Top 4 Exercises for Massive Shoulders | टॉप 4 एक्सरसाइज फ़ोर मैसिव शोल्डरस | Yatinder Singh

Top 4 Exercises for Massive Shoulders | टॉप 4 एक्सरसाइज फ़ोर मैसिव शोल्डरस | Yatinder Singh

Greetings to all the viewers
Welcome back to a new video In today’s’ video I will share with you all 4 exercises which will be useful for your shoulder development and improve the roundness of your shoulders Lets’ start our video The first exercise which we are going to perform
In our shoulder workout is dumbbell press It is a very basic and useful exercise for shoulder development I’m sure most of you perform this exercise in your gyms But here I have added a little variation Let’s find out what the variation is We will start with dumbbell press Sit with your back straight and hold the dumbbells near your ears Then lift but lift completely So that you are able to squeeze your shoulder muscles properly Release it slowly And lift it up again Breathe out when you lift up the dumbbell Make sure you perform the full range of motion And the dumbbell is in your control Perform 10-12 repetitions And once you’ve finished take two lighter dumbbells Just hold them and count to 20 With this our set is complete Similarly, the total number of sets you need to perform is 4 The second exercise which we are going to perform is Arnold press Usually, people perform this exercise with both hands But I am going to perform it with single hand at a time Just watch how you need to perform it Whenever you lift you need to breathe out Rotate the dumbbell while going up and down Try to perform 10-12 repetitions in a controlled manner And similarly 10-12 repetitions with the other hand This completes one set You need to perform 3 sets of this exercise The third exercise which I am going to perform is front military press I have added a little variation here for you all Lets’ see what that variation is Before starting the set I need to check the distance between my hands The distance should be a little more than the width of my shoulders You cannot take your hands too wide apart Now just lift the bar over your head Hold it there for a second and squeeze your shoulder muscles Bring down slowly, lift again Breathe out while lifting and perform the full range of motion Try to do 10-12 repetitions As soon as your repetitions are complete keep the bar down And take two dumbbells of light weight and just hold them for 20 seconds Not too up or down, right in front of the shoulders This completes one set and similarly you need to perform 3 sets The fourth and last exercise which I am going to perform Has helped me a lot in my shoulder development and I used to Perform this exercise a lot in my older days Here I have mixed two exercises The first is behind the neck press and the second is front press Lets’ see how to perform this exercise First, we will check the grip which should be a little wide Then you need to lift the bar above you head And slowly bring it down behind But make sure you don’t bring it down too much And only bring it till the level of your ears Then push the bar up again And bring it down slowly to the front Again behind the neck and continue it like this Try to perform it in a controlled manner 12 times in the front and 12 times behind your neck Total number of sets to be performed are three This was our video for today and I hope you all like the video If you liked it do press the like button And do tell me how you felt after performing these shoulder exercises In the comment box below Also, do tell us what you want to see in our upcoming videos Quickly share this topic with you Till then take care of yourself, your family and your health See you

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  1. Sir meri age 27 h mera wait 72kg h muzhe 5month ho gai h gym jate hue but meri mussels grow ni ho r h aur muzhe havy wait gain ni kr milta h kya karoon sir please tell me

  2. like your videos from Canada, I'm a beginner and I have back problems after my accident what weight I should start exercising

  3. Yatinder sir hamne 6 months ka package liyatha gym me lekin maza nahi araha tha abhi kuch din pahle apke videos dekhe apke vdieos ke according Hi exercise kar raha hun lekin mera wright 76 kg he mujhe muscle bhi broad karna he or weight bhi kam Karna he so please help me I m Saif meer from bhopal
    My mail I'd is [email protected]
    What's up no.+918965022881
    Apke reply ka intezar rahega..thanks for everything..

  4. Back exercise as I am not able to do pull-ups as my hand is having plates and screws show me alternate exercise to compensate to it . I am following your exercise and it is very effective .i am 54 years old.

  5. Big fan of yours Sir Awesome workouts. Sir weight reduce karne ke liye proteins lena bhi jaruri hota hai ya nhi? Plzz tell

  6. क्रेटीन और ब्लैक काफी प्री वर्कआउट में कब ले ।

  7. Your exercise type is great.I am doing gym from last 6 month.But not able to do single pull up.please make a video for pull up for beginner

  8. Wao great sir OLD SHOOL schedule, awesome,
    Thankful to you for videos,
    I am 43 years & have started body building after all most 10 years with ur Guidance

  9. Superb h all over
    Achha khasa pump feel hota h or ha sir Maine mere muscles me growth achhi khasi grouth hua h…..thank u so much sharing for exscse….. excellent

  10. Sir kya on standard whey gold protein Nd nitrotech whey protein ko dono daily Subha shaam ek ek time mein use Kar sakte hain..

  11. I started gym after 7 years to control BP and have a small fracter 6 months before in my spinal cord one bone got 20 % press but after doing weights . Litel pane is their sudjest what to do as I have started enjoying exercise after a long time ,age 37

  12. Sir I want to know how many times to sex in a week during bodybuilding championship. I am mr jarsuguda wenner from 2008 to 2009 but now I am married so ..

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