Team Building Exercises | Igniting Team Performance!™

Team Building Exercises | Igniting Team Performance!™

Igniting Team Performance is a series of energizing
team building exercises for the workplace that are customized to achieve your group’s
desired outcomes. Notable rewards of Igniting Team Performance
include brainstorming and innovation. Groups will be given a task and must work
together to execute and improve on it. This helps define when it makes sense to share
information with colleagues and reveals the benefits of sharing, and teaching your co-workers what you’ve learned. Introduced is a graduated series of activities
and challenges. This sequence will create a process for enhanced communication and team
performance. Each session is followed by a short de-brief
to promote continuous improvement. Examples of sessions include, Kaisan, a fun
and fast-paced initiative that focuses on eliminating wasted effort and streamlining
performance. In Pipeline, teams must transport as many
marbles as possible to a designated container, using only the tools provided, while adhering
to strict guidelines. Mass Pass requires the tossing of various
items from one location to another, while being passed to each team member in the group. With Speed Order, teams work at putting card
decks in order as quickly as possible, based on the sequencing identified by the facilitator. Several rounds and a surprise curveball mid-activity
add to the challenge. Igniting Team Performance always leads to
an excellent opportunity to talk about defining high-performing teams within your organization.

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  1. Muy bueno!
    Por si ayudo en algo
    Dejo mi link
    Humilde aporte a la Educación Física desde mi trabajo diario.

  2. This a good experimental for the activities.
    It looks really more entertain and enthusiastic.
    Seems more fun and great!

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