TRUTH on How to Get Abs | IMPOSSIBLE? | how to get a SIX PACK | How Long Does it Take to get Abs

TRUTH on How to Get Abs | IMPOSSIBLE? | how to get a SIX PACK | How Long Does it Take to get Abs

How to Get Abs How to get a six pack how long does it take to get abs how to get a flat stomach how to get abs fast best exercise for abs 6 pack abs abs workout for men fastest way to get abs abs workout for women how to get toned abs get defined abs

38 thoughts on “TRUTH on How to Get Abs | IMPOSSIBLE? | how to get a SIX PACK | How Long Does it Take to get Abs

  1. So if I don't live in or near one of the city's you deliver to….is there another way to get my hands on the meals or another alternative?

  2. I incorporate abs between compound training. Would really like abs I train hard but no matter what I do they do not show.

  3. i train my abs 6 times a week… weighted situps, leg raises and windshield wipers… 3sets of 10-15 reps… i got a great define 3d blocky abs…

  4. I like your advices on health and fitness, can't say the same about your video presentational choice though. Too much stuffs going on in the background, keep it simple and clean. Think "Steve Jobs"!

  5. I really like how smart and honest your advice is. It's the truth that everyone is clouded by how the media portray the fitness industry.

  6. wanna drop a line saying thank you for the hint,yes i was using this retarded abb machines at the gym with zero progress ,after using weight i feel the sore on my abb .

  7. There are 3 components to fat reduction – exercise, diet, and motivation. One plan I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Triple trim formula (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the best diet that I've heard of.look at all the before and after pictures and super testimonials.

  8. Love all your videos man, they are the best on the net! But Dump Trump! Big disappointment to even see his mug in the background. 👎👎👎

  9. good job on the video. Im one of those guys who cant really have a sixpack even when my bodyfat was below 10%. it's annoying, but instead Im tall and got broad shoulders.. cant have everything I guess

  10. If you're at a caloric maintenance or even caloric deficit, is it not possible to gain muscle at least at a slow pace (especially if you keep your protein intake high)??

  11. Hiiiii! Im a fan and has been watching you videos a lot. I really need your advice. I dont understand why m'y saddlebags dont go away 🙁 im 163 cm, 54 kilos and i exercise regularly, run at least 10km a week and im on keto diet. I am thin all over except from The thighs 🙁

  12. Overal this abs guidel “suza great plan” (Google it) is a good guide and a must have for anybody who wants Six pack abs. Having this book is suggested by if you wish to have great look and high self-confidence. I just started out following the guide and of course, you must apply some effort.

  13. Good advice!  People don't realize how low your fat has to be to see abs;  it's pretty low!  Also, keeping your muscles while shedding that much fat is no easy task!  Finally, getting the kind of 6 pack that guys have today (much less keeping them) without drugs is next to impossible; not impossible, but just about impossible.

  14. exactly… short and nice video. nothing bullshit.. everything is straight to the point. .. thumbs up bro.. 🙂 🙂

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