! What’s a mobile got to do with the gym? A lot. When you go to the gym,
you’ll take a selfie to show off, right? Dont’ you need a good mobile
to serve that purpose? The amount I’ll pay for gym is how much my grandpa used to raise 4 kids, 8 cows
and buy a scooter. But atleast the gym is not boring. In Yoga, you only sit to inhale and exhale
for hours! If you’re bored then you just switch
between exhaling and inhaling. But the gym has varieties! You have days for triceps, biceps, chest,
legs, abs and then a day to rest! Rest… Yes, rest. You gyms guys only rest. If you ask about Thursday, you say Monday,
then you push it to next Monday. When you check then,
you talk about going next year! It’s more like owning a debt to someone. Where you keep telling them
tales of tomorrow. Which never comes. -Did you go to the gym today?
-No… -I’ll go tomorrow for sure!
-See! But a gym is not complicated, right? Just hold on to this for a second.
Look at how complicated your yoga is… Asthangasan, Kukutasan, Ardhchandrasan… Matsyendr….
look I can’t even name them! The exercised are just as complicated
as the names! You have no idea where your hands
and legs go. Look at how simple
the gym is! Push-up and Pull-up!
You just go up, down. Up, Down… Yeah, right!
Your bones break in the course of that! Some guy trips on the treadmill and
another will drop the rod on his chest. I think all the ‘epic fail’ videos
on YouTube are made in the gym. I don’t think you’ve heard of the phrase
“No pain, no gain”, bro. You will only gain strength
when you go through pain. It’s not just about the strength,
mental peace is much more important. Look, I’ll get married to Shreya
in the future and have kids. Then I’ll grow, my business will expand… I’ll start travelling. To London, Frankfurt, New York…
Every day, dealing with business. Then there will be a day my business
will not do so well. Now if that happens,
every day will be stressful… Now if there’s so much stress,
Yoga will help me. What’s wrong if I’m preparing
for tomorrow from right now? Yeah, that’s okay. But try carrying your wife’s
shopping bags with your mental peace. You’re not getting me, man! Yoga makes your body strong
from the inside out. Look, for example, your body
is like this car. My Total Quartz Car Engine Oil
is like Yoga. It keeps my car engine performing
at it’s best! To top that off, I have complete
peace of mind through the journey. Bro, Yoga does the same. It keeps you younger for longer. Be realistic, man! Look at superheroes, show me
one that does yoga! All of them hit the gym. Forget about all of them.
Look at our very own, Sunny Deol. You think he made those muscles
doing Yoga? He would’ve made muscles that weighed
200gms and 2 and a half kilos! Think about his dialogue as well… “Chadha, this hand weighs
200 gms!” “When it touches someone, the man
doesn’t move but flies.” Forget about moving, the man
wouldn’t even fall! Chadha would’ve also beaten up Sunny. Think about it,
all the popular people hit the gym. John Abraham, Salman Khan,
Hrithik Roshan, Geeta-Babita… Did you forget about Baba Ramdev? He’s the most popular person! If the gym is so popular, why
isn’t there an ‘International Gym Day’? Why does the world celebrate
an ‘International Yoga Day’? So tell me now,
who’s more popular? Yeah, baby! Yeah my sweet corn. I was just thinking
about our baby corns. Yeah… What? Okay. What happened? Well… Shreya isn’t coming. She’s joined Zumba classes for 5 months
and she doesn’t want to miss any class. So, what about your yoga now? I’ll start doing it from Monday. Listen, get me some normal tea! Also, make a sandwich with extra butter
and more jam! Weren’t you losing weight? I’ll lose the weight only
when I put it on first, right? Guys, please don’t put junk in your car
and your body like him! Use the Total Quartz Car Engine Oil
in your car. To keep your engine younger for longer. And guys, please do like this video
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