The Sympathetic State, Muscle Gain & Fat Loss – The StrongFit Podcast Episode 066

The Sympathetic State, Muscle Gain & Fat Loss – The StrongFit Podcast Episode 066

so then I know to get back okay
okay that makes sense all right that’s why they do it does it feedback
mechanism and also for those of you that are here yeah
the sounds ever weird it’s because we use these types of mic yeah because it’s
like so tell people when I talk yeah total and just like this video cuz do it
the whole thing yeah Maxie know when you use to podcasting that’s fine but I
think for new people it’s weird it’s probably another layer of weirdness
associated with yeah and if you’re me you ears get really sweaty gross yeah
you start to stuff to each and everything yeah it’s not the most
convenient thing for the person but so these ones however a little podcast back
yeah yeah is if you so that’s why if we say something really loud yeah it just
blows us out yeah how professional that’s okay well actually we’re gonna
keep this is stay in it this is staying so so you guys know what
happened right now is Tyler did some kind of a weird mix to put the camera
which is a phone over there then he had a battery attached to the phone that he
and then because the couch is too low he had to put two bags on top of the cash
to put the battery on but it happened that one of the bags is at a 45 degree
angle so at some point both bags went down and the camera went down the
battery went down if everything went down I think we’re back in business
there you go but so we might end up with this camera yeah is what we say let me
touch this up so that’s how I’m kind of upset because that’s my angle that is
fucking another one so I gotta get it get it right yeah Chris now that’s Tyler
also camera and that one over there he’s Julian’s camera and that’s the one
who took down so you can see where we’re going on this podcast already in one
year so now like all we’re an old couple in so you can tell is always is fighting
for power the that’s what we both dressed in what do you just match Carl’s
not even pay attention Jesus we are not come we but that’s what’s nice about
these if I say anything really loud if I had a microphone or what
do if I want to yell I just threw my face away so it still sounds like I’m
yelling but it doesn’t blow you out so there’s compromise well will I like
talking I don’t want to be almost too but maybe microphones or something like
that we can do I’m not doing the LMF saying yeah it’s too much extra work to
know I don’t like it but ripples yeah it gets hot and I just don’t like it like
you know when you’re on a roll like that like stuff that make you feel weird is
not again if we get new people it’s another layer of nervousness that you
don’t need to add yeah I just want to be able to talk to people like this it’s
cool like it’s conversation you put this thing on I know it becomes official yeah
well that’s why the format is still it’s I mean there’s a lot of mystery around
podcast but it still is like a it’s like guerrilla radio still you know this is a
nest enough good part about it yeah that’s why when I remember only will you
guys have too much filler on now yes fuck you because we’re talking because
it’s been a year and if you’re gonna say that that means you watched all of them
all of them and took notes and yeah and so yeah there you go
yeah which some of them some of you do I acknowledge that fact so you are allowed
to say something but it’s just a bad idea that’s the setup I guess yeah the
faulty cameras insufficient microphones and we’re still here for it and we’re
using by the way I like when you see insufficient cameras by that we mean
there’s one iPhone and one pixel no no these tuples we don’t even we not even a
pole anymore we just so it moves right these are
Google are you saying something about max what about iPhones are you saying
nothing soul is better than the iPhone not at all oh yeah I thought we were
starting a wall that I’m saying a green textile I’m saying my two old your blue
textiles so I mean oh I use iPhone yes iPhone echoing text it to blue so yeah
yeah when a guy uses an Android it’s a green title shows up pixelated by Jackie
associates like I don’t install green text exactly your friend San Francisco
Arthur yeah so I think I think I don’t even know what pixel is Google on now
like the for yep no so the the three is out okay and therefore is coming up okay
I had a peaceful – it’s a good phone – if they could integrate burial there’s a
bunch of stuff they do better than the the
the iPhone this is the integration isn’t there but I think I’m wise it’s there
better in the last 40 episodes of the 30 episodes 40 episodes of the podcast for
film camera I talk to professional the camera is better on the pictures videos
and pictures are better Bluetooth works better there’s a bunch of telephone so
it works better they just gonna do the hard way or that integrates as well
iOS is just easier – feels good yeah feels good no but less integrates
everything is just better I don’t I want yeah I wish trust me
so this is our technology review exactly so now we’re going to a movie a review
go see the Joker did you see it yeah don’t tell me but I can’t and also see
it is dark as fuck yeah it’s you’re gonna leave that’s the
arrow going like it is not a movie where you’re gonna eat popcorn let me put it
really no all right you will not eat popcorn on that one my only impression
of it when I saw the previews was it’s either gonna be really good or it’s
gonna be a bunch of quiet low talking and I’m not gonna be interested in oh
it’s really good but it’s the first half of the movie is hard to take well so in
comfortable so in comfortable Perriman and you see where is fucking is is the
Joker also in fucking insane literally but you go it’s just it’s him and he
drags you down with him as he goes down the drain
yeah into complete madness and you go with him like one step at a time but it
was oh my god like the balls on jerk in Phoenix and the movie director who the
guy who did borrowed but yeah oh really okay and the the two of them you can
tell has been a long work together where they end they said fuck it and both of
them were like we’re going for blonde for Rita they did they did their thing
which I in today’s world for such a big movie I admire so much yeah like you’re
watching someone’s movie you know me like not even watching and going do I
like it or not that’s there’s never a moment where I go like this or not it’s
not what this is is you’re watching someone nice and you know what I thought
the greatest part is even if it’s not the Joker it would not
matter you don’t have to know who the Joker is you don’t have to know it’s a
coming book it’s not it’s someone just march into madness and it is not a
superhero movie necessarily I drop this there’s no no again if he wasn’t the the
Joker it would still be the same exact movie you would not it does not need to
be the Joker could be anybody you would still watching the same way because I
just don’t think I’m gonna tolerate Ben Affleck I’m gonna check this really fast
because I don’t want five one hope in life because there will be a sequel to
this right because then the Batman has to face him as a Joker yeah if you put
Ben Affleck I’m torching the movie theater yeah like there will be riots on
that one no you cannot do it if you don’t put Ben Affleck I will say this
the affleck batman is supposed to be old man Batman so this is the birth of Joker
if you will yeah so hopefully then if they’re going to
introduce Batman but they have to give me a new be a young one yeah you mean no
but I could also this there’s been a lot of goddamn Batman movies I don’t need to
see how Batman’s parents died and becomes Batman in this fifth yeah so if
you’re gonna bring Batman in is well yeah exactly
spider-man’s the same way I get it yes we get it we like but to face Joachim
Phenix you you’re gonna have to have at the level of an actor at least Christian
Bale yeah darker you know what I would like to see is a Batman movie in the
same spirit the same spirit as that movie which means you show Batman for
the true for 30 years like because he’s a sick man as well and he has issues
right if you were to go that way with bad manager someone happens to be a
fucking message or magic and the other one happens to be a known homicidal
maniac one just won’t kill people but that’s about it
right they both have issued serious issues if you were to go that route that
would put Batman and the two of them in such an interesting light but you would
have to be able to go for it yeah and they can do it for the Joker because
again it’s it’s almost again it doesn’t matter if
it’s a joke or not you’ll see what I mean it’s the same movie I don’t know
that you can do that for Batman or they will let it happen if they had the balls
to do it oh my god I would like I mean I’m this is a almost like an old-school
movie stuff where the director is like this is my vision yeah you like it you
don’t like it but it never a moment where I go do I like that movie in
everyone married because I was watching somebody’s life and you don’t like or
dislike somebody’s life you just your witness
yeah that’s what the movie felt like to me like I was witnessing somebody’s life
that was cool what’s on my list now damn yeah and but don’t bring the popcorn
like you don’t bring the popcorn don’t bring the kid I’m assuming well
yeah yeah wants to go see it yeah all right I told you I was like honey it’s
you will not leave the material initially in a good mood so that is
actually our movie with you but yeah because it was it that one is yeah that
was good so this week though we want to talk about we fix now have no idea the
order with which we put on let’s start with documentation from yesterday yep so
I wonder we want to get into the software hardware thing I thought it was
a because we started talking about bodybuilding
yeah and then that led to something that you saw and I thought oh my god that’s a
great software this is hardware conversation so go ahead so the first
thing we were talking about I was sending him images from what some of
these body builders are taking for drugs leading into a prep daily I thought it
was weekly I keep you not like when you send it to me after us per week and I
was like shit is taking a lot there and then I realize no it’s Perl day and I
wise and I won’t go into the whole list so as to not sound like I’m giving
advice but I will say this there was about 15 compounds and one of them want
et’s 7 to 9 I use of human growth hormone a day and I told Julian I was
like that’s like 20 but I thought it was warm up to a day yeah that’s like a
hundred and eighty-one that day on growth hormone but I thought today
chilly I thought he was one or two hours a day I think that’s like a kind of a
low basic for okay so yes we multiplied by eight older
150 bucks a day on growth or no but dude that’s he’s not even talking about the
trend excites to somebody in what was goin dynamo
I think I think he didn’t take Dianabol he took an ax drawl and then it was a
banner as a bunch of other compensators for sidekicks and agile and train yeah
oh yeah oh wow yeah what people so somebody mentioned
in this seal it is what people used to take back in the day was very often it’s
just a matter of testosterone some Dianabol kind of about it TLC levels
yeah yeah and and then of course guys would push that up but like the weights
of toss thrown works exogenous testosterone you have a cup
that can only hold this much in any given time so if you fill the cup up
with more it’s just running out and what runs out side effects estrogen aroma
taste it’s just everything is now problematic the more you take beyond
that some of those other things like growth hormone it’s not that way you
pour more the cup gets bigger yeah so nowadays these things come out you have
like trend which is like five times as anabolic as testosterone which isn’t
even on that list because that was an advice for someone who doesn’t want to
take trash and but what I did is we started looking between the one who has
the nastiest site if D nastiest side effects it’s the strongest one is that
it’s that’s a horse thing yeah yeah yep it’s made from basically livestock
pellets that you they give to horses and then guys having him Schumacher say yeah
so that’s the but that’s like the those that level of intense drug use is out
there but what I started doing was paying attention to what I’ve known from
talking to other people what I’ve looked up about these compounds from a side
effect standpoint because we always talk about software hardware and what I
started noticing was there was trends as far as things that we see as markers for
a sympathetic state water retention and then there are some that just produce a
little bit more fat than others – but yeah aggressiveness yeah anger so all of
those things point to a general increase in sympathetic state just like
fundamentally right right but then we break down to individual thing right so
that’s that before we go into that I don’t know why I’m coughing only do in
your chest now we want to talk about a specific fact on this because to most
people stare is just a hormone that you take and that basically affects the
hardware you start to produce muscle that we know how this works
it’s simple hormone equals muscle being built and it’s a complete hardware thing
yeah and actually no it is not nearly that simple so as you said yeah some of
them are very specific effects on the sympathetic nervous Istanbul ‘ti to be
effective right the most anabolic if you will from a like most muscle with the
least amount of fat getting the most intense progress you have compounds like
Trent big strong well biggest side effects now that one isn’t
known for the most amount of water retention necessarily but you talk
aggression side affects everybody I know that takes anything will tell you
they’ll say it’s it’s like that joke on what is it the meme about fan OHS or is
like you take Trent on this cycle and then things like what did it cost you
and he’s like if anything yeah because there’s plenty of people like you have
two options you’re gonna either start taking trend you better make sure you’ve
got a girlfriend who’s real likes to keep up with you that’s what I am oh
yeah the TF or you or you need to not have a girlfriend and you need to have a
lot of options yeah you want to have sex okay just you know that’s what they all
say yeah so so that’s kind of the way that so they’re wrong about viagra this
should think people should take shrine yeah well because then you can get more
jacked and people might actually want to have sex with you start there I think
that’s a point in his bag right yeah I’ll give you that this no nothing doing
but but then you go steal it single yeah but then as you go down to let’s say
some of the least not effective but the least side-effect heavy here the ones
that don’t masculine eyes as much the ones that don’t cause as much water
retention and cause hardness like winstrol anta bar those things those
things are also not terribly anabolic but very low on the scale of your
sympathetic response you’re not gonna blow it up there’s no progression that’s
what yeah the figure athletes Dana which I
found this lean hardness it’s also but it also doesn’t work fast it’s just not
that strong it’s it it’s you it’s the it’s the ibuprofen to the oxycontin if
you will it’s like so you get to Nina but that’s it helps why do this yeah but
yeah it’s it’s already no trend it’s no Dianabol yeah no but those things like
Dianabol they’re also known for some of those those oral pills because one you
stress the liver by taking anything orally so you’re gonna have an increase
in sympathetic state you’re also gonna have anybody who’s taking it will tell
you you’ll get big back pumps when you go that one only when you train
sometimes when you just walk around some guys are get up just debilitating pumps
and they’re rector’s and glute needs oh I heard that one right so you can’t
explain that one from the hardware perspective
no what I find very interesting about that and Diana ball is that this goes
back to what we saw with Richard with what would you call the emotional
mapping is that the release of anger and the lower back blowing up we’ve seen
many many many times where people I cannot release anger blow up keep the
tension in the lower back and blow up the lower back exactly that lower back
to glute mid he gets like super pumped and tight and everything and that
usually is associated with the lack of the incapacity to release anger and we
see that on the sandbag and all that stuff I find it very interesting that
the sandbag has the same effects on the body for some people as Dianabol does so
which is funny because I made a joke about Dee ball yeah can read the ball
blowing up your lower back but you actually it turns out it’s
there’s a correlation but I find that very interesting because you can’t
explain that one from the hardware perspective no I would debone blow up
your lower and I haven’t seen anything to them and the only indicators that get
pointed back from a hardware perspective is that well you’re not gonna have you
just have increased blood volume you have well so of course she’ll get more
pumps I know but but down everywhere not depressed everywhere yeah why specie
fleek their lower back and if you look at some old West Side training videos
you’ll see those guys with you know the hub ice packs tucked in the back of
their shorts here between sets just so they can stand up and get around cuz
their lower back is going and it’s just so pumped that you just cannot use yeah
it’s so by the way they’re not in pain they’re just so pumped exactly
yeah because I talked to some pro bodybuilders they weren’t telling me
there to take pain killers no fold the pump mm-hmm I was like what do you mean
it was like yeah the pump gets so intense that you’re hurt so bad that
they had to take painkiller so they can keep on training yeah I was like this is
the most insane thing I’ve ever heard but but led to that level yeah but that
tie and I think is like I said this isn’t some like fucking theory that I’m
trying to pin down that I don’t know we know that I’m getting it but I think
that I only see those correlations and I could be to go into this hormone does
exactly links to a to B to C to D to e chemically sure yes is what happens
inside sure but that doesn’t – what is triggering it and I’m only looking
truthfully because that’s all they’re doing either I’m only looking at a
correlation yeah and a correlation I see is as somebody’s anabolic state goes up
in general they’re sympathetic state has to respond it is going to respond in
kind meaning it you’re not going to I don’t
believe you’re not going to have more fight more sympathetic state necessarily
oh your fatherly angry yeah and and butt ends and then still be like gaining fat
and losing muscle you know so I just think that’s made a new coffee Nexus
yeah and that that’s it we talked about the neoprene we talked about all those
things tie into the sympathetic is the key yeah every time off with that brings
on the causation grasses coalition so we know there’s a coalition so do they but
the idea is that taking the hormones raises the sympathetic alright but what
if taking the hormone raises the sympathetic and raising the sympathetic
is what causes the muscle gain and all that stuff
what if it doesn’t go from take hormones get more muscle what if we actually take
hormones raise the sympathetic level that means producing more muscle and
burning more fat oh and by the way it’s inflammation because that’s a
sympathetic reaction of so what if that’s what those hormones do they don’t
produce muscle they create an environment an environment where the
muscle is being produced because the sympathetic is being triggered and I
would explain a lot of and we talked about how those things or maybe just
putting obviously they’re effective and from the chemistry standpoint you can
get too superhuman levels of photochemistry
which make you capable of more maybe but the thing is is all I see is that tie
into sympathetic yes that’s it right the other thing that’s interesting to talk
inflammation is the substance is known the most for their healing properties
especially for tendons things like that you have like deca growth hormone those
things also to very high on the water retention
yes scale also so while they may not be the most anabolic things and the were
the most intensely things in the world they are very good at healing and then
of course the that other markers start to pop up it’s like okay why don’t we
tension yeah yeah yeah so we don’t think there’s a causation but is obviously a
coalition yeah but again when we take steroids that the effects on the nervous
system are usually not discussed yeah so again what if it’s the the hormones
creates an environment but what if the ground environment is the fact that it
just jacks up the sympathetic nervous system and that would be able to produce
more soul so we’re not saying they’re saying the drugs only work because of
the nervously no no I don’t but they might be they might be something in
between what we think like so drugs are allowed the muscle to do that but we’re
not really explaining why what I think about it a little bit I kind of fear as
that because they’re kind of putting the drugs first whereas normally
testosterone itself is this response to active yeah exactly yeah and so it’s an
adaptation response ago and your buddy or more of this so you put that in first
so there’s a little bit skewed in that so it’s already a little back so it’s
supposed to be sympathetic to hormones to muscle and instead they going hormone
sympathetic muscle yeah and but it may still here’s the deal maybe if you took
the drugs and you just and they didn’t give you a sympathetic response maybe it
would still kind of work better than not we could they will not give you and this
is my question yeah it’s like but the thing I see attachment is that the
muscle progress requires sympathetic yes that’s it meaning meaning your body feel
just so if some of us tell me testosterone just causes muscle gain
cool I’ll give you that then why does the body have to take on this
sympathetic state right at least get that dial turned up a little bit before
and we see it all the time but then again if you say that that you have to
explain to me what people on the island or have
their lower back blow up but no else yeah it’s just it just basically lumber
erect ales and so by the way et muscles exactly how come it only have that
involved seems because as you can ask bodybuilders we can ask power lifters I
talked to many and they see the same shit every time it’s the your lower back
blows up like you’re massively pumped in et muscles that spells sympathetic and
by the way going into the food the nutrition stuff yes we saw that people
at take steroids respond differently to the protocol like the whole fat burning
stuff it’s not fat burning fat burning they’re very good at it on steroids the
problem is fat conception digestion of fat is a is a bigger issue than enough
to have grounds but what if they are love to our cups because you’re in
sympathetic all day at in degree so they can just have carbs all day and
depending if you’re constantly in that state you’re not coming back fully back
down ever sympathy stays so what’s your body need your brain need necessarily I
need some fucking carbs yeah Lucy’s yeah yeah but by the way comes will fit the
sympathetic state which needs to be fed at some point because you’re triggering
artificially so much right and we talk to them and they go they don’t like
bodybuilders don’t like to have high fat stuff but if they’re in sympathetic all
the time I mean their digestion could not be great yeah and so that would
basically mean like no no carbs and so fat is you can’t have too much fat by
the way if you want to over eat you can’t do it on fat you’ll get sick yeah
if you want over it’s gonna have to be calmed yeah and by the way since they
have protein all the time maybe they need to up the Cubs even more yeah which
is the more protein means more calms me are more protein in small Cubs and then
you can get to 300 pounds and and you just if you want to get bigger just up
the dosage and up the food and then you had that more is better objective based
stuff yeah right so that will make sense the problem that people on seem to
understand is how far this has gone the problem is we still taking advices on
nutrition from them yeah from people that are not nearly close to a human
being I’m only speaking anymore like I was
punching the we seem it’s the Westside no camera to E and so TR t lab or people
that are over the age of 35 or whatever that takes testosterones take about like
quite a hundred milligrams hundred a week hundred to two hundred a week a
week a 100 to 200 a week i if i if i we have to do TR team and I would again I
wouldn’t send good the girlfriend quit without with anyway so no I’m not on it
and I don’t take gr t I don’t again like we said you know what I should have done
with a new print all that stuff is checking my hormonal levels before the
new opinion after yeah I need to do a blood work and show that what I do works
anyway but there’s a cheap way to test that like a on the fly way to test that
oh yeah right with urine I had no idea yeah okay I’ll chase because I want to
do this I want to start with testing all that stuff to have it yeah but so I was
watching T RT which is around 100 depending on how big you are you see 100
to 200 grams a week and the guys at I think it’s Dave Tate – we’re saying the
magic starts at 5 grams I was like 5 grams what yes I know I don’t wanna give
names but I know I’ll tell you after like a specific powerlifter so it will
compete at 220 and 242 with world record stuff yeah who was well over – that’s
fucking crazy – Graham a week so he’s taking twenty times the amount of a GRT
level like victor bell for ya TRT level the dude is taking that 20 gram and they
and they were saying that most of the results get at 5 gram that’s a year
normally that’s ten times what a normal like a person doing steroids would do
that’s a year of THC level so you know that was that they were saying they
don’t talk in cc’s anymore they talk in borrows yeah
like that shit has gone to a puta body blow let’s take insulin now yeah – it’s
been going on for a while to get bigger and everything like it by the way you
wanna do that no issue whatsoever you do you I do me
you do you I have no problem whatsoever the only thing is we have to come to the
realization that the conversation cannot be the same yeah that’s exactly yeah and
so that’s things like that person’s if if they have an understanding of how
things work then certainly he can tell the average person but you cannot tell
the average person do what I do yeah well good thing is we’re gonna have
to have a good different conversation on nutrition as well yeah because your
nervous system is not I don’t know how it works anymore do you think that’s a
lot of why things like macros are not as universally fucking transferable as
people think yeah even food composition yeah so no
mmm because it’s a lot of guys out there that give nutrition advice on you have
to have high carbs and stuff like that but now that I’m starting to look a lot
of them on steroids they just don’t say it but you if you ask them directly they
tell you but I’m like okay but then your nervous system is not the way mine works
my problem with that is that again like I have no issue with it whatsoever I’m
not doing any but you can go you can go do it I have no problem whatsoever with
that but certainly your nervous system is functioning in a way that I don’t
understand so what I do the protocol I don’t think we necessarily work for you
yeah so if you come to me and you say hi fat doesn’t work I’d be like I swear
because your system now is different yeah so it’s like I’m dealing with an
alien race yeah well like I don’t know if you ain’t sympathetic all day
I’m guessing less fat more carbs I guess work but my question is can that be
fixed do you think I mean that can that be moderated like do you just need to
toughen the fuck up and just have some fats be gradual right pathetic all day
your digestion system has to suffer though so how can you digest fats are
not how to digest as protein but if you go over your eat or stuff you overweight
on on fat is gonna be rough matter so you could be
linoleum but like a bulking face now on steroids that might be rough to do like
honestly I don’t know no I’m just trying to do it without guys it seems there’s a
guy there’s a guy John Anderson’s a strongman bodybuilder WWE guide total
drug guy if you will yeah but probably still stronger yeah good so he he’s all
recessed he does he does high fat almost no carb constantly then granted he’s
been in the game for a long time but it is any nobody lean all year long like
valine or Leona and and so anybody that comes in obviously up I’m pointing out
an outlier but like when someone comes into me out I can’t get big it’s like
okay but like this guy is and can we just can we just say that it is possible
and then can we look around if you wanna wear your 100 pounds in 30 yeah so it’s
not like you can’t the people I say I can’t get big sorry weight 180 yeah
right I’m too sorry you’re 300 so obviously we managed to get plenty big
on the protocol but the my issue that I see is that there’s a lot of devices on
hard carbs are they I’m not saying that people advise high carbs are on steroids
I’m just saying there’s a lot of the culture of high carbs has been promoted
at least by people that are on steroids which which I believe changes the game
because stairways change the nervous system then naturally it changes the way
going to respond to food certainly well look at how it’s a very simple look if
you look basically if you take something like testosterone even if you’re on TRT
versus someone who’s not yep you may have actually the same levels of
testosterone in your system okay right because you take tea right yeah you took
it match what it normal person have however you’re spreading your TRT out
yeah also your doses are then going to go up down and maintain like that if you
sleep bad you’re already shut down yo your testosterone levels will no longer
be responding positively or negatively to anything that you do because it’s
shut down your body recognizes it what it needs so balls off yeah and so
then you get to 2015 yes small potatoes make a steak look bigger but that’s a
good job now I don’t even know where the fuck so let’s say you get a couple bad
night’s sleep right there testosterone on the knowing if you happen to be
toward the end of the week yeah or you have a big heavy nasty training session
you get crushed your little under recovered or you under eat your levels
are not going to dive if you’re taking even a basic medical level they’re not
going to take that tank like they do from somebody who’s normal which means
training and recovery still need to be addressed always on an individual basis
the rules are different right so you won’t tank anymore like that that means
you won’t learn from it exactly but you also won’t think yeah yeah so you’ll
have a artificial consistent recovery system yeah yeah right but again like
that for me it’s a it’s an issue because suddenly I don’t know how to handle in
the protocol anymore because I’m not sure what your reactions I don’t know
what your exact reaction not going to come from yeah like if you’re
sympathetic all day and then on top of it account pool I can’t get on my own
control for my own resources schools I don’t know how it feels so then sorry
I’m like shit so because I had issue once or twice yeah but again he brings
the problem of outside sources of nutrition that telling you to do stuff
when they say it works yeah but if those are people taking steroids the problem
is not that they’re taking steroids the problem is now they’re not the same read
yeah of person that you are anymore so therefore well look at something
something as simple as faster right yeah take a 12 hour fast for someone who is
not just on steroids it’s go T RT yes yes day up to 12 hour fast for someone
on T RT is gonna go they’re not probably going to get into a catabolic state
right because they’re maintaining the matter where they’re able to maintain an
antibody which means that 12 hour fast will actually probably benefit them a
lot in the leanest apartment right they will lose more fat and less muscle
during that 12 hour fast and someone who is yeah so if you’re trying to maintain
a good physique and maintain muscle size as
and you’re on drugs that’s a good format actually yeah oh he’s not trying to pull
cuz then you you know but then for the average person someone’s it’s totally
natural it’s just not the same during that fast there’s going to be a dip now
that might be still be good for you and if we have a relator trying to get
leaning I think it will still help but it’s gonna cost you more Lacey in the
muscle and it’s gonna cause you’re less consistent than you know yeah no but
that changes everything by the way that changes training because that
consistency what am i one second where am I cuffing some issues morning oh geez
again rather just me maybe you learn oh my dog yeah yeah I’m having I feel like
I’m having allergies again like for example someone who’s taking TRT can
maintain that base level of muscle yeah that means you could get away with doing
a body part once a week if you’re not taking steroids then within three days
you’ll start to dip on the level so that requires you to do the same body fats
but it parts more often mm-hmm right and you can’t blast them as much volume wise
as you could has on so it’s goes again you know recovery will not be the same
and the volume is different is also as well we have around drugs so someone
who’s taking steroids is actually gonna do believe it or not much less high
percentage work and so yeah who is not but because though you because if you
need that work in order to get a hormonal response it’s often and so a
lot of efforts for somebody who’s on drugs they don’t need it for the
hormonal response they need it for the work the factor in the elevated
sympathetic state right you have someone training maybe a little more towards the
edges they’re technically wise anyways so you get them there they need to do
their work not at the extremes because one they are stronger if the risk is
higher yes and yeah there’s only don’t they get more bang for their buck on the
stimulus and the recovery so you your point of diminishing returns if you’re
on drugs actually is scaled a little bit back down from the higher so there’s
basically they can do high o volume once a week yeah and then just and so you’ll
see your your natural guys in a program like Westside off them and the team your
natural guys will actually be often not always but often will be doing more work
above eighty percent yes then your people
yeah it’s just report yeah so you do less volume but but higher intensity
nice and I believe age n from there and I believe a lot of the fight because of
the fluctuations as well that you’re gonna have more valleys yeah deeper
Valley yes in your system throughout it because
I’ve noticed me I need to Train like the whole like do their body part once a
week there’s no work for yeah I need to do work often right otherwise most
soldiers get flat fast I need to press often I need to do like the whole
pressing once a week now I need to press twice a week I can do back storefront
week but I’ve noticed I need to do less volume but much harder you know training
that when I read about and more often so I need to do really hard training more
often with less volumes I’ve set but the body part more often yeah I mean I don’t
do body part I do up your lower body but same idea yeah yeah
so I mean it’s a lot of wild theorizing on my part but all I saw was the same
dot in the same trends movie yeah as I started kind of plot but at least
expense it shows that there has to be a correlation with a nervous system and
the steroids which expends a lot of stuff with a nutrition okay which that’s
the thing for me is I don’t need to do anything to definitively tell me that a
sympathetic state will create muscle gain all I need to know is in an
environment that creates muscle and lose fat it includes that meaning alright
maybe that’s not the key but it’s got to be an ingredient I believe it is but
let’s no matter where it’s an ingredient I believe it’s the key so let’s talk
near print software of ourselves yeah yeah why isn’t European working yeah
because it’s where we saw the the we have again we have the numbers now while
we saw can only be explained from a the result on the hardware level can only be
explained to a hormonal change yeah so we haven’t measured it yet but we will
and I bet you that’s what we’ll find because we’ve seen muscle gain either
out of speed that the rivals steroids mm-hmm but with the nutrition the way we
do it which are found very interesting so I think that if we do correctly we
could be gaining which is a Holy Grail which is gaining muscle while staying
lean I believe with a nutrition protocol the weight is down and with a neoprene
and a hostile environment we could produce the hormonal response
we’re looking for while recovering through the saturated fat and the
protein which would allow you to stay lean be in control of yourself because
you’re not using the carbs but that’s the last podcast while still sorry while
still gaining muscle yeah so we could have the effects of maybe not not the
effects of where the bodybuilders are doing but the effects of a high TRT I
think the Trimble’s just yeah I just think that type of training is important
to maintain healthy hormone levels as well anyway you know anyway but even
like I think we could say yeah I think the protocol and in your pin would
achieve something that equals prt stuff but without the side effects you know
and so that’s why it’s why I asked about boy it would be really nice if there was
a breathalyzer test for your testosterone level that you could know
but I think what you want so maybe I can I’ll try to all this wonder how much
they cost cuz I think you buy it but I mean it would be nice to get have them
more consistently almost like yeah blood glucose yeah I’ll do it I don’t
mind doing it once a week I’ll out pay for it and then I’ll do it once a week
I’m very curious to know what my just saw stay on levels are cuz I know what
the neoprene does yeah last night I was really tired from the workout – it’s an
ama at a completely different state now the new print which of course makes me
go fully sympathetic but there’s a there’s an extra person in the room now
that I cut the caffeine in the carbs is that’s the best way I can explain
there’s the whole like Super Saiyan is still there within your bin but there’s
another person in the room now that looks at what’s happening it’s a very
strange feeling well and yesterday saw yesterday was a very good training
session I got home and I went to bed at 9:30 last night I was so fucking tired I
was exhausted at 5:00 yeah sure so but that brings this is another level to the
protocol and a new pinch meaning now I’m entering a third level well so I cut
like all carbs or caffeine or stimulants and it’s literally is I’m still gaining
the fucking neoprene thing but with a person in the room that an extra person
that tells me to look at what I’m doing it’s very it’s a very soft neoprene is
still giving you the the capacity to fight the hostile
environment yeah but the the clear head clearly knows about the behavior fix now
it’s like it’s like so now we have we have the we have the killer and we have
the poet exactly that’s the thing is the killer can think now yeah so it’s a very
strange feeling in that sense before it was all sympathetic I just don’t think
for now I’ll just blast now I can do that but it’s a voice in the bag that
allows me to have a distance between me and the weight worm like you’re like
this not like you feel like oh my god I’m not weak overall I know it’s like
all right so I’m talking so you’re going to look up and you and I’m talking to
myself so it’s like the poet is talking to the
killer and back and forth yeah so there’s another person in the room
that’s the best way I can explain it it’s a very it’s a very interesting
feeling so yesterday ended up being a very good training session because very
how physically but technical as well and very composed mentally so now I’m very
curious to see what it would mean in competition because that it doesn’t grab
anymore you know like you fail a set of stuff line you’re like oh my god is like
no no it’s okay so I’m gonna do this and learn it’s a very interesting thing I’m
very curious to see what happened in competition like in a stressful
environment how I would respond and you’re sleeping significantly more fuck
me same quality but for longer it’s yes so it’s the same quality it’s just my
dreams so this is how I wake up in the morning that’s why I know to get to get
out of bed is my dreams become shitty like I have good dreams and at some
point I can’t control a dream it turns into a negative form at some time it
zombies sometimes it’s like I’m doing weird stuff it’s basically I’m like all
right I’m up what is that whatever that’s it so I’m
like I get up and usually 6:30 and I’m up I put my clothes on I’m down except
right now it’s eight yeah so I’m I’ve gained ninety minutes of sleep of the
same quality as fuck me so I woke up in the morning I’m like well it’s light cuz
I used to wake up 6:30 this morning I woke up at like 8:15
but that’s means three days in a row now since I’ve stopped being tired like you
know the first five days of the new protocol I was fucking but again I
wasn’t tired but at the time you feel like tired and now it exists it’s very
I’m not I’m not used to how I feel so it’s very hard for me to explain because
I’m just so during the day yesterday I was like ah
so tired but I didn’t fall asleep I managed to go through my day even though
I was like that training session fuck Mia because I trained earlier too
instead of before I trained at noon so I was like alright so I got a whole
everything’s really after the podcast I was like I’m tired all right right but
we went to the restaurant with the iron I’m fine I’m just not extremely
energetic but I’m not alright banane ago I went to bed at 9:30 I was I
read my books I I must have what lights off by 10:00 10:30 so I must have slept
10 hours fuck of quality speak to this man going like what was that this is
like three out of the last four nights or some shit like that and went by the
way I came back from the US quite five days ago I was like on the first – three
days – so I’m like daddy’s and he feels different like Simba it’s there’s an
extra person in the room always now like I’m here like it’s feel like I live in
the present day way I’m not distracted that’s the best way I guess I could
explain it I don’t feel distracted all the time there’s another person in the
room talking to me you’re like you’re looking at me like and Tyler you have no
idea what it feels like to not be the stress know be weird for me yeah but
it’s uh but so I can so – thing I can’t understand how people in Nuremberg and I
feel very strange mm-hmm I feel you on that it’s strange like
that but so now not that I’m worried by the same time like there is a sizable
part of the population that we deal with that is on steroids yeah
because again like even a fish that is not an affiliation and we’re going to do
is going to include powerlifting James strongman gym fuck I’m gonna have to
figure out the protocol and all that shit for people that are just steroid
like a hit break it here drugs are a part of sports allow drugs
and also sum that up yeah but the ones that allow drugs is
definitely about that’s one of the reasons – oh man I was like when some of
my friends one the ones who do drugs in sports that don’t allow drugs
those are cheaters yes exactly don’t you just put some of my friends but I mean
this is what I do and I was like right so I’m never making it as a pro
in any way whatever but I’m gonna have to study this because I don’t I don’t
know how you that it will work the same I don’t know that it will work the same
yes or no that’s the problem is I don’t know no so now I’m gonna have to study
this cause no not on me obviously but I I don’t know no I don’t know how that’s
gonna work the nice thing is with the neoprene works if you’re taking steroids
my guess is yes but I haven’t tried yet ah the order or is the impact a little
bit reduced because the arrives of 0-2 sympathy goer re-started wave do you
know if they already high in sympathetic what if the neoprene gets them even
higher what does that mean that is the report what do you tell the muscles on
more because they are they already on what happens then I have no idea no yeah
or do you run the risk of not having all your compensators overcompensate all
your bad compensation only the muscle in freeze we’re better but if you’re what
is the muscle in free stops firing one on steroid does that produce such a
force of contraction or stuff like that rate problems there’s a create order to
create more soreness or you have imagined you don’t like the lower back
stuff so emotional mapping you have a muscle in freeze because of trauma
whatever what how does the system work of emotional mapping I don’t know I
don’t know why do your glutes turn off but we know for example a while back you
don’t express angular it gets fully pump why I don’t know but it seems to be a
process well you have a muscle in freeze you on steroids is still doesn’t turn on
I put in your print it turns on right so there’s going to be a massive
improvement in that muscle higher than other people does that mean you’re going
to release more stuff too much yeah that means more trauma but if doing that was
in freeze because of a trauma does I mean I’m going to really sit more well
and definitely that process of freeze and then you gradually get the mired of
muscle to fight at your own pace exactly that I view that difficulty is a pacing
mechanism because like I said very often traumas and things like that are
straighter because you can I do what so you deal with it at your own pace
yeah but now that you’re on steroids does that mean that yeah right that the
face is different like I don’t know yeah so now like as we get further into this
I’m gonna have to have some do guys you’re gonna have to help me on
this we’re gonna need to study all this y’all want to take drugs yeah exactly
no no I’m not doing Taylor even so like that says the shit so I think I think
though that another thing that’s interesting I wanted to just drop this
one last there about one more thing and because you’re talking about sleep yeah
it sort of was also the more a lot of these stronger compounds one of the very
common side effects that many people have is trouble sleeping at night swagg
I could accurate imagine it’s like so yes you have this intense sympathetic
state that then doesn’t diminish do your CD and write them yes exactly that now
you’re trying to sleep in a sympathetic state and you want to wonder maybe
that’s why these guys have to consume 500 grams 400 grams of protein a day
because maybe they’re not processing but to get into it and and then they have to
take the rest as collateral damage because you’re just taking the good with
the bad by the way if I get your way so you’re going against the akkadian rhythm
I bet you from a friendship principle you produce such a shit ton of free
energy so stress level everything I would love to see the the cancer the
cancer possibility on this if Paul Davis is right that its own you know like an
atavistic response to stress if you were continuously in against your circadian
rhythm that would be a continuous causes 12 because of stress we’re in a big I
would love to see well maybe we talk about where it maybe there’s a like you
said with the neoprene and the back and you know and all those things that that
maybe that’s it so we I’m telling you we’re talking the correlation between
said it must against the coalition but let’s say equalization we don’t know but
now though let’s just say that well there is got to be a point where it is
too much not just the drugs which is gotta be maybe too much sympathetic yes
there has to be right because that is the crash yeah by the way starts the
ouch can not be sustained yeah right so eventually that’s gonna take you to fly
to anyway so while we spend most of this episode pointing out that how important
it is still has to hold this place and it you still might that’s why I like
that that’s why but that’s why more steroids is not the answer
yeah look like like look at what the guys take now compared to the 90s yeah
they not better yeah no no no they are not better like like
Guardian Dan Morris barrier has been proven by the bodybuilding world by the
way in shows you that the guys now are taking
stuff that are out of this world compared to the 90s who barely started
with Gorman then when you talk about they don’t look better talk about
setting objectives versus constraints the objective became when the judges
started to reward sighs yep not just symmetry lean aesthetics as much but
size outweighed everything and so that’s when you had that from the Ronnie
Coleman era to now I look to me like it wasn’t working
no my kid so now well that’s my book and so so for my kind of the Ronnie Coleman
are up like right pasture that where things got big and to where it’s like
not that into something good to look at everybody but there is this spongy
that’s insulin yeah they don’t look but they don’t look
nearly as good as an idea so the more is better but I’d be abilities because they
sacrificed training for the chemistry set No nineties was all about training
yeah I’ll tell you you had to help but he was all about training now he’s just
about taking the right drugs yeah no I don’t normally say anything in
confidence that anyone’s told me in confidence publicly except Bill told me
this in an interview that I think 70,000 people have seen on YouTube before so
Bill Kazmaier even said outright he was like back in my day our chemistry set
was very limited and he said cuz I had asked him how he thought he would be a
bold up with all these giants nowadays you know and his exact words bless his
heart because Bill’s not doesn’t have a filter so he just flat-out says this is
by the way five minutes after he told me that he believes that there used to be
50-foot tall people walking the earth I fuckin and loved Bill Kazmaier by the
way but the whole time I’m like bill I don’t know if I could put this out there
now that’s a weird thing to drop in the middle of this interview he makes the
rest of the interview a good haul yeah but so but anyway he tells me that he
said but but now he said with what these guys have for chemistry for doctors and
nutrition now he was like bills like I competed at 350 you know and I peak he
was like there’s no doubt there with what these guys are taking now that I
would be 400 and probably more durable 400 pounds are more durable you think if
this was if this was back then and they said people forgot
6 3 3 15 yeah gillich has my L was Bill Kazmaier
is a terrifying man and so but that’s he flat-out says he was like the drugs now
are not what they were that yeah they are much much much much much better so
it’s it’s a very different what I’d say light like for you when you talk about
looking into these things to figure it out the one benefit is all of those are
mostly pharmaceuticals except for like the horse drugs yeah but most of the
pharmaceutical but they need someone to explain to me this is how it feels when
I have fat this is how it feels when I have count I need to see what again
there’s software or precautions out because most of this everyone in the
marina see it’s gonna be a hardware I need to know where this software is
doing yeah and by the way um so you guys know I popped my ankle in the left hand
corner you at the left ankle when I was in Brazil I was going down like I was
almost dry waterfall just you know and then go and I slipped my foot got stuck
and I popped on it major stop so my ankle was that big they wanted to give
me anti anti-inflammatory and I said no because that just kills you a little
inclination for a little yes exactly that would kill the healing process I
was like I don’t want to do that but I was I was in pain and I was like what I
need is to increase the muscle so what I did is had one shot of Decca javelin in
my calf yeah for three weeks on one shot a week for three weeks I could simple
run me whatever I was and I have to say that helped on the pain level so before
that I could barely walk after the shot within 20 minutes I felt better
wrap my ankle and I could walk around within a week I had three shots and he
helped me healing my uncle a lot better than that fucking anti-inflammatory they
wanted to give me which would have eaten muscle away kept the inflammation at bay
which means no healing process and none of that stuff
I’m not saying to do it out there I’m you’re not advising to do it I’m just
saying I did it and for me work really well and I believe a lot better than
anti-inflammatory yeah so I’m telling you to say at least I tried deca and so
I have no issue we stay with like for example strongmen they don’t test so I
could go and take all the shit that I want
I’m 46 I’m not doing it yeah I got a kid I got a business and everything and I’m
not doing that so that like I’m going to complete next
year I just I will compete but not taking that shit but it’s just to tell
you I’m er no issue with the whole idea like the old shit oils and everything
if you’re tested and you’re told not to do it yes you’re cheating but I don’t
like how people are being attacked for example in the tainted supplements now
again some of them are lying obviously but not all might not be lying that and
my problem with people criticizing athletes with a stairway stuff is like
if you guys are taking supplements out there if you guys had projects and all
that shit there’s a very high likelihood that you took stuff that will not allow
you to pass a test in competition either so I don’t like people on high horses no
being like oh you got to do that yeah but you’re still Plymouth’s go get them
tested chances are trust me the clean patrol is
in your whatever allows you to get leaner there’s some kind of a prohormone
in the stuff that allows you when you have drug 3d you wanna fit them in so
guess what your that’s why by the way I take zero supplements I’m being asked
all the time I don’t take any I have cat seen at night because I mix it with my
heavy cream but that’s it I don’t do any I don’t do anything yeah right but I
also shows you and one of the reason I do nothing is because I want to show
that the protocol works yeah don’t they ain’t neat thing yeah isolated right
because if I’m not isolated then how do I know the protocol works yeah if I were
to be on t RT labelling I do the protocol I could not tell you that he
works on someone well I’m not on it you could easily then just say like no I
take T RT I’m just maintaining normal healthy levels of testosterone right but
that’s a fuck yes that’s not true you’re also fluctuating based on timing right
when you did you but in a way now it becomes a weakness you know argument in
a sense of yes so the protocol works with a new print but in an an altered
state yeah so if you are taking stuff but it might by the way so going back to
supplements what if they take stuff that have Pro hormones in it and Jack’s
within all that stuff would the protocol work the same for them most likely no
yeah so now if they say and back to the problem with the fitness
industry now we are facing people that are not from a software perspective on
the same playing field not saying better or worse that’s not one thing I think
the problem is your software reacts differently not mine because of the shit
you’re taking when things also happen that way because of because of
everything like genetics and environment in your where you’re out anyway right
anyway but that’s though that might switch completely the conversation if
you a nerd yeah but that’s the problem is if you take so if you take
supplements that have shit in it and I think most of them have some kind of
illegal shit in it you have outer levels your software is being altered after
officially which means on the consistent basis you’re taking every day this is a
peak everyday that is artificial but therefore will not change as mine goes
up and down all the fucking time because depends on what my environment does to
me but if you have artificially creating that you will be less reactive so you’ll
be very reactive to the environment on the stress level but the hormonal level
might not be as the same kind of reaction that I would get yeah so that
might complicate things as well from a study of nutrition of study of training
but I think that’s why you as you go through the stuff with the nutrition
with people especially new people yeah it is the here are the principles of how
a system yes software’s nice to be right it’s just like I’ve talked about I know
it’s it’s I believe that this is how the process is supposed to work here’s the
reasons why here’s all the things around it that’s an apple you’re not an apple
right now what do you think in time for sleep in five hours what does she take
anti-anxiety pill what did she take antidepressants what if you sleep five
hours a night all those stuff you you have fuckin five coffee five coffees
before you leave the house but then you have sleeping pills at night yeah and so
those things it’s like we can take this and know that this maybe is right yeah
but the application is person we don’t we can’t just lump this onto this course
because remember yeah and that’s when we talked if is long as you have that
approach I believe you can make everything wear it out as you start
moving things around whether it’s one is unhealthy on drugs doesn’t sleep
well is sleeping pills repressor carbs whatever you know I think there’s you
will have to adapt it to yourself because they again this is what we do is
based on the software and the software it can be I believe dramatically so I
change through the enteric nervous system so whatever you are absorbing
will change the behavior will change the expression of the software right so I we
want to study something let’s look at supplements there is amazing in
epigenetics what it does and all that stuff that be fascinating but that yes
so that also means to go back to Tyler’s point that you’re gonna have to that all
that we do to you because if you know it’s not a one-time thing that’s like
yeah you like yeah that’s not okay cool so I do all these it’s ignore oh you
don’t get to keep sleeping five hours a night yes you want us to clear so we’re
gonna get this moving yeah but now you have to take all that
and keep shifting and dropping and moving until we can get you to seven
eight hours of sleep until we can get and the idea is still let’s get you to
full night’s of sleep not artificially by yourself let’s get you to TRT level
of testosterone but not through an injection through your training and the
protocol and let’s get you leaner but without the clenbuterol let’s do it
through normal food because you have to understand all that stuff because of the
enteric nervous system which I believe it the set of behavioral changes your
behavior you are not you on a very very deep level because of that stuff so the
key eventually it would be to clean up all that so you can be truly you so you
can add that person in the room which is what basically it feels which is a very
strange experience I was always a dictate to card and the first one to say
always chocolate do stuff sugar on count always and when I cut the sugar hours a
major one we’re now taking the carbs and now fine so I was addicted to
sympathetic fixes yeah he was never alcohol he was never drugs he was never
all that stuff but gums and sugar oh my god yeah women I’m good but I realize
the reason I want everybody and that’s why the no fix November right is and I
don’t expect people to a full realization like I did in one months
because I’m on the protocol for like 14 15 months and then I got myself off of
cabs and then I’m getting myself of caffeine so it was a very gradual
process that I don’t expect people to get to in amounts in fact you will not
get through it in amount so what I’m What I’m trying to do is to show you that you are
not yourself. That all those stimulants change fundamentally how you
express yourself. Your real self cannot be expressed because of all that
stuff, and we are not talking about it. Because we’re not talking about the
software, especially in the medical world. and we are not understanding the
importance of the Enteric System as the seat of behavior. So consumption of that
stuff changes the expression of who you are. It’s like the epigenetics of the
soul. …It’s changing the way you are expressing
your basic self. You just fuckin made that up right now, didn’t you?
Epigenetics of the soul… I fuckin hate you, that is SO good. epigenetic of epigenetics of the soul
alright that’s perfect it’s perfect okay guys we’ve got a new capillaries
everything I have to go through the stuff so you have to look disinterested
while I read okay oh yeah strong fit calm strong feet equipment
calm after the seminar sandbags apparel shirts all the good stuff strong field
equipment that you know let me talk to myself okay
Julian’s corner touch is for this where this guy you can find him me tyler
effing stone he’s strong foot one on instagram Richards rare barracuda
Kayla’s okay 32 we’ve I missed something podcast support page podcast a strong
fit calm if you wanna help support the podcast that’s the spot did we make $35
oh no no we made a lot more than that really well I said should have said it’s
a lot more but it’s more than that oh shit oh yeah we’re going to dinner night
yeah so but that’s got us all wrapped up thanks for listening and we’ll see you
next week bye everybody you

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