my name is Richard I am 20 years old
I’m a law student and i’m from the Netherlands I started training when I was 15 years
old I started because I was kind of chubby
and now five years later I’m improving myself every day trying to get more
progress every week it’s a lifestyle right now especially in the first year that’s when
the love started and then just continues it’s a lifestyle it’s part of you, you
just have to want it, it’s not that hard it’s not rocket science or something
it’s just you have to train a few times a week watch your diet. yeah I want to go
for that for that aesthetic look i dont want to be too big I want to have a good
symmetry I want to have good proportions yeah I’m just going for an aesthetic look just like the old school people, I want
to challenge myself but I want to see how far I can go but I don’t want to get too big I want to train every single muscle
group at least twice a week that works best for me I’ve played soccer for 12 years so I’ve
always had big legs so to get big legs never was a problem
for me I want to the aesthetic look, I want to have
a small waist white rollers back legs to make that X frame a lot of people say that I use steroids
and all these things. I would be honest about it, I’ve thought about it but a lot
of friends and coaches said that when you’re young your hormones are so high
and it’s so so bad to destroy these hormones with all these other things so yeah for me it’s a lifestyle I do this every single day for
five years straight. no you’ve got to work for it you gotta have the
right mindset, you got to do it every single day, so a lot of people can say a
lot of things but I’m just doing my job I’ve worked very hard for it I’m proud of
it and I want to be an example for other people because when you’re young you can
achieve so much yeah it’s just what you want if you want it you can do it


  1. I know this guy. Lel. He trains at my gym. Seen him a few times. The guy has a great physique. Ripped to the bone! 😂 and he can squat pretty good weight. Impressive richard 👍

  2. I've seen better abs on 20 year olds. Just sayin'. Overall he's very well proportioned. His last name sounds Czecho-Slovak, though.

  3. Richard Duchon you are Amazing keep going and you are right about if you want something you will do it and i hope in 2019 from
    Fit Media Channel to make like this about me i 21 year from Egypt i start training when i 18 after I left gymnastics and i injured and didn't give up and come Back again To reach to my Body it's so rare story so all i trained to reached this body is 3 year 2 at home and one at the gym i hope find anyone to support me and My Thanks For Any One who will support Me And Happy New Year For All .

  4. your correct brother..dont use any drugs that can ruin your natural..nothing beats will keep your life healthier and longer..goodluck

  5. Powerful ripped popping sexy pump physique man wow! So fucking hot & nice big juicy massive ripped pecs man love it.

  6. When you’re 20 yrs old and dedicated to dieting and training consistently, you can get this type of result without PEDs. Props to him.

  7. Honestly I'd rather be fat than have disgusting looking abs like this guy. Dude has serious imbalances that you don't see is people like lazar angelov, rob riches, jeff cavilere, ulisses jr, etc. Address tight and overactive muscles before adding more and more weight to your routine.

  8. It's almost impossible to attain that kind of physique without the support of his family. His father probably gives him a ton of money to support his lifestyle. Even Jay Cutler had support from his mother and s tep father as well. Of course he had to work too.

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