17 thoughts on “SIX PACK SHORT CUTS – GET ABS

  1. what do you mean by 3 sets? do all the workouts once thru then break then do it again 2 more times? and how long should the break be?

  2. I like this quick workout, I do it in between sets at the gym to keep my heart rate up and hit the abs. Yeah to those with no results, Diet is everything and then some. keep your carbs low, sat fat next to nothing, protein high, and calories under 2,000 and you will get results. you can figure out your exact grams of protein etc through simple formulas.

  3. It's A good Workout But keep The speed Going to Just stop So You can Start to Sweat and Feel the burn

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  6. Sure is right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

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