The BEST Exercise YOU Can Do for Rowing?

The BEST Exercise YOU Can Do for Rowing?

12 thoughts on “The BEST Exercise YOU Can Do for Rowing?

  1. Good information. I do a lot of walking. Would wearing a weight vest while walking accomplish some of the same goals? Thanks

  2. I started rowing about two months ago and found DH two weeks in. I rowed every day up until about ten days ago, when my lower back started aching. I took some time off, did some stretching and then examined my technique via your beginner workouts. Yup, some mechanical issues with my stroke which I'm working to correct via the beginner videos. I've also realized my lower back isn't strong enough, so great timing for this video.

    Keep them coming, Shane!

  3. I've been a fan of DH vids since I had temporarily to stop fell running – that's a UK mountain sport – (typically clocking up a target of 30 miles a week and climbing 6000 ft of ascent) for 3 months following an ankle injury in 2018. I was 'gutted' knowing that as I'm in my late 50s I'd lose a significant amount of fitness/endurance without a decent workout to keep me fit and sane. So I bought an 'erg', following DH advice (and Training Tall) and it was an epiphany! Once back running I found very little deterioration in my stamina, particularly running long steep ascents. Rowing is now included in my weekly exercise routine (especially when it's freezing and pouring down outside 🙂 ). I did wonder however why press-ups (push-ups in the US?) aren't also recommended in this BEST exercises vid. They don't require any equipment and have always been one of my staple exercises. Anyway, many thanks DH for all of your helpful vids and particularly your infectious enthusiasm. Keeps us old guys in shape 🙂

  4. I mix it up, always a mixed routine warm up of squats, jumping Jack's, press-ups etc.. Then decent rowing session, then Kettlebell mixed routines, full body, core, upper body, shoulder back etc. Approx an hour, 4 times a week 👍💪

  5. One step closer to the dream of seeing you and Mark Rippetoe of starting strength fame have a chat about this. I'm having a hard time getting a handle on strength training, rowing, and recovery.

  6. Awesome video, I lift 3 days a week and follow some of the "starting strength" methods.

    I low bar back squat all 3 lifting days, and I doubt really mess with front squat because it feels like it puts a huge amount b of pressure on my knees, I keep meaning to try some Zurcher squats but always forget.

    anyone not knowing the difference between low bar and high bar back squats mark Ripatoe (starting strength) and mark bell (barbell logic) both have great videos explaining the difference, and benefits of one over the other.

    I would also point out to anyone taking your advice to really research rep/set/frequency ranges for deadlift, it can be done more then once a week in the beginning but as you start to really get up there in weight should be moved to a single set of 5 once a week (because you are going to eventually get really heavy with it and doing to many reps at a super high weight can destroy smaller stabilizer muscles), I also power clean 3*5 once a week as i feels it complements my hip explosiveness, for my rowing and boxing.

    Oh yeah I really like the heavy carry idea too Nick best does a lot of that and pretty amazing cardio for a 350 pound 50 year old strong man.

    Good stuff😁👍

  7. Front squats are great, but I wanted to add a +1 for back squats. I noticed the biggest change in my body (trunk included) when I went from exclusively front squatting to back squats. I could progressively overload the movement at a much faster rate. Lifting significantly more weight with a back squat made my trunk (front trunk and back trunk) much stronger than I had been able to achieve with just front squats. I still use front squats occasionally as an accessory movement, but bracing for the heavy back squat works the abdomen and back just as much (or more) than front squats for me.

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