STOP Thumb Joint Pain with Simple Self Exercises

STOP Thumb Joint Pain with Simple Self Exercises

42 thoughts on “STOP Thumb Joint Pain with Simple Self Exercises

  1. Why would you go on twitter or Instagram to watch their short videos and miss out on the intro, banter, dad jokes, why Bob?!, synchronized talk, closing, the list goes on!
    Oh and the PT tips are good too 😂

  2. Too many videos asking me to like their videos and i had severe thumb pain till i stopped liking video's now my thumb is fantastic! Lol

  3. How about alleviating the bone ache after a break in the joint towards the tip of the thumb? These exercises you’ve shown I’m doing and have worked great but that deep ache and pain can sneak up on me some days. And can inhibit motion. Keep up the good work!! Always enjoy you both!

  4. It doesn't matter what kind of day I had I just need to watch Bob and Brad every night. Wisdom and wit. And my neck pain is becoming manageable. Thanks for everything!

  5. Do you have a link to the gel hand ball to squeeze? I couldn't find it on your list of Amazon products. Thanks. 🙂 Love your videos!

  6. May I request a video on how to manage carpal tunnel and arthritis when having to be ambidextrous while using a mouse with your weak hand due to essential tremor. Whew!

  7. Thumb to my pinky hurts beyond my trapiziam to my forearm. As well as tilting my wrist backwards. Should I get a MRI? Its been over 3 months

  8. Thank you soon much!!
    That Mulligan technique on the first thumb knuckle worked wonders just now! I injured it as an adolescent and it's been hurting a lot this last year.

  9. Is it normal for arthritis pain in the thumb to hurt constantly? My left thumb hurts all the time but I have no pain in my right thumb. Pressing my thumb toward my hand hurts real bad. The pain is in the lower bone near the wrist.

  10. Not meant in a bad way. You ever wonder what Beevis and Buttthead would be like as real people, and adults at that? Watch a lot of your videos. I always liked Beevis and Butthead. This is really a cool thing.

  11. Man does it hurt to do these exercises! I will try tho. Glad I found this tonight as my thumb pain has gotten soooo bad this past week. Anti- inflamatories or pain pills don't help much. Hope these exercises work.

  12. I had an steroid injection in my thumb joint to help with my pain the doctor who injected me said it will only last or it will go well it did!
    But now I have a terrible pain next to my thumb I think I may have arthritis or chronic pain well in September I’m going back to him after I talk with my insurance 😌

  13. I'm a registered massage therapist, and love these tops for my patients.
    My thumbs and forearms hurt like crazy after work (I know i shouldn't use my hands so much, but because lately I have too many clients with small areas where I cant use my elbow, I have to use my hands, thumbs), was wondering if theres any tips to reduce this pain or how I can do some home care for myself. Thank you!

  14. Fantastic. My right thumb at the metacarpal has been giving me issues on and off for a couple months now and these exercises look like they could really help. Thank you Bob and Brad!

  15. My thumbs have clicked for as long as I can remember, and just now I tried and they don't! When did this happen?! 😲

  16. I've been set exercises to strengthen my brachioradialis, but I'm finding it hard to isolate the muscle when doing the motions. Can you please help me?

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