This Is What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day

This Is What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day

Jennifer Lopez turned 50 in 2019, though you’d
never be able to tell — she’s arguably just as healthy and young-looking as ever. And that’s partly because of the healthy diet
the celebrity follows. So, what does that entail? This is what the star typically eats in a
day. Despite her busy lifestyle, Jennifer Lopez
isn’t one to skip breakfast. According to the star’s food diary published
in People, she often starts the day with a smoothie that includes a scoop of protein
powder along with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt, honey, lemon juice,
and ice. Dietitian Keri Glassman agrees with Lopez’s
breakfast choice, telling People, “A shake is a good start to the day when on
the run — the combo of protein from the powder and the yogurt, plus the carbs in the
fruit, will keep her energized and satisfied.” Even when Lopez opts for a non-smoothie breakfast,
she makes sure to have some fruit. According to an Us Weekly interview with Lopez’s
trainer and life coach Dodd Romero, the star relies on a diet of complex carbohydrates
such as oatmeal, which she’ll top with a serving of fresh berries. More American adults than ever before are
indulging in caffeinated coffee each day, but Jennifer Lopez is not one of them. She told Us Weekly,
“I haven’t had caffeine in years. […] That really wrecks your skin as you
get older.” She does, however, drink decaf. Although Lopez generally abstains from alcohol
as well as caffeine, she will occasionally have a tiny bit of booze. She divulged to InStyle,
“Of course, during celebratory toasts, everybody’s like, ‘You can’t toast with water!’ So I’ll toast with alcohol and just take a
sip.” Jennifer Lopez’s diet isn’t just about what
she doesn’t drink, as a lot of it is about what she does guzzle, which is mainly water. Dodd Romero revealed to Us Weekly that Lopez
starts her day with a glass of water that contains fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and that
she keeps up her water consumption throughout the day, drinking at least seven glasses of
the stuff. “I just drink it all day, it’s THE thing I
drink.” Lopez drinks plenty of water with her food,
taking sips between each bite. She affirmed to Hello! Magazine that she firmly believes in hydrating
before and after exercising as well, saying: “Drinking plenty of water, especially before
a workout, can help you push harder and get more out of your exercise routine.” Considering Lopez has been eating well for
decades, she knows the tricks of the trade. One of those tricks she shared with Hello! Magazine involves packing her own snacks:
“I always carry fruit and veggies with me to give me something to snack on between meals.” She doesn’t only snack on fruits and veggies,
though. Lopez’s trainer Romero revealed to Us Weekly
that another one of the star’s go-to nutritious snacks is a handful of nuts. Jennifer Lopez may eat a healthy, balanced
breakfast, but she admitted to Us Weekly that she’s still starving come lunchtime. “You know, probably like right before lunch
I start getting really hungry.” The star often opts for salmon with a side
of broccoli, zucchini, and peppers drizzled with vinaigrette. Other times, she’ll choose a salad. In the food diary she shared with People,
the star had a salad of finely chopped kale, toasted pumpkin seeds, crumbled queso, minced
shallots, and a dressing of fresh lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil. Romero explained to Us Weekly that Lopez prefers
lean protein like egg whites, chicken breast, and sea bass. As you’ve probably deduced by now, you won’t
see J.Lo hitting up a vending machine or a fast food joint for lunch. Romero revealed to the publication,
“[She] stays away from processed foods and gets her nutrients from whole sources.” What does a super-fit and healthy star like
J.Lo eat for dinner? As she told People, Jennifer Lopez eats simple,
nutritious meals, like grilled, boneless, skinless chicken breast, sautéed Brussels
sprouts, and baked yams with a pinch of sea salt. While dietitian Keri Glassman agreed that
this chicken dinner is an excellent whole food meal, she suggested it could be improved
with the addition of some healthy fat along the lines of grass-fed butter. When she’s not having chicken, Lopez also
enjoys pork, especially if it’s seasoned “Puerto Rican style.” Alongside her protein of choice, she enjoys
the superfood quinoa, telling Us Weekly that the meat and grain combo feels similar to
the rice and beans she frequently ate while growing up as “Jenny from the block.” “A little bit of rice and beans, “coz that’s
what I grew up with.” As Jennifer Lopez told Hello! Magazine,
“I’m a very social person and love spending time with my friends and family, so when we
go out to eat I try to make healthy choices.” That means she’s going to scour the menu to
find a meal that fits her health-conscious lifestyle. Fortunately, that hasn’t proven to be too
difficult for the star, since she’s found most of the restaurants she frequents to offer
healthy, low-calorie meal options. Her preference is usually for some kind of
salad or fish served with veggies. Now that doesn’t mean she dines at boring
restaurants or orders lackluster meals. Lopez and her man, former Yankees star baseball
player Alex Rodriguez, have been known to frequent the New York City restaurant Quality
Meats. At this favorite dining spot, Lopez has reportedly
ordered the crab and avocado appetizer and split a porterhouse steak entrée with A-Rod. That’s right, Lopez does eat red meat. According to Romero, Lopez enjoys grass-fed
beef, though she tries to indulge in it no more than three to four times a week. Jennifer Lopez may follow an incredibly clean
diet, but she still has a sweet tooth. “I don’t like giving up yummy food, like that’s
a big deal for me.” Her typical dessert, according to her food
diary, is a chocolate chip cookie. While Romero is aware of his client’s cookie
weakness, he hasn’t noticed it having any impact on her incredible level of fitness. And, as dietitian Keri Glassman told People
magazine, “A cookie as an indulgence is definitely okay
for a hot mama like J.Lo!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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  5. Even if we all eat what we think is healthy we still need to supplement often with Magesnium, selenium and Iodine because we are all low in these and don't get nearly enough through food daily. Dr Sircus has good info on Youtube and his website as to why these are important like magnesium and selenium are vital for cells and prevent cancer by 50% and should be taken in treating cancer too! Iodine is reduced from fluoride in water and toothpaste and is a natural antibiotic that should be used instead of normal antibiotics as it doesn't kill good gut bacteria that's vital for a healthy body! In the UK many don't even take Vit D in the winter months and that's plain stupid. Gluten is the worse culprit of all as Dr William Davis has done a lot of research into this and tests on non celiac people to discover that is damaging to our bodies and slows vitamin absorption and adds to a leaky gut which leads to more serious health issues like arthritis etc. Grains were remodified in the 70s to withstand harsh weather and our bodies cannot digest this and leaves sitting in our guts and causes inflammation that leads to a leaky gut and mental issues and that's why so many are suffering from anxiety and depression from gluten and low vitamin levels and also low good gut bacteria! I know this as i had so many health issues and i don't have anxiety od depression anymore.

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