“Triggers” Create Perfect Posture Without Exercise

“Triggers” Create Perfect Posture Without Exercise

29 thoughts on ““Triggers” Create Perfect Posture Without Exercise

  1. This was great. I'm sending it to my work email to review on Monday at my desk. I'll find triggers for good posture at the office.

  2. Repent and follow Jesus Christ is the only way to escape hell fire, bob n brad won't warn you… probably because they only want your money

  3. One thing I have done when driving is to set the rear view mirror so that I have to stretch up slightly in order to see in it.

  4. The chin tucks and the posture checks have improved how I look, it amazing. My trigger is sitting at the computer and I do the 'Gumby arms' and some chin tucks every so often, also my sciatica pain in my right leg is better as I have been mindful of the herniated disks in my back by doing that swinging back and forth exercise with bent legs. You boys are my heroes, thanks so much! xxx

  5. You guys saved me from an impingement surgery with your hanging information – THANK YOU!! It's 90% better after 5 months of daily hanging.

  6. i WAS WATCHING KPOP BEFORE SO i ended up singing along to the intro like a kpop song (;´д`)ゞ(っ °Д °;)っ( *^-^)ρ(*╯^╰)

  7. I do think these kind of visual triggers work. I know if ever I see someone with bad forward head posture, or curved back, I immediately correct myself. I often find when I am putting eye or face cream on I see myself in the mirror, shoulders are far forward! So immediately I roll them back, chin in etc. There are others, but they are really are worth thinking about.

  8. Chiropractor I saw is trying to get me to put the roundness in my upper back. Said my posture is too straight. The opposite of what you're telling us to do. Osteopath also told me that your head should NEVER touch the head rest.

  9. Another great video.
    Bob said you have a lot of splaining to do Brad.
    This is what is called a Mandela Effect.
    Even though we all remember Ricky saying this to Lucy it was never actually said in this timeline.
    Everyone is affected…
    From Forrest Gump saying, "Life WAS like a box of chocolates."
    The changes in the KJV bible, like "The WOLF lying with the lamb" and wineskins was never in the KJV bible it has always been wine bottles.

    To the kidneys being in the upper abdomen protected by the rib cage and never being in the lower back region.
    We are ALL Mandela effected.

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