Spot-Reduce Fat and Improve Muscle Quality

Spot-Reduce Fat and Improve Muscle Quality

I’m going back to the
relationship between the capacity of a muscle to contract, and
basically the body fat of the same muscle. So that means that the sympathetic
innervation is responsible for the muscle quality and for getting rid of
the fat of that muscle. There’s a correlation between the two, so
I thought that was fairly interesting. So that means that a sympathetic
direct reaction into the muscle could mean burning the fat in that muscle. So
what would that mean the other way? That means a muscle in freeze that is in the
parasympathetic will necessarily carry more fat. Which is exactly what we saw. So, I was like alright so that’s interesting Alright, so that means that
if I’m right, a muscle that is in freeze cannot fight. What would I need to do
to get it to contract and lose fat? I will need to provoke a sympathetic
reaction. 80% of the sympathetic innervation is in the skin.
So if I were to create pressure on the skin to the point of creating a
sympathetic reaction, I could take the muscle that is in freeze and put it into
flight. And if I’m right, that should trigger massive fat loss and a rebound
in muscle quality. I make sense so far? And they’re wrong.. Because we
proved it.. So how would I provoke a sympathetic reaction through
the skin? Neoprene.. So I put people in Neoprene, made them do strength training,
and basically created a massive reaction where we saw an increase in muscle
quality and decrease in muscle fat, or spot reduction; exactly like I thought
would happen. We tested that, Wim just put the study on the StrongFit
Community if you want to look at it. We tested it on 203 people, we saw an
increase in muscle quality up to 38 percent just by using the
Neoprene.. That’s the lady, by the way that I was talking about,
the marathon runner where the 3% drop in body fat. We did it through
the neoprene here the left tricep was like 10% higher body fat on the
left than on the right and we basically equalized both just by using the
neoprene around eight weeks I think. Maybe 2-3 months max. I did it
through getting a trigger of the Melanocortin Axis, while not changing the food
intake or calorie intake because losing the fat was not about calorie intake. It
was just a stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. By the way,
what did I do? They were in freeze, I put the muscle in flight. Anybody who’s done
a hard training session with a neoprene and tell you, you freak out. But very
interestingly, you don’t freak out everywhere. The muscles that are in freeze
get very warm and that’s the one that makes you panic. If you stay within the
muscles that are not warm, you’re fine. For me it was the left upper pec..
The second I put the jacket on and did presses, I started to get almost like a panic attack. Heart rate went up and basically ended up
in flight. Because I took a muscle that was in freeze and put it in flight. Which
right away triggered a drop in body fat that I did not see on the other muscles that
were not in freeze. Which makes sense if you look at it from my perspective. So
we have triggered the Melanocortin Axis through the neoprene, so we created spot
reduction and quite an increase in strength over time. I thought that was very very interesting so now we can take
this even further……. you

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  1. Thanks for the information Julien! Pure gold! Do you recommend a special type of neoprene suit or it doesn´t really matters?

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