Top 5 Exercises For Chronic Low Back Pain

Top 5 Exercises For Chronic Low Back Pain

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  1. Hi b&b. I just wanted to thank you guys. I've been in severe pain for over 10yrs. Recently with debilitating sciatic pain. Now I have to say I'm from New Zealand, and have never heard of, or been informed about dr McKenzie. Xrays, MRI's, etc etc. Last option was surgery. I watched half dozen of your vids, did the stretching and exercises for 2 days so far, and my leg pain is nearly gone, and back pain reduced by half already. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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  3. Bob and Brad, have you had any experience with the pso-rite psoas massage tool? I have been using it for only a few days but seem to notice improvement in lower back pain. Maybe a video on it? Thanks, you guys are awesome!

  4. any suggestions for traction if you have latarjet procedure scar tissue/ ehlers danlos and are afraid to pull down on your shoulders

  5. Very good, ´´Hope is having a positive attitude about everything that happens in life no matter what it is. – Joyce Meyer´´.

  6. I'm fused at S1 L5 L4. Had a pedicule screw in my nerve for six years. Both SI joints unstable also almost every disks above fusion herniated sever authritus in spine and SI joints. First surgery in 1997 removed hardware in 2003. In constant pain. They have cut my pain meds down to 90 mg. Is there any advice you recommend for me I do stretches off and on and some walking. But not enough. Sometimes it causes more pain. Please help. I'm 63 years old now

  7. What about lower back pain due to arthritis? The key is dealing with inflammation, so are standard lower back exercises the solution? Or are there other types of movement/exercise that one should be looking at?

  8. Bob/Brad, with the Cat/Camel, isn't not keeping the spine neutral an issue? Both of you are always stressing the importance of this, yet in this one exercise, it's importance seems to be negated. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  9. Also on #4, in one of Your previous videos, I thought you said lifting both legs simultaneously was bad for the back, yet Bob's doing it there. How's this not a contradiction?

  10. Can we get an inner hamstring strengthening exercises video? Oddly specific I know, however, my shin splints are coming from weak inner hamstrings that cause me to compensate lower down my leg

  11. Last Doctor I went to told Me my left leg was an inch shorter that My Right he stuck a Bunch of Napkins in My Shoe and Said See how that works for ya…lol. I Never went Back and Haven't been to a Doctor Since..that was 5 Years Ago..I Just Live With chronic Pain..

  12. Really helpful, thank you both.Would you consider including subtitles to videos also as I found myself watching one of the videos in a public place recently and I had forgotten a set of headphones😄😄😄

  13. Stronger Abs do wonders. My shoulders n wrists would never allow me to hang. I do the rotation on a floor mat. Slow meditative intentional stretches help the structure and the mind.

  14. Thanks Bob and Brad! I’m going to make more of an effort to get out there and walk and thanks, Brad, for the tip about increasing the pace helps too. I know myself, with spondylolisthesis, just shuffling along increases my pain so I’m definitely going to walk at a faster clip.

  15. Would hanging put my shoulders at end rang? Sometimes I have should pain. My back pain is much much worse. I just don't want to make my shoulder any worse.

  16. Last summer I could not walk more than 100 feet.

    I had a cortisone shot in my lower back to get me on my feet and start the recovery process.

    I slowly built my steps up and took care not to lift or strain my back in any way.

    It has been a long road to recovery but I am 90% better.

    I know my back will not take anymore abuse whatsoever,but I am grateful to be on my feet again.

    I am 55 and back in my 20's did weight lifting.Every so often I would "Throw out my back"

    No biggie I thought took a couple days and I felt better UNTIL last year.

    People take their body and health for granted until something happens.

    Take care of yourself.

  17. Bob if you put a structure under you while you are squatting that you can sit on and then come back up it will help you focus on your gluteus more. Then you can build up your booty muscles and I bet you could get that 90 degree angle on your squats!! Regardless if you are 90 years old or not!!

  18. Can you do a video on spinal flexion vs extension?
    I have disc issues and extension-based exercises help keep them at bay, but often times I feel like I reach a point of becoming overextended and overly stiff. It starts to feel right to do flexion exercises, but they easily bring back the old pain. Do I have to settle with back stiffness there?

  19. question.. I had a knee replaced 6 months ago.have been in therapy since.still SWOLEN since.they have drained two  times cant get a answer whywhat should I do HELP

  20. Try the Invertabelt! Developed by a physical therapist for people who have back pain/pain down your leg. I works using the McKenzie method to help you get full range of motion in your back.

    Find out more at the

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