These Small Changes Will Get You Shredded

These Small Changes Will Get You Shredded

So, you let things get out of control. The pounds seemed to pile on and it was as
if you weren’t noticing the changes in your body. Then one day you looked in the mirror and
thought, wow, I really have let myself go. Don’t worry, that happens to most of us
at some point in life. As we age love handles appear, the belly grows,
there seem to be flaps of flab growing under your arms, and in general you just don’t
feel as fit, strong, or flexible as you used to do. The other day you bent down to pick up a fallen
coin and pulled a muscle, and you decided it was time to get fit again. Today we are going to tell you how not only
to look good and feel good, but how to get shredded. It’s not as hard as you think. We are going to start by telling you a true
story of a man that in his prime was a competitive weightlifter, only for an injury to sideline
him for quite a long time. His couch-bound days transformed his body,
and what was once a chiseled physique became an ordinary body replete with bulging belly
and a set of love-handles a small person could hang-off. Don’t worry if you’ve never been in great
shape before like him, because his road back to being ripped is one anyone can follow regardless
of what body shape you have or have had, although thanks to muscle memory, it’ll be a lot
easier for him to get back to being shredded than it would for you if you’re not used
to exercising. It’s all basic stuff and you don’t need
to be an expert to do it nor spend a ton of money. What you will have to do is make a plan and
stick to it. We are asking you to commit to maybe 30 minutes
to an hour a day, and make some other small changes. The transformation will be noticeable in a
short period of time, and the pay-off will change your life. So, first of all, you need to lose some weight. You know this because bending down to tie
your shoes is an effort and well, the mirror doesn’t lie… nor does your doctor. You might be strong, but it might not be noticeable
on the outside. You want to look strong and you also want
that flexibility back. It’s a cliché these days, but it’s true,
to lose weight you can’t just rely on exercise alone. Many studies have shown that Americans in
general are exercising more, but many people are still overweight. Diet is important, and that’s an understatement. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
released a report in 2018 and this was their conclusion: “Americans are exercising more,
but the obesity rate is growing.” The first thing you can do might sound extreme,
but it’s not that extreme. This is what the former weightlifter did. Go into your kitchen and look at what is in
the cupboards and refrigerator. All those highly processed foods, the stuff
with empty calories, you will throw away or at the very least don’t buy any more of
them. The chips, the cookies, the stuff you keep
snacking that couldn’t be said to be a whole food, these things must go. You want to be eating wholesome foods, raw
foods, such as chicken, lean beef, vegetables for salads, whole oats, fish, some fruit,
nuts. You get the picture. You don’t want to be eating those sugary
cereals, frozen pizzas, etc. There are a plethora of websites out there
that can tell you what healthy foods are, but for now look at what you have that is
highly processed and get rid of it. We are not saying all processed food is bad,
but just try and concentrate on eating what we might call nutritious food and certainly
cut back on the sugar. We might also add that for many people around
the world intermittent fasting has helped them lose weight. This might mean just having a meal in the
evening and then waiting 16-24 hours for the next meal. That includes not having sugar in your drinks. This is really not as hard as you think, and
some people have even said it’s the lazy person’s diet because essentially it requires
less effort than eating or shopping for food. It might also save you some money. We are not saying you have to go vegan when
you eat, or follow a diet that makes it almost impossible for you to eat because of the time
it takes you buy all the healthy foods. It’s ok to eat a burger, have some rice,
but just go easy on the carbs and get rid of all the food that doesn’t have a good
calories versus nutrients balance. This is already enough to make you lose weight,
especially with some fasting now and again. One thing we should say about intermittent
fasting, though, is if you have health issues please check with your doctor before you do
it. Now comes the training. If you want to get ripped you’ll need this
part of course, and it will take some effort. Saying that, you’d be surprised just how
fit you can get from your own living room. We also suggest that when you can walk, walk. Get as many steps in as possible, and do things
like take the stairs instead of the elevator if you are not going too high up. If you work sitting down, try and get up every
so often, then walk and stretch, if possible. We suggest you try to work out six times a
week and have a rest day. This can be any day, but sometimes your body
will tell you when it’s time to take a day off. Out of these six days you can have either
one or two cardio days. We understand that for some people who have
packed on the pounds, running for one hour or cycling up a mountain is a big ask. Don’t hurt yourself, so just do as much
as you can. You can find some experts that will tell you
to push yourself to 80 percent. If running is too much, in the gym you have
two great machines to start on. These are the elliptical trainer and the rowing
machine. Neither machine should stress your joints
too much. You can change the settings, but again, why
not tire yourself to about 80 percent of what you can do. Each time you use the machine add five minutes
to your workout. If you can row for one hour and half-way up
the resistance levels you are doing well. In fact, you really don’t need any more
than this for a good cardio workout. If you find ten minutes is hard at rowing,
the elliptical machine, or jogging, then just build up until you can reach an hour. Let’s also remember that a lot of people
will tell you half an hour is good to maintain weight and be healthy, but you are trying
to lose weight and get ripped. Now let’s say you don’t have the time
or the money to go to the gym. Well, there are lots of things you can do
from your home. You might say ‘a plank a day keeps the belly
away’, but it could be an exaggeration. But planking at least once or twice a day
for as long as you can is very good for you and your shape. For ab exercises, you really don’t need
the gym at all. There are endless home exercise routines you
can find online, some of which are free and can be found on YouTube. We warn you though, if you are a beginner
then don’t feel bad if you feel pooped before the video even gets going. Some are much more high-intensity than others. If you search for Spartan workout videos you
will find some of these to be hard to follow. We don’t mean understand of course, we mean
follow the guy or girl in the video as they take you through the exercises. The good thing is these videos can be seen
for free, and they will get you in shape quickly, especially now that you have changed your
diet. You might also invest in two things. These are kettlebells and dumbbells. The dumbbell we have all known for a long
time and we know what to do with these, whether to do bicep curls, work the triceps, back,
chest, or various parts of the shoulders. But kettlebells, these things are amazing
and fortunately there are 100s, possibly thousands of articles and videos online showing you
how these things can make you very strong. All the exercises can be done at home. Follow these exercises and you will burn fat,
build muscle and increase fitness. What about your chest? Well, again, just search for how to build
your chest up from the comfort of your own home and you will find scores of articles
and videos. The same goes for back exercises. There are many exercises you can do that require
no weights, and then with those kettlebells and dumbbells there are many more exercises
you can do. As with the chest, there are just too many
exercises you can do for you back at home for us to mention them all. Google will take you there and you’ll find
pictures and videos that help you get it right. We suggest if you follow the high intensity
workout videos then you follow their five or six day plan. If you don’t watch those videos and create
your own sessions, then just do different body parts each day. Remember that you don’t have to prove anything
to yourself and go all out. Go at 80 percent and make sure you have perfect
form before you add more repetitions or increase the weight. In all, try and do one hour of these exercise
a day, but if that is not possible, start with what you feel comfortable with and just
build up to one hour. With these strength exercises covering all
parts of your body as well as the one or two days cardio, plus the change in your diet,
we assure you that in six months you will look like a different person. And try to see it this way. Most of us spend one hour a day just wasting
time. That time wasted could transform you, give
you loads of confidence, and the best thing, stave off sickness and make you live longer. As for the man we talked about at the start
of the show, he lost 50 pounds in six months and he looked completely transformed. His advice is, envision what you will look
like in a few months and don’t let that vision out of your mind. It’s not always easy making the first move,
but you will find that once you start you won’t want to stop. You’ll even feel bad for missing a day. Don’t worry, everyone gets sidetracked at
times. But when you get going you’ll not only feel
better physically, but will have more mental clarity. Exercise is as good for the mind as it is
for the body. You’ll notice a big difference in your overall
wellness, and ask yourself this. Is one hour a day of making yourself a bit
tired worth the effort if you look better and feel better and are much healthier in
general? Have any of you been through such a transformation
like this before? Can you add anything more to this show to
help our viewers that want to get in shape? Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
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100 thoughts on “These Small Changes Will Get You Shredded

  1. This has inspired me to get shredded. I’m gonna follow these tips. I will come back in 6 months and let y’all know how it goes.

  2. You don't need to lose weight you need to lose FAT. This vid is very generic and wrong in some aspects. Here are some channels you should listen to: Picture-fit, Jeff Nippard, Athlean-X

  3. Ive been doing hella intensive heavy workouts 4 years (mainly callisthenics), and i havent been dieting since im going for muscle building and eventhough i slimmed down substantially, diet is definitely important to get cut (as in "ripped")

  4. For those who want muscle, bigger muscles; you need to lift heavy. Of course you have to work your way there, but heavy is for maximum muscle growth. Once you’re okay with how big you look. Cut down, all the way to the ground. Replace every drink with water, cut sugar completely or replace with small fruits. Eat high protein foods and keep minimal carbs (50g) a day and run a mile in 10min or under.

  5. I fixed my eating 5 months ago, lost 8 kilos but now there is no more progress…
    I never worked out during those months but only because I have a very tiring job and every day I'm too exhausted to do workout…
    Yes with my job I get to do a lot of movement and I sweat a lot during most days but I feel like it should be more, still I really can't workout after work coming back home at 6pm every day :/

  6. If you drive to work park further away and walk the extra distance, ideally park somewhere closer to the highway and skip the traffic on the way back too

  7. I lost 30 lb's in 30 days, walk/run 5 miles a day and only eat a turkey sandwich per day with lots of raw veggies on it, no salt, no dressing and just do it…

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  9. I agree that every healthy body starts with a healthy diet. Healthy foods not only have less calories, they have the fibers, vitamines and minerals to help your metabolism.
    When I go grocery shopping I always look at what people are buying for the week. Those who pile their cart with white bread, frozen pizzas, sausages, chips, ice cream and sodas never looked healthy.

  10. This is absolutely an awesome video. Thanks! I am trying to lose weight myself cuz i also "let go". This video is a great motivation as well as informative. Its keeping me more focused and clear!

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  14. In my gym class we had to run for an hour and one day one of the kids was so close to passing out and the teacher was still saying to push your self and then they did and then the teacher got sewed

  15. all I'm saying is I eat junk all day every day and the odd healthy misses when my misses makes them, and I do one week workout out of the whole month and I'm doing great all you need to do is run around 10 miles every morning when about 25 pounds on your back or heavier! it makes your core (abs) look amazing! but one thing to note I am really fit and worked out loads when I was 16 to 20 so I can run with those kind of weights don't hurt yourself!

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