What’s in the new Spanish budget?

On Tuesday, Spain’s prime minister unveiled the latest installment of his government’s fiscal plan, which sets out spending plans for 2017 and beyond.Here’s what you need to know.1.What’s the new

Busier Beaver, More Busy Beavers, More Mobile Businesss

Today, it’s more busy beavers.Today, the big one, the Beavers are doing a lot of mobile work.That means more traffic.And the mobile workforce is growing.So, if we’re going to keep

‘Bubblegum Girl’ singer Bubbles gets $2 million for song ‘Bubbler’

BUBBLEGUM girl singer Bubbly Giselle, 19, is making a big splash in the world of music and music video this summer when she’s set to release her own new song. Bubbles

Best Business Strategy: 5 Rules for Buying Your Own Car

Business strategy is a key factor for all entrepreneurs.This infographic highlights the 5 most important business strategy questions you should be asking.1.What do you want to achieve?2.How long will it

When You Drop Out Of Business: What Happens Next

Austin business journal dropped out of business, a source with knowledge of the matter told the Wall Street Journal.The Austin Business Journal had no comment.Sources: Austin Business,Business Journal,Journal,Business,BusinessNews article Posted

‘Abandoned’ US military base in Afghanistan is now ‘home to one of the world’s largest ISIS’

The United States is losing its last major combat base in the Afghanistan war and now faces a new threat.The former base in Kandahar was the site of a US

Verizon to pay $8.8B for failing to stop cyberattack

Verizon will pay $1.8 billion to settle criminal charges stemming from its failure to prevent a major cyberattack on its network, the U.S. Justice Department announced Monday.The Justice Department’s announcement

How to get your apps ready for mobile app launch

Business casual shoes are becoming more and more important for all of us as the rise of smartphones and tablet computers has ushered in the age of the “mobile first”

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