Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2710 Total Body Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2710 Total Body Bike

Get your cardio and strength workout all
in one with a Total Body Bike This full body exercise bike is equipped
with built-in adjustable resistance bands Resistance bands are placed so you can conveniently use them to target your arms, shoulders, and back all while still pedaling. Find the right band tension with the 3 adjustable levels. Perform bicep curls, triceps extensions lateral shoulder raises, close grip rows and much, much more Go off the bike and perform isolated
strength exercises Focus more on toning the muscles of the
legs. Simply attach the resistance band to your ankle. Focus on the glutes and
hamstrings by performing hip extensions tone the inner and outer thighs by
performing hip abduction and adduction movements Experience a smooth and quiet
ride with the belt drive mechanism along with the magnetic tension system Soft grip handles with integrated pulse sensors accurately read your real-time
heart rate. Large easy to read and simple to use LCD monitors show your
workout progress Oversized cushion seats for added comfort during those longer workouts Self-leveling pedals with adjustable
straps keep seat in place while pedaling Made from premium grade steel built to
withstand the demands of repeated use Easy to store and transport with the
foldable design and integrated transportation wheels Simplify your total body workouts today
with the Total Body Bike

7 thoughts on “Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2710 Total Body Bike

  1. Excellent apparatus! Just put mine together this afternoon. VERY well engineered, sturdy yet comfortable. Not for 'spin class'-style riding, but great for warm-ups/cool-downs before/after lifting or part of a HIIT circuit btwn Waterrower & Versaclimber.

  2. Is there a video on how to work the Meter? I set my TIME to 30 mins and it stops counting for periods of time. I did 30 minutes (tracked via my Fitbit) but the Time said I still had 14:30 left.

  3. Muy buena bicicleta, recién la compré, robusta, funcional y versátil, destacable el plus de las ligas superiores y traseras. Recomendada.

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