hi guys before we start the video I just
want to come on here and say that I do talk about things like fat loss and
weight loss in this video but that is simply because I feel like this is where
a lot of people’s energy is I want to reiterate that my focus is always on
feeling your best and I feel like that’s what you should be looking at when it
comes to your lifestyle or your diet your nutrition so yes my focus is on
feeling your best but these are the myths that are around weight loss in
general so with that little disclaimer out of the way let’s get into the video hi guys welcome back to my channel my
name is Amy I am a registered holistic nutritionist in Vancouver and today I
want to do a video all on the myths that I think revolve around weight loss I
think there’s so much misinformation that is spread out online and I just
want to take five of those myths that I hear all the time and I want to do a
little bit of a myth busters on them as you saw this morning
I just woke up I went to the gym I actually did some grocery shopping in
there and then I just pretty much got ready for my day you I showed a little
bit of my makeup routine I just used three products all I do is concealer
bronzer and mascara super simple and it takes me like a minute to do that’s
beside the point I want to get into the first myth and that is that you need to
be doing cardio all the time to be losing weight I feel like this one could
not be further from the truth and that is because I am such a firm believer in
adding in resistance training cardio is awesome for cardiovascular health
obviously and I think it definitely has a place in a healthy workout routine but
I don’t feel like it should be your main focus what I really believe in is
resistance training so whether that is weight lifting or you can doing a boxing
class or Pilates or bar or something along those lines we’re using your
muscles I personally love resistance training because not only does it help
build up those muscles which are going to give you that more defined looking
physique but it’s also really great for joint health it’s really good for
tendons it’s also really great for your metabolism because you can definitely
eat a lot more when you do resistance training or at least that’s the
experience I’ve had and I just really love adding it in how I really like to
work out is I will do some cardio days where I’m just on my phone watching
YouTube or something on the bike and then I’ll add in some resistance
training and then other days I’ll just do yoga or light stretching as someone
who really needs to switch up my workout routine to keep it fun and entertaining
so that’s works really well for me if you like doing more programs or like a
really set guide then by all means do that but for me
to constantly switch it up well I’m here I’m also going to get into my second
myth which is oh and this one pains me that healthy food is not good and people
I talked to all the time they’re like Oh healthy foods so boring I could never
eat like that I could never eat healthy I just find it just it’s just really
boring and that could not be further from the truth
in my opinion because you can make healthy food really fun yes you can have
rice salad and plain tofu and that would be really boring I agree I agree that
healthy food could be really boring if you make it I think that healthy food
can be super fun and super flavorful if you use the right spices I’m also all
about turning those unhealthy foods into your new favorites
so instead of having ice cream every single day I have my smoothie bowls
which totally satisfy that craving for me and they just knock it out of the
park and if you’re feeling like a burger then there’s so many good healthy burger
alternatives pretty much any unhealthy quote-unquote
unhealthy food I believe you can turn healthy so with
that being said I’m gonna take you into my kitchen and I’m gonna show you my
vanilla milkshake recipe that is stupid delicious filled with protein but it’s
going to leave you feeling really good and energized after just a side note
this was filmed actually a couple days ago so that’s why I looked a little bit
different but I’m gonna take you into that video now okay so I’m gonna take
you through how to make this super easy vanilla milkshake but it doesn’t
actually have any milk in there it’s just a few really simple ingredients all
you have to do is really eyeball it and it really works out every single time
and it just satisfies that sweet craving so let’s get into this movie so we’re
gonna take about two cups of water and then I’m gonna take a big scoop of
vanilla protein and then this part is really optional on
how sweet you want it I’m gonna add in a few dates and I find that this just
gives it that like really caramely kind of sweet under tongue and as with all of
my smoothies I’m gonna add in just a pinch of salt this really helps bring
out all the flavors and it’s really just gonna make it taste that much better
make it a little bit thicker but not adding in any veggies I’m gonna add in
just a few pipes and lastly because this is really what’s gonna make it taste
super delicious is some peanut butter I like to go
really heavy-handed on the peanut butter but do as much as you want this is
definitely gonna give it a peanut eree you know a peanut e flavor but if you
want something a little bit more mild and just tasting the vanilla cashew
butter works really good as well and then we’re just going to blend it all up
until it’s fully incorporated and here you have it a super easy to make vanilla
milkshake but healthy okay guys so the hair is up I am meal prepping at the
moment and this brings me on to the third myth and that is that you need to
be eating salads to get into your veggies not get to in your veggies that
honestly could not be further from the truth
while yes salads are great and if you love salads bent by all means eat salads
but they’re not the only way to get in your vegetables I love getting in my
vegetables through smoothie bowls using my cauliflower which if you haven’t seen
that recipe and I’m gonna link it here my smoothie bowl with cauliflower is
like my all-time favorite thing I love roasting vegetables and during the
wintertime I really just don’t have that many raw salads because my body’s just
not craving them so I’m for things like brussel sprouts that are roasted I love
kabocha squash as you guys know I also have a lot of frozen vegetables that
I’ll cook up but honestly I to eat that many salads and I don’t
think that they are a necessity to make sure that I am still getting in those
things like vitamin C that do get destroyed when you get when you cook
things that’s why I have like things like blueberries and raspberries in my
diet is you can find you’re driving down the vitamin C that you would be missing
out on from the raw vegetables but besides that you know if you prefer
eating brussel sprouts that are cooked over a salad then eat those that is
what’s gonna make weight loss sustainable is when you’re eating the
foods that you truly enjoy every single day so that being said I’m gonna keep
doing the meal prep and then I’m going to head to a meeting a little bit come
back and hopefully we’ll get into the next mess okay so it’s the next day um
honestly I just didn’t have time last night to film the rest of the myths
because I had to run home from the meeting and to eat before work go to
work and then it was like 1:00 a.m. and I’m not gonna film this at 1:00 a.m. so
let’s get back right into the myths and let’s go into miss number four and that
is I need to be eating five to six small meals per day so I’m not saying that
this doesn’t work for some people some people thrive off of grazing all day
having small meals snacks this style of eating works really well for some people
and it really helps stabilize their blood sugar they feel really satisfied
but for other people like myself I prefer to eat less often but have larger
volumes so I don’t really snack that often but I would rather sit down and
have a full large meal it’s gonna be so different for everyone
you really need to just find what works for your body for me this works really
well it’s just to have a big meal because then I kind of get to sit down
really enjoy my food I really spend time with my food too ID stress I feel like
for digestion you really want to make sure that you’re in a calm environment
when you’re eating if possible but I just find it this works really well it
satisfies my cravings it means that afternoons on my meal I don’t have to
think about food for the next like five or six hours but again if large volumes
of food at one time don’t work awesome for you then by all means have five six
small meals I’m just saying that it’s not the be-all end-all and while we’re
here let’s get right into the myth number five and that is that fat makes
you fat I used to believe this for so long and I
would maybe the most fat I would happen today is like a quarter of Nava kado and
while I do believe that some people thrive off of a higher fat diet and some
people thrive off of a lower fat diet I do also believe that you still need
healthy fats in a diet that’s my personal opinion
I think that things like avocado I think things like coconut milk I love onion
nut butters pumpkin seed butter by the spoonful is like my kryptonite but I
feel like these have a place in a healthy diet
I personally when I was eating a lower fat diet my periods were super irregular
I felt like my hormone function just like wasn’t really on its best aim I
felt like my skin wasn’t great my hair wasn’t great and as soon as I started
adding in those healthier fats my I mean it wasn’t as soon as it took a while for
my periods to become regular but now they’re all regular and I’m eating an
abundance of fats so I’ll easily demolish an entire avocado with my meal
or I’ll have probably I mean my spoonful is probably close to like two
tablespoons like a quarter cup of nut butter at a time so I’m definitely not
scared of healthy fats and I find that for me they’re super satiating they’re
really good for my hormone function and they just taste really good too they
make your meals super satisfying I feel like often in diet culture there
is this idea that you need to demonize one food group but I just don’t feel
like that’s true I feel like you can have a balance of fat carbs and protein
and be perfectly healthy perfectly satisfied and really enjoy your food
if you’re looking for kind of a healthy breakfast that does include some really
good healthy fats I do have my blended chia pudding which is chocolatey as well
so it’s like a chocolate pudding for breakfast and I’ll link that here so
with that being said that wraps up the five myths that around weight loss diet
and fitness I hope you enjoyed the video if you did I would love if you would
give it a thumbs up subscribe because it really does support my channel comment
down below if I missed any myths that you hear all the time I make videos
every Friday on health wellness and nutrition so with that being said
I’m gonna wrap up this video I’m gonna head off to the gym and I will see you
all next week


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