The Four-Minute New Year Resolution Workout

The Four-Minute New Year Resolution Workout

Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Advisor. This is the four-minute new year’s resolution workout. It’s a new year, we’re gonna help create a
new you. Six exercises, 40 seconds each, nonstop circuit fashion. Do what you can
do. Here’s the six. We’re gonna do burpees, pop squats, push-ups, planks, bicycle crunch, finish up
with jumping jacks. Are you ready? Ryan Elsa? Ready and go. 40 seconds burpees. We start with burpees. I know, not easy. But this is what is going to change your body. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Great job. Come on. Do what you can do. At home you may take breaks. Jump back in when you recover, just keep moving for four minutes – that’s all I ask. You have 15 more seconds, fifteen seconds. After
this we transition into pop squats. That’s a squat with a little bit of a pop to it. Tten more seconds. Great job, keep going. Again, pop squats
coming up in 5…4…3…2… and go. Pop squats. Ready and go, right to it. I know, it’s not easy. But that’s okay, do what you can do. One of the greatest things about exercise is you’re gonna get stronger, you’re gonna get better. Everyone has to start somewhere. Awesom job you guys. Keep moving. A little over 20 seconds, then we’re gonna go into the plank. We’re gonna do the plank. Keep going guys. 15 seconds. A little bit of plyometrics here. Really
important preserving those muscle connections 5…4…3…2… right down on the mats, get right into it. Hold that plank. 40 seconds. So nice straight line with your body. Perfect, and hold. Now we’re working the core, you’re working your abs, your lower back. Phenomenal core exercise. You may drop down to your knees. Recover if you need to, come back up. Your goal is 40 straight seconds. Ok guys, half way there, 20 more seconds. Easy transition from here (easy for me to say) we’re gonna go to push-ups. You may do them on your knees, you may do them off. Up to you. Alright, hold, remember to breathe. Ten seconds, ten seconds. Then you’re gonna push back, jumping right into that push-up position. 3…2…1 and let’s go. Forty seconds of push-ups. Come on. Come on, it’s only four minutes gotta work hard. Alright? The shorter the workout, the more intensity – but that’s great. Everyone has four minutes. You have four more minutes. 30 seconds you guys, come on. 30 seconds. I know. Do what you can do. You may start doing three in 40 seconds. You may end up doing 20 as you get stronger. Just give me four minutes. Keep moving. Great job, great job. Push, push, push. From here we go to bicycle crunches. They’re gonna flip over in ten seconds, in ten seconds. Ge ready. Great job. Awesome. Ryan’s stacking those feet, making it harder. 3..2..1 good.
Sit back, flip over, heads back here. Bicycle crunch. Right into them. Ready and go. Let’s go. Come on. It may take you a couple of seconds to transition. That’s ok, it gives you a little breathing in between. Just keep moving. 4 minutes total time. Bicycle crunch, one of the most effective abdominal exercises. You work all three regions. Great job. Different techniques, that’s fine. You’re just bringing your opposite eblow towards your opposite knee. Great job. 15 seconds. Then we’re gonna finish up with jumping jacks, burning the last few calories. Really working that body. Come on. Come on. You’re almost there. 5…4…3…2… Jump on up. Jump on up. Forty seconds
jumping jacks, let’s go, finish it up. Great job at home. Keep moving. Again, four minutes. Give me 4 minutes. Push yourself. If you’re feeling strong, do this again. One time, two times, three times through. Up to you. It’s a new year, it’s a new you. We’re here to help get you started. Give me four minutes a couple times a
week, we’re gonna burn calories, we’re gonna get you stronger. We’re gonna tone that body up. It’s all about you. You can change your body. You can make changes, you just have to turn us on. Alright? Here we go. Almost there. Don’t stop, don’t stop at
home. 5…4…3… 2… unbelievable job. Way to go! There you have it – new year, new you – four minute new year’s resolution workout. Subscribe to get more fitness
content and workouts just like this. Get fit fast with home fitness solutions
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  1. Hi Tom and ur lovely crew, it is so inspiring what u do and how u all guys make us do the things with u. thanx to u and ur team for helping us developing our lives and our health!!! greets from germany urs mathias

  2. Hi there, excellent exercises….Elsa was doing great all of the time till end with a beautiful smile and as for the African guy he was exhausted right from the plank. I'm sure he's a heavy drunker which is causing him to tired early and his armpits are ugly…
    My vote for you and Elsa love you ?

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