Sterling K. Brown Explains His “No Gym” Workout | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

Sterling K. Brown Explains His “No Gym” Workout | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

(upbeat music) – If you shower quick you can work off that last five minutes a different way. – What up guys. Sterling K.Brown here and for Men’s Health. Every once in a while
you know your boy’s gotta come out of his top and try to do something to keep it tight right? Every once in a while on This Is Us you see Randall shirtless. My new movie, Waves, there’ll be a little brief action shot for you. And not so much for Frozen’
cos that’s just my voice but… When you gotta keep it tight and you don’t have that much time, you’re busy, I got a workout for you. Takes about 20, 25 minutes. I’m gonna run you through
the reps real quick and it’s the best bang for my buck that I get out of all of my workouts. I hope you enjoy. (upbeat music) So I like to call this
workout the pyramid. It’s really basic. It’s all body weight and
you get it done super quick. We’re gonna start with 50 jumping jacks. 50. You’re gonna go into 40 squats. After the 40 squats,
we’re gonna do 30 pushups. After the 30 pushups
we’re gonna do 20 butt ups and, after that, we’re
gonna do 10 burpees, followed by 10 pull ups. And we’re gonna do it three times. And that’s it. Check it out. (upbeat music) All right so we’re gonna start the pyramid off with 50 jumping jacks. Nice, easy, you’ve been doing
them since you were a kid. Gets the heart rate up
and gets you prepared to go into the next exercise. You’re gonna go into 40 squats. We got the glutes and the hams and the quads going with our 40 squats. Now let’s hit the chest. 30 push ups, come on. Nose touch. If you’re really feeling it, go with the chest. Just got finished with our push ups. Get the pecs nice and tight. Now we gotta get the abs. Now, oftentimes, people do crunches which only really work the upper abs. But to get the lower part
and to get more of the core, we’re gonna do a butt up. Please allow me. Protect the lower back. You can do it from two places. You can have your hands behind your head, or you can have your hands here for more support under the back right? You’re gonna go up to 90 degrees, pulse. And down. That’s one. That’s two. Exhale on the butt up. Don’t hold your breath in
any of these exercises. The more you breathe, the more you burn. Not about speed, it’s about technique. Alright we’ve got our 50 jumping jacks, our 40 squats, our 30
push ups, our 20 butt ups now it’s time for the burpees. Doing 10 burpees. Now there’s some things that you need to pay attention to just specific. On my burpee, we do
the push up in between, we do the hop at the end and we pop into a squat from the plank position. Allow me to show you. We go down. We’re out. Push up. Pop. Jump, that’s one. The thing I love about this workout is you can do it pretty much anywhere. It’s all body weight,
you don’t need anything. You can be watching This Is Us, you can do it in your hotel
room, it doesn’t matter but the one thing that I like to add when I am in the gym is the pull up. Works out the back, works out the biceps. So we’re gonna knock out 10 of them right? Wide grip. Cross the legs and back, nice and easy. One. Two. (heavy breathing) So that’s the pyramid folks. 50 jumping jacks, 40 squats, 30 push ups, 20 butt ups, 10 burpees
followed by 10 pull ups and don’t forget, I’m
doing this three times. You get tireder, it gets harder the further on you go on but don’t stop. Maybe a little bit of water in between but you’re going to keep your heart rate up and to get that pump. Hopefully, it’ll take
you around 20 minutes, maybe a little less. Sometimes a little more. But, either way, you feel
great when you’ve finished. Join me won’t you? Take care. (upbeat music)

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  1. Honestly if I didn't have to always put on a sports bra before doing any exercise I'd definitely do more. They are so uncomfortable and hard to get on! Today I almost put my whole back out and wanted to scream and flick it into the bin. Anyway, any ladies (or any men who know about sports bras haha) watching this please recommend me some good sports bras that don't involve acrobatics to get it on. Haha

  2. This was just warm up for Muay Thai class in Thailand.. and plus a 3km run. Once your done with that you get to punch and kick heavy bags for 45 mins. Then you vomit and pass out

  3. His voice is so smooth. His "please allow me" before doing the butt ups made me feel I'm letting him down if I don't follow.

  4. Train Like Sterling K (NO GYM WORKOUT) yet he does the whole presentation AT A GYM..😒..Ok… stop wasting my time YT

  5. i'm doing this tomorrow. I'll skip rope for a 10 mins warm-up, stretch, then go from there. I don't have a pull-up bar so, I will have to kick that out

  6. This dude is literally like, “you can do it” but on a whole nother level. Like wtf I’m actually kinda scared lmao. 👏😂

  7. This is top notch routine man. Like a true classic, old school, get healthy, have some strength and look good routine. It’s damn near a prison workout.

    NGL he plays a spooky mother in supernatural but dude seems like a genuinely nice person

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