Top 5 Best Muscle & Strength Building Back Exercises! (Pt. 1)

Top 5 Best Muscle & Strength Building Back Exercises! (Pt. 1)

looks like we’ve got a snow day going on
guys alright so real talk I got fucking food poisoning last week
right before Thanksgiving which is the worst time you can possibly get it
throughout the whole entire year but with that said we’re back on with
another video today we’re gonna go over my top five exercises for the back here
we go when targeting the back we need to think
about a couple of main things first of all there are multiple muscle groups
that we need to be working on individually we can’t just work on the
lats we can’t just work on the upper back we can’t just work on certain parts
of it we have to train it as a whole so with that in mind let’s break it up in
three specific distinctions of the back back that we should be training and what
exactly we can do what exercises we should be doing to target them correctly
so first up we have our upper back traps and rhomboids and this is a lot of that
meaty upper part of your back that a lot of people are working on very hard when
they’re doing rows and things like that it just depends on the movement of your
elbow in relation to your body so if you’re doing rows and you’re more up
here then you’re gonna be working a lot more of your upper back it’s very
important to realize how you’re doing your rows how you’re doing your pull
downs because the angle of your arm in relation to your body is going to
determine what you’re actually working and the lats that are one of those main
muscle groups in your upper back to give you that wing look they’re there what a
lot of guys walk around in the gym like this doing the whole entire time but for
the lats the most important thing you want to be thinking about doing is
getting your arm down and driving the elbow back to right around the halfway
point of your body see if you’re right here and you’re going back here then
your rhomboids and everything you’re gonna be taking over so when you’re
doing lat work you want to think about driving the elbow back right into the
side of your body right here and that’s gonna be targeting your lats very well
so things like neutral grip pull-downs dumbbell rows where you’re driving the
elbow back instead of you know out to the side is gonna target the lats very
very well it just depends on how you’re doing the movement again if you’re doing
the movement incorrectly you might be thinking you’re working the lats but in
reality you’re not and then this last one is one that kind of works in
conjunction with the other body parts and that’s the lower back and the spinal
erectors and if you don’t know what the spinal erectors are it’s that big muscle
all the way down your spine that allows you to extend your upper back and keep
everything locked in so when you’re doing things like deadlifts Romanian
deadlifts your spinal erectors are being hit very hard if you’re doing bent over
rows again you have to kind of maintain like a good neutral spine so your spinal
erectors going to be working the entire time for the lower back we have a lot of
movements that work the hamstrings and the glutes simultaneously so things like
back extensions Romanian deadlifts are going to be used to target those but
that’s how that’s how to be working your low back specifically
so make sure you’re doing a variation of different types of barbell movements
like deadlifts Romanian deadlifts good mornings to really work on the lower
back and the spinal erectors and working on barbell rows dumbbell rows, t-bar rows
etc so the first exercise on our list today is gonna be the dumbbell row and
the dumbbell row is something that I have gotten very strong on in the past I got
up to about 135 for a set of 10 reps which for me is very very strong at the
time and this is the time period where I was at my strongest I was benching 300
pressing 185 dead lifting 500 and squatting 405 I don’t know why I use
that that rotation of exercises by the way I should have done it the normal way
but I did not so I apologize but basically the stronger my dumbbell row
got the stronger my barbell lifts got so this is one of those movements that
if you get stronger at this your back is going to be bigger and your whole entire
body is going to be stronger automatically and I did this primarily
as my only lat upper back rhomboid movement for a very very long time I got
very very strong at it and that just shows that there’s no special exercises
so much it’s just executing them properly and the most important thing
when picking exercises off of this list or any other list you see online is
making sure that you actually are doing them correctly and their proper for your
structures next on our list today is the barbell row ideally the more weight you
can do in an exercise the more muscle you’re gonna build and that’s the idea
with the barbell row if you want to think of it like this the squat bench
deadlift and overhead press that’s your big four movements the barbell row would
be your big five movement honestly because it’s it’s working a lot of the
back musculature that those other movements don’t work and you’re gonna be
able to get very strong with this and again you can kind of change the elbow
position you can do a closer grip work on lats you can do an under grip to get
some more biceps in there if you go a little bit wider and you stand more
upright you’re gonna be getting more of the rhomboids the upper back and the
traps it’s just depending entirely on how you do the movement next up we have
t-bar rows so this would be higher on the list if only if not only for the
fact that a lot of people do this thing correctly they a lot of times I see
people they load up like 45 pounds like 10 of them they have no business using
that much weight by the way and they’re standing up basically straight and
they’re just like kind of humping the bar toward them and they’re not getting
any work for their lats and everything but it looks cool to their friends and
Instagram so whatthefuckever right but with that in mind if you’re doing
the t-bar row you want to do it correctly get
setups like you’re doing a barbell row where you’re kind of at a 45 degree
angle with your back and your hips are back you’re trying to use your hips to
kind of maintain that good spinal alignment and you’re keeping everything
locked in and you just want to try to load and just pull your elbows back as
far as you can that’s it if you’re doing this incorrectly you’re humping the bar
you look like a fucking idiot obviously that’s not a good idea so don’t do it
but with that you know t-bar rows they’re very very good exercise as long
as you’re doing them correctly get stronger at an 8 to 12 rep range just like anything
else and take your time with it you shouldn’t be you know moving the bar up
and down standing up straight doing fucking shrugs with the t-bar row and you
should be good next up we have inverted or Fatman rows so I know this sounds a
little bit not politically correct but I don’t really give a damn honestly with
the inverted rows this is one of those exercises that a lot of my new beginners
do when I don’t want them loading up with you know dumbbells and barbell rows and
that kind of thing and basically what this all boils down to is that instead
of doing a row with weight you’re using it with body weight and the cool thing
is that if you’re doing this in the power rack you can set it up where
you’re almost standing up straight and you’re just leaning back slightly at a
time like every single time you do it and you’re just you’re doing your rows
basically and as you start getting stronger you can start moving yourself
lower and lower until you’re all the way down parallel to the ground and by that
point your back’s gonna be a lot stronger your core is gonna be stronger
your low back is gonna be stronger because you have to maintain that their whole entire
body is just being laid out on a plank basically, it’s basically a reverse plank and
this is one of those exercises I use with my clients if they’re trying to do
pull-ups we get stronger at that and it’s very similar to a pull-up luckily
and the stronger you get at that the closer you’re gonna be able to pull ups
so it’s a very good relative body movement especially for beginners so
definitely try it out and our last exercise for this video today is going
to be the kroc row and the cool thing with kroc rows is that you just add
weight and you just kind of sling it around so this is more like a cheat row
than anything else it was popularized by matt kroczaleski I think I said his name
correctly and basically with the kroc row you’re using a dumbbell and you’re
just doing a very very heavy high rep dumbbell row and the idea is you use a
little bit of momentum to get the weight moving and just you basically go for 20
to 40 reps with a heavy weight and you just get pumped out on that one set
you just go as many reps as you possibly can you go to
failure and you get a huge pump in your your forearm your lats your upper back
everything gets taxed while doing this some people will say that you’re not
getting any back movement at all and that’s that’s fine if you think that but
it’s not really the case because unlike those other exercises we’re trying to be
very very strict you’re trying to move through a full range of motion this is
being used for a different purpose which is to add weight get a huge pump and
just try to use as much weight as possible to get that back moving and
working in a different way every single muscle group from your arm your bicep
all the way up to your upper back is being worked in tandem and it’s very
very brutal for that one all-out set so just try it see what you think and let
me know if it helped you but that’s it for me I hope you guys enjoyed part two
this episode will be up on Saturday morning at about 8:00 a.m. so definitely
stay tuned for that and I want to apologize for not posting video last
week it was Thanksgiving which is not the reason why I didn’t post
I actually got food poisoning right before Thanksgiving which is the worst
fucking time you can have it anyways I hope you guys all have an awesome week
it’s actually snowing here where I’m at I’m gonna have to shovel some snow
later for cardio but hope you guys all have an awesome day see you guys next
Saturday see you later no that’s not that’s not how we end
videos here we go until next time Dante Redgrave BOOM BOOM break the fucking camera I’m out!

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  1. In this video, I'm going to go over my top 5 best muscle & strength building back exercises. This is part 1 and part 2 will be uploaded next Saturday at 8am so don't miss it!

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