This Average Guy Learns the Muscle-Up in 35 days

This Average Guy Learns the Muscle-Up in 35 days

Hi, I am Geek Climber. Last year I saw the video of the professional
rock climber, Magnus Midtbo, doing a one-arm muscle-up, and my reaction was “Wow, that’s
crazy. A conventional two-arm muscle-up even seems
impossible to me.” Fast forward to today, I feel my body is ready
to take on this challenge, and starting from today, I will attempt to do
the muscle-up every other day until I can do 3 in a row. For the first day, I decided to just try it
out and see how it felt like. I know, it looks as if I was just doing pull-ups,
but, yeah, I was actually attempting muscle-ups. I decided to search for “how to muscle up”
on YouTube and go through as many of them as possible. The first mistake I discovered is my thumbs
were on the top of the bar instead of wrapping around the bar because I was so used to gripping
climbing holds without my thumbs. So I went on and tried the muscle-up by wrapping
my thumbs around the bar. It felt better but I still couldn’t get
up. I thought to myself that maybe it was because
I never consciously tried to rotate my wrists to make the transition. So I went on and attempted to force the transition. Needless to say, it didn’t work, either. After a few days, I got a suggestion from
my friend, Ted, to try the muscle-up with a band to get familiar with the entire movement. After a few tries, I was able to get my first
band-assisted muscle-up, but once I took off the band, I still couldn’t get it. Again, I went back through the tutorials about
how to muscle up, and one of the tips that caught my attention was engaging the chest. So I went to the gym and tried the muscle-
up by engaging my chest, and I was able to muscle up without the band for the first time! I checked the replay and realized I was unconsciously
doing the infamous chicken wing muscle-up, meaning going up with one arm first then the
other, instead of both arms at the same time, sooo… it didn’t count. For the next few days, I consciously tried
to make sure my arms pulled equally. I was able to pull myself up to the point
that the bar hit my upper abs, but I could never find a moment to turn both of my wrists
at the same time. I tried and tried and tried. I got to a point that I tried so hard that
my muscles were too sore to attempt the muscle-up every other day. I had to speed up muscle recovery by stretching,
drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of protein, and foam rolling every day in order to get
back on schedule to attempt the muscle-up every other day. But after trying and trying and trying, I
still couldn’t get it. At this point, I doubted myself, despite all
the effort I put in, maybe it was not a technique problem; maybe I was just not strong enough;
maybe I just don’t have enough pull power. But how could that be? I had been doing a pull-dominant sport rock
climbing for many many years and I could do 10 pull-ups in a row without a problem. Or maybe it was a push power problem? I knew my push power was relatively weak,
but I had never had a problem pushing up the bar when I did the muscle-up with the band. (Sigh) Maybe I should just give up because
my body was simply not ready. For some reason, Mike Boyd’s muscle-up video
showed up on my recommendations again. His video is about an average guy like himself
learning the muscle-up. I watched it on day 1, but I didn’t felt
much then. I re-watched it again and I felt so inspired. I came to understand the struggle. I thought to myself, if Mike can do it, then
I should be able to do it, too. I analyzed his muscle-up attempt frame by
frame and compared it with mine side by side, and then I realized he was kipping his knees
pretty hard whereas my lower body was just loosely hanging. I thought to myself, maybe that is what I
missed. I went back to the gym, and this happened. Oh, there you go! Take a break. Come on, come on, come on. Ahh. Thanks, man. I was not used to muscling up directly after
coming down from the previous attempt, but after a few more days of practices, today is the day, guys. Dude. One, two, three. Ahh. Yes! Yes! Three, man, three straight. Oh, I am so excited. Yes. That’s the best feeling ever, to get
that move that you’ve been doing. Yea! Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy the video. Last year I started my journey of training
with a 30-day hangboard challenge. This year I set four goals for myself. The first one is climbing a grade higher,
which I did earlier this year. The second one is the muscle-up, which is
this video. The third and fourth one are-. Actually, hit that subscribe button and turn
on the notification bell and so you can find out as soon as I achieve them. See you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “This Average Guy Learns the Muscle-Up in 35 days

  1. Every guy i look how much time wasted to do a muslec-up, i want cry, i just want to do a muscle-up 10minutes of trying and failing, and after that i finally go 1 , after 10min pause i did 6 muscle-ups , and now im getting easily 10+.. :DDD its not so hard 😀 but u need to try every position and help ^^

  2. I did 4 muscle ups in 1 week of trying them I’ve always been able to do a crazy amount of pull ups tho guess that helps

  3. I was told not to swing legs and to practice scapular pull-ups should be a muscle up not a swing up. Good job though but can you and a video of you doing them today you should be able to do many now with out swinging

  4. I don't know if you're still struggling but your only problem is you aren't engaging your core and lower body. Even if you kip, which you know you shouldn't, if you plug your energy holes with strict body form you'll find your body moves easier.

    Imagine trying to balance a stick on your hand
    vs trying to balance a rope on your hand.

  5. Did my first “muscle up” today was able to do it before but it was considered cheating feels amazing I haven’t never been more accomplished a few months of dedication is all it takes. Next accomplishment is the one arm pull up

  6. Great video. Really, sometimes all you need is discipline and determination. 35 days is not even that much in the grand scheme of things. People can do more than they think.

  7. The secret to learn MU is to do weighted pull ups and increase ur explosivity, once u achived them u need only a little bit of tecnique. Using legs to do it is no good!

  8. Not to bash on your accomplishment but this video should be called "Average climber learns the muscle-up…." If you have that strength for climbing like you show in this video it's just a matter of training muscle to brain coordination, you already have the strength. But again, It's an impressive accomplishment, thumbs up! I have just started training to do this myself and I know how difficult it is =D

  9. I learned to do the slow muscle-up (no kipping/momentum) recently. Be sure to check it out

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