The Magnificent Episode 7

The Magnificent Episode 7

Alright, then it’s settled. We’ll call ourselves “The Nazis!” I, Heinrich Himmler will be in charge of the
secret police. Goebbels, you’ll be in charge of propaganda. Mengele, you’ll be in charge of all the … weird,
sciency stuff. And Ploetz, you’ll be in charge of the clones. Yes! Together we will take over the world by creating
a master race of tall, strong, blue-eyed, pure-blooded Germans. The final thing we need is to find a supreme
leader who possesses none of those qualities. Mein friends. Look no further. Aw, dammit. Ah hem! Oh, hey Z3. Weird hypothetical question or whatever but if someone were to have say, spilled their
“bedtime lemonade” on their sheets hypothetically, what uh, detergent should
they use? What did you do? Nothing! Gotta go! Bye! That kid’s going to be the death of me. Huh? Hello Einstein. Remember me? Uhhh… No? Well, how about my friends? Aw crap! Nazis! Hey! Pipe down in the there! Don’t make me take off my belt! How’d they catch you guys? They grabbed me during one of my thinking
seizures. Poison cigar. I guess this time it wasn’t just a cigar. It was horse mating season and they caught
me while I was “siring”. Trail of sweets into a fox trap. Trail of dildos into a fox trap. A great laboratory uprising! Haha, not to worry. My super speed will have us out of here in
a jiffy. We tried that already! Stop being so macho. I can’t go fast! I can’t go fast! What’s … what’s happening? Oh don’t be such a cry baby! None of our powers work either, and you don’t
see us freaking out. Electricity come back! I can’t make my zappy zap! Well, how are we going to get out of here? I believe I can answer that question. That is, if the brain housed inside your tiny,
non-master race sized skulls can handle it. Oh, this guy again! Mr. Dildo Trap! The reason you can’t use your powers is that
I built this prison specifically to house super scientists like you. We’ll get to the “why” of the matter in due
time. But if you’re wondering about the “when”,
it’s 1871. And if you’re wondering about the “where”,
well it’s none other than… The Dead Zone. Of course! The one place on Earth science holds no power. A gold star for Churchill! You see, I grew up here thanks to y’all. But after suffering a particularly upsetting
childhood I went back home and made some very interesting acquaintances. But in answer to your earlier query you aren’t going to get out of here. In fact you being here forever is quite the
point. Ha! Jokes on you! You forgot about Z3! He’ll get us out of here no problem. What an idiot. Shut up. What’s he talking about even? Oh that’s right, I nearly forgot about Z3. I’ll have to dispatch my finest operatives
to retrieve him. Always Tesla. I’m going to kill you. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some other
matters that require my attention. But if I could just sum everything up for
you: You’re here until you die. I’m going to make you suffer. And oh yeah.. my name is Philipp Lenard. Who? Ah! Nazis! Alert Super Science Friends! Alert! Where is everyone? Scanning … scanning … scanning Ahh! Okay, okay. Get a grip on yourself Z3. You’re by yourself and nazis are trying to
break into the base. You’ve been programmed for exactly this type
of situation. Activating program: All Alone At Home. Um … guys. I kind of have to go to the bathroom. Here, use this. Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to be sufficient
for what I um, uh, “need to do” if you catch my meaning. Ah who am I kidding?? Everyone knows I’m a nervous pooer! Finally! Run for it! Really? Huh? Finally a little bit of privacy. Aw thank God. That’s right. Run little science friends. Run to your doom. Shhh … he’s in there. You’re going to pay for that you little twerp! Is … is this what being tired is? It’s horrible. I think I’m going to up. Nope. Nevermind. It’s not coming up. Oh stop complaining! I weigh the same thing I did when I was twenty! Uh oh. I think we’ve been spotted! Look! Quickly! Into the crevice! Like rats in a maze. This way! Over the bridge! Fly you fools! Does my balloon look familiar Einstein? Not really! Well it should! You stole it from me and knocked me down on
the ground when I was just a boy! Ooooh, I think he’s talking about the balloon
I rubbed on you to get you going in New York. I remember. Well since you knocked me down it seems only
fitting that I should knock you down too. Bon voyage Super Science Friends! Ahh, that didn’t last nearly as long as I
would have liked. Nazis 94 and 95. Where are we with the retrieval of the Z3
machine. Well, we are in the Super Science Friends base…
but we’ve run into a bit of a problem. The entire base is booby trapped! Booby trapped? What is it? Lasers? Turrets? Heat-seeking killer robot drones? Mostly marbles so far. Come und get me you filthy animals! We … we may need some backup. Well, well, well. Looks like the fun gets to continue after
all. Is everyone okay? Where’s Darwin and Tapputi? We got separated going over that third waterfall. Not having powers suuuuucks. I’m starting to agree. Um, hello there. Hold it right there strangers. What brings city folk like you out this far
into the country. We ain’t got nothing you could be after. Well, we’re not from around um, these here
parts. But maybe you could tell us when the next
train is meant to come along. Hmm. Well, it’s about mid-day now. Train comes by 3:10. So, looks like you got some time to kill. I suppose if you’re just waiting for the train there ain’t no harm in showing you a little hospitality. Come on in. We’ll get you something to eat. Another potential conflict successfully negotiated. I am pretty hungry. Is there a vegetarian option? Hahaha … this will show those two idiots
who they’re messing with. You really thought this was going to get us? How stupid do you think we are? Nazi 94, put him down underneath it. Let’s see how he likes getting hit in the
head for once. Ahhhh! They’re stinging me in the eye! Ah bees! They’re in my mouth! I’m sorry. Oh don’t be sorry old man. You were only doing what was best for your
wife … and lovely daughter. You are excused. You know, when I took over the nazis they
had some crazy ideas, I tell you what. One of them was to march people like you and you … into a room. And then to fill that room with gas until
you was dead. Well, I for one think that would just be a
terrible waste. Wouldn’t you agree? WOULDN’T YOU AGREE?! Yes. Terrible. A waste. Yes. I 100% agree. I mean, a gas chamber? Where is the sport in that? Now, y’all got a train to catch and because I’m a sporting man I’m gonna give you a five minute head start. I’m not gonna make it. Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me!! Gotcha! Time’s up. Now we end this. Once and for all. We need to get to the engine and try to make
it go faster! Gotcha! Your friends stand alone. Not alone. No! My balloon! Chk chk. Thanks for the loan Cheeks-That-Are-Sweet. My balloon. You destroyed my balloon. Damn you! This is for making me kiss my mama with tongues
Sigmund Freud. There wasn’t no woman good enough after that. And this is for stealing my Nobel Prize Marie
Curie. And this is for making my mama go away and then running her down in the street like a dog. And you. You think you’re so damn fast. Well now we’re gonna see how fast you really
are boy. Mama… I … I’m coming home. Nice shooting there son. Now let’s go home. I wonder what kinds of crazy hijinks Z3 got
up to while we were away. Whew! Season 1 is done. That took a while. Well, time to start working on season 2!

100 thoughts on “The Magnificent Episode 7

  1. Damn, I was wholeheartedly rooting for Phillip throughout the whole episode, and then this outro song… Hope he makes a comeback, discovering a power of his own, that before was suppressed by the southern hospitality

  2. just so damn perfect. it remainded me of the Simpsosn Rainier Wolfcastle movie – thet is, if you take all of Wolfcastle's scenes from seasons 1 & 2 of The simpsons, you can arrange them in a way they actually make a short, congruent movie.

  3. Okay I can see how using evil ideologies as villains works, like they did for communism and nazism. But painting an entire region of the world, the American South, as evil is in bad taste. I mean it would make sense if specifically the Confederacy or slaveholders were the bad guys sure but this show painted the entire region as so poor and backwards that "science" doesn't even work there.

  4. Please publish a full version of "The ballad of phillip lenar". I really like this song, I had quite fun listening to it.

  5. What I love about this series is that they had a small story about the blond kid giving him a reason to hate all of them
    Making him kiss his mother
    Shoving him to the ground and taking his balloon
    Stealing the Nobel prize and making his parents hate him
    Making him wet the bed making his father hate him more
    Canceling the religion that was about to help him find his mom
    Killing his mom

  6. Come ooooon. Alamogordo….. you know where they built the first atomic bomb to defeat the nazis? You know that little thing the pacifist Einstein wrote a letter to FDR to suggest he build before the nazis did? Bastion of science maybe?

    Also the confederate states didn't extend into new mexico area…. because it was owned by mexico….

  7. 1) yes as a person who lives in the South this really is a dead zone.
    2) I didn't think Einstein would actually murder him.

  8. Home alone reference anyone? 9:22 11:05 are they in Arizona? 12:42 again Home Alone..(btw I am doing the ones that stick out to me)18:51 I thought it was the 1800’s?23:01 Uhhh..yeah.|•~•|

  9. Phillip lenard, interesting. I looked up on google and found out that he is a nazi scientist who "stalked" einstein, not a cowboy. Pretty sure in the next season he will be potrayed as a nazi rather then cowboy

  10. Wait, shouldn't Philip Lenard have superpowers of his own in this universe ? An antisemite and nazi with a hate bonner for Enstein he may have been, but he was still a scientist.
    (That and he was hungrian, not Londoner or New yorker but details, details….)

    Also the 'dead zone' joke might fall a little flat for non american folks. Took me a while to get it myself and I can't say I found it all that funny.

  11. Well shit, the greatest surprise villain in a time traveling superhero adventure is gonna have to be the child who got fucked over by life in every episode

  12. Just rewatched the whole series to recap before I saw this and by the FSM is this great, I'm so happy to have been here for this from just about the start. Thank y'all for making this.

  13. 4:32
    Do you reckon the "great laboratory uprising" was from all the Nazis Doctor Curie was keeping in her lab to torture for the Periodic Pantry? Man, the continuity in this thing is next-level.

  14. Seriously why does Tesla have a robot arm it was one thing when it was the anime but now I'm just confused

  15. Поздравляю с новым видео! Мы очень рады вашему творчеству

  16. Hey in that standoff scene at the end I herd only 5 shots but 6 bullet holes in Phillip is Einstein that fast or am I smoking?

  17. If say, there were a second season… Can answer the anime "to be continued" question of who or what at the after credit ending of episode 6? If you want to continue this series of satire of smarmier smart comedies with an odd consistency?

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