SteveWillDoIt | Before They Were Famous | Updated, Nelk Boys

SteveWillDoIt | Before They Were Famous | Updated, Nelk Boys

before Steve will do what join forces
with the boys of Nelk and start kicking it with the likes of Bradley Martin
Faze Rug, David Dobrik, Machine Gun Kelly Dan Bilzerian, Riley Reid and Bradley
Martin’s dog. Before Steve will do it would clock in 1.8 million followers on
Instagram and break a record being one of the fastest channels the climb to 1
million subscribers calling it right now Steve is gonna be
the fastest growing channel on YouTube no one’s doing let’s go before Steve
will do it would get into some DM discussions with Demi Lovato as well I
thought I was a pro too she thought she was a pro and heroin
user look how I that turned out ha ha ha ha I just wanted to reach out because it
can happen when you least expect it be careful and thank you for not taking
this wrong way all whoa no just last week we dropped an updated video on the
boys in Elk and it didn’t take long for Steve’s brother to hit me up in the DMS
with some new information now he also told me that I butchered the family name
how embarrassing Steve will do it was born Steven Dylan
artist he was born on August 26 1998 in small town of Vito Florida not far from
Orlando now it appears he has a brother named max I don’t know if they’re
brothers the guy a similar knows no according to his brother Rocco I was
right about the nose apparently it runs in the family but that dude max that’s
his cousin not his brother now it’s been a wild come up for Steve will do it as
recent as 2018 Steve he was sitting on 50,000 followers on Instagram but that
don’t mean he hadn’t been putting in the work for some time now there exists old
videos from 2013 which feature a young Steve collaborating with another
youtuber by the name of shoenice and this was a whopper eat off competition
no Steve got slaughtered in this early eat off but it was the starting of him
figuring out what kind of content would work best for him for his small growing
audience on Instagram at the time so after a brief stint as a competitive
bodybuilder well his life took a crazy and unexpected change when one of his
drinking Oh’s caught the attention of kyle from
now now the two they talked in the DMS and next thing you know while he was
joining the boys of nelq as they took over the world literally see what they
did out in Italy nuts what’s going on guys it’s for my people cretin taking a
deeper dive and doesn’t come up story of Steve will do it here for you of course
I’m before their famous dome in our last video we suggested a video on MTV Pat
and I’ve had someone from our team reach out to him so hopefully we can get that
done for you later this week though the boys they’re making big moves in
Hollywood so kudos to them and they’ve actually got a new haps my girlfriend
Kara she took a crack at doing a house tour for the boys and nelq and we’ll be
posting that on our second Channel I’ll leave a link down below actually we’ll
roll a clip at the end of this video alright now let’s get into Steve we’ll
do it Steve will do it was born Steven Dylan
artists know just to make sure I’m saying this correctly de Lyon a daddy
maybe was born on August 26 1998 now according to Steve’s brother Rocco
well Steve’s middle name is also Rocco so I guess his dad he just really likes
that name no he’s got a little sister named Brianna and as I mentioned an
older brother Rocco now the family they have a pair of pitbulls they’d worn a
jack who share an Instagram page under the handle Warren will do it and the
dogs they do a bat-like together they got 13,000 followers I’m pretty cool now
there’s also his cousin max who we spoke about in the last video who is the son
of Steve’s dad’s twin brother shoutout to max now Rocco told me that big
sniffers they run in the family and based on the family surname de Leon
added me one would presume that the family is of Italian descent also it
makes sense cuz Steve well that guy he likes his giant pizzas now we grew up in the small town of a
Vito Florida just outside of Orlando which has been ranked by several
publications as one of the best places to live in the US it was brother Rocco
he currently works at Direct wholesale auto in Orlando and it looks like a
pretty bangin place I got some really good deals it’s like you get a whole new
car for like 4 grand it also looks like he sold his brother a nice little whip
as of recent no way back in 2017 his brother Rocco he had some kind of run-in
with the law but we’re talking about some good old Florida boys so I’m gonna
assume that’s pretty normal from the parts like they were not bad salt so
it’s a good day now that same year Steve he also picked up some charge himself
for possession of marijuana drug possession and driving with a suspended
license that we would be only 18 or 19 at the time and he picked himself up
this beauty of a mugshot no prior to getting mixed up with the police it’s
evident that a young Steve he wanted to be an online entertainer and he filmed a
video of him competing in this cinnamon challenge next up was his meet up with
shoenice in Daytona Beach this was the 2013 and the to challenge one another to
a whopper eat off this is actually my first time hearing about shoenice but
he’s described as the man who will eat anything for fame so in the year since
he’d become a pretty big fan of Steve will do it he’s even taking a bite out
of him hey everyone’s shoenice again the next person I’m meaning is Steven Dylan
artists deload own artists artists got every right I’m actually happy to hear
that too nice he doesn’t know to say his last name
either daily or nada B if you want to before they’re famous on shoenice let me
know in the comments down below it appears that the healthiest man on earth
he got big enough Fitness during his high school years the guy even entered
himself into a bodybuilding competition cuz the oldest video that exists on
Steve’s Instagram account it’s a video of him attempting to eat 100 Wendy’s
nuggets unfortunately he’ll need 84 but he did
it in ten minutes then his copy told him he had to call it quits
let’s get it to shoot for five threes drink liquids less does that–does you
are it’s that yeah hahaha
next up was a bottle of hot sauce which he chugged with no hands it’s like I’m
back to one Texas beat on sauce as some of his more
popular videos were in him doing bong hits also him chugging beers and bottles
of booze but for some reason than videos they
kept getting deleted and we would find out soon enough that he was posting
these videos while underage and over on Instagram while on a trip to the UK he
posted the following my 21st birthday is Monday crazy to think I started my
following making underage drinking videos on probation praise be to the
liquor I smell a sense storm brewing no the first appearance on the nel channel
that I could find it happened in October of 2018 when the boys they paid a trip
to UCLA and from there will Steve will do its Instagram it ballooned up to
200,000 followers do you want you want to be choose me honestly I’m Way too sauce for this I’m
dropping out this conversation is killing me I’m dropping out it’s no
chance I’m having kids too anyway so put an unofficial member of the crew and
he made them move full-time to LA now he hasn’t been allowed access into Canada
but he has toured with the boys to Europe no he has kick-started his own
YouTube channel and although it quickly received a few strikes and was
temporarily set to private well he’s still posting content on there each week
and every video it clocks in over a million views there it appears the boys
they’ve also gotten themselves a house out in LA and with girlfriend Tara well
she does house tours on her second Channel so let’s roll a clip of her
talking about their new bad according to Instagram enough boys moved into a new
Los Angeles mansion just last month and of course they’re calling it the full
scent house boys clearly they’re already enjoying the
mansion throwing house parties with hot chicks they’ve mostly only shown off the
outside of the house on social media and the pool which is huge but online
sources have shown the listing photos and we can see what the interior looks
like a bit right for Karis full video you can check out our second channel
it’s titled famous entertainment be sure to subscribe to that one if you’re new
here subscribe to this one if you haven’t subscribed the steam will do it
be sure you do that as well and as for the rest of the story we’ll
I’m gonna wrap this one up here because this is before there are famous my
name’s michael crichton we make all sorts liberty videos here for you guys
on this channel you got to let me know who’s next in the comments down below
and see you in another video and Steve I know you’re watching this show me some
love online give it at weed for God’s sakes
you guys are partying out there you don’t even send me an invite the least
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