Standing Abs Workout For Over 50 Women with Kukuwa Fitness

Standing Abs Workout For Over 50 Women with Kukuwa Fitness

in this video we’re going to give you
five standing Ab workouts coming up hey coming up coming up hey have you ever wanted to work your abs but
you don’t want to get on the floor I know exactly how you feel
in today’s video I’m collaborating with my sister Kukuwa fitness and we’re going
to give you five standing ab workouts that completely tone your abs Hello
Healthynistas and welcome to my channel 50-something my name is Bernice on this
channel I give you health and wellness information for women over 50 inside and
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the first exercise put your hands on your head and tilt your pelvis back and forth. Be
sure to look at the slow motion on how it’s being done. You can do this! You’ve
got this. keep up with Kukuwa do eight on one side 16 in the middle and 8
on the other side. You’ve got this, you’re doing great! awesome awesome For this next exercise you want to bend your elbows and move back and forth as you move your arms.
Be sure to watch the slow motion on the correct way to do this. you’ve got this
do it for a count of 4 forward and then another count of 4 and then you want to
step back and then count before you can do as many
or as little as you would like this next one
raise your knees and bring your arm watch in slow motion if you need to keep
up with Kukuwa. You can do this. You’ve got it feel those ABS toning. This next
one you want to raise your arm in a circular motion as you pulsate be sure
to look at the slow motion on the correct way to do this if the triple is
too much you would like to just you might want to just do to try to keep up
with Bernie if not do it at your own pace you’re going to count to four to
the one side and four to the other you’ve got this this last exercise
you’re going to go alternate elbow to alternate knees and you’re going to
raise it again look at the slow motion on the correct way to do this keep up
with Kukuwa you’ve got this you’re doing an amazing job awesome! Question, which one of these ab workouts
was the easiest for you and which was the most difficult leave your answer in
the comments because we would love to read them if you liked this video don’t
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32 thoughts on “Standing Abs Workout For Over 50 Women with Kukuwa Fitness

  1. Which of these Ab workouts were easier for you? Which were the hardest? Leave your comment below I would love to read them. Feel free to share this video with others who want to tone their Abs!

  2. Thank you Ladies✨
    The easiest is moving my pelvic back and fort. I just kept going. Lol
    Now the difficult one is the pulsating. Still laughing at my MOVEs. Lol

  3. I love your amazing ladies energy! Yes I hate getting on the floor. The first was easiest. The knee one was the hardest.

  4. This video was so inspiring ladies, I really want to watch more workout routine videos from you guys 💕

  5. Hi Bernice!! Love the music and first dance ab moves! So fun! # 3 is so hard!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Last one was the easiest for me

  6. Wow, awesome video. Thank You so much dear for sharing. I already saved to my favorite. ❤️

  7. Love your intro – doing something is better than nothing! What a fun, upbeat abs workout that works the whole body! Cheers!

  8. Wow, thanks for this work out video. It is easy to follow the slow motion really did help me do the movements.

  9. I need to do this and it is something you can do around the house without laying down.

  10. Great video Bernice! Such simple but effective work outs to help flatten the tummy! Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a fun workout. Love that it is standing up. You can pretty much do these all throughout the day. Love it!

  12. BERNICE… I am so happy you did this!! With my shoulder/neck injury it is so hard to do sit ups and crunches…so I really appreciate standing ab exercises. YOU ARE SO DAMN FIT…what an inspiration you are!!

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