– Welcome back to the channel. This is Vincenzo Landino. Today, I’m gonna show you my favorite health and fitness apps. Starting with, the Whoop app. Whoop is a strap fitness tracker that I showed you in a different video. Here’s the accompanying app. This is the dashboard
right here for myself. The Whoop app is tracking things
like day strain, recovery. There you go, day stream,
recovery and sleep performance. That was my sleep performance. I was a good sleeper last night. So I have a lot of energy today. And I’m not using that strain
cause I’m making videos. So, the Whoop app is something that you need, if you
have the Whoop strap. Next, I really enjoy the Elevate app. Now, Elevate is a brain training tool. Because we do spend so much
of our lives on these phones, I figured you might as
well put it to good use and train your brain. It’s got games like Estimation for Math. It’s got a bunch of
different activities here. Teaching you writing, or not really teaching you but helping you get better at
writing, speaking, listening, Estimation and Math. And, it also gives you
performance so ranking. So here’s my rankings, for writing, listening,
speaking, reading and Math. These are the percentages that I rank. And so, it’ll show you how much time. I’ve only spent one minute this week. I haven’t used it yet but all time, I’ve spent
7.6 hours using this app to help train my brain to be better. Next is the Zero app. I’ve been on an intermittent
fasting kick lately. So, the Zero app helps me track my fasts. I do a 16:8 so that’s eight feeding hours and 16 hours of fasting. Sometimes I go more. I’ve done a 48 hour fast. This is my history. It tells me what I’ve been doing, when I’ve been hitting my goals and it also gives me a
lot of tools to learn. Data, science based stuff. Cause it’s really hard to
just jump in to fasting without really understanding it. So there’s a bunch of articles
here that you can click into and videos, studies that you
can learn a lot more about it. But, the best part of it is
the timer and the history, for me, because I need to know where
I’ve been, where am I going. So I can see if it actually works. Lastly, one of my favorite health apps is the Nike Run Club app. Thank you for not only encouraging me to use this but really to get out and run in general. And so the Nike Run Club app, here it is. It’s got guided runs which
is my favorite part of this. I can go in and say, all right, getting started, my first run, the next run, your first speed run. You can go to short runs, long runs, speed runs, treadmill runs. Any type of run you wanna do, they will literally guide you with a coach that will guide you through that run. And, to be honest with
you, not being a runner, I need that kinda coach that’s like kicking me
every couple of minutes, like hey, keep going, you can do this. And it’s a little bit of encouragement, it’s a little bit of silence, but it’s also a lot of using your mind. Those are my favorite health apps. Let me know what yours
are, what’s your go-to. I’m totally game to try new ones. Don’t forget to hit subscribe below. Turn on the notifications so you can be the first to
see more videos like this. And until the next one, I’ll see you on the next video. (upbeat music)

7 thoughts on “TOP iPHONE FITNESS APPS

  1. I’m downloading Elevate right now! Also loved the music track to this video. Thanks for the app tips!

  2. OOOOOOHHH SNAP!!! Thank you for making this video! i would rather jam a dull rusty spoon into my eye, than run… BUT i must train for my triathlon! thank you for the suggestions!!! i will pass this on! Sidenote: Justin?!?!?!? i am going to put him on a milk carton…

  3. Dude! Love you man thank you for the shout out – couldn’t have done it without a friends like you that pushed me and kept me motivated – did you sweat today?! #reactsquad

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