90 thoughts on “Should you train like a bodybuilder? Or a powerlifter?

  1. Very interesting info Meg! I can see how bodybuilding training can help powerlifters. I never was attracted to bodybuilding at all since I hate spending so much time in the gym, I prefer simplicity. I also don't want to starve myself, I love food!. I increased volume on my main lifts and that alone has worked for hypertrophy.

  2. Yeeeeessssss! This is something I have been trying to figure out for myself. I donโ€™t compete but I train for longevity, strength and aesthetics. This is great info. Go Megs, Go! Thanks ๐Ÿ™

  3. I found a free Google docs version of Layne Norton's ph3 for my first meet, and really love it. I had gotten bored with strict powerlifting training before, so this lets me bring in the bro stuff again ๐Ÿ˜‰ although Some days I miiight skip my leg curls and go home ๐Ÿ™ˆ

  4. OMG its like you read my mind. I just started a new hypertrophy routine but am still new to powerlifting (only 7 months in) and was wondering if it would be appropriate or not. This video was extremely helpful for me!!!

  5. yeees!! As a powerlifter who does hypertrophy I could NOT agree more! I'm gonna subscribe to Uplifted because you give the absolute best advice and I want your gaaaainz girl. It's TIME

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  7. Why would you show people on gear in your thumbnail and give viewers a false expectation of what they could achieve training like them?

  8. I think Matt Wenning also has great advice on the importance of accessory movements and muscle mass for powerlifting. He does like 4×25 for different muscle groups before even starting on the big lifts. It makes so much sense to build your body up especially as a rookie so your body can tolerate all the heavy weight of the deads and squats. This could be even more important for women who have less muscle mass to begin with, so hypertrophy training might prevent injuries in the long run! It's an important topic. Thanks for the good videos Meg!

  9. I have a question if anyone can answer: I'm beginning powerlifter, is a fat burner supplement a necessity or should I stay away from that?

  10. Will I get away with not going into work the next two days now? It must be Friday now so basically the weekend. Iโ€™m convinced

  11. BY FAR one of the most informative n knowledgeable as well as honest fitness experts out there she always thinks rly thoroughly about process

  12. Meg makes a Monday feel more like a Friday if Monday and Friday could be closer to being a Friday but sadly Monday and Friday won't ever be one day and Monday will be Friday by the end of the…. Happy Monday people…

  13. Been trying to find a good balance between the two forever now because I love them both! It's hard though because I feel like I am not optimal at either with splitting my time between the two…

  14. How to cut to maximize muscle in weight class without losing strength?

    Loving the 5 minute Fridays so far… Keep 'em coming

  15. Hey Megs, thanks for all you do. I recently found your channel and you already have inspired me to try powerlifting. Iโ€™m unhappy with crossfit, put on a ton of weight and I was kinda lost on what to do. I will start RP fat loss templates and I have visited a PL gym in my area, I should start at the new gym by the end of the month, once crossfit membership is cancelled. Iโ€™m excited for that! Fuck hspu! Xoxo ๐Ÿ˜˜

  16. I train for powerlifting (your programs actually) but I dont compete. How long should I be aiming to run a hypertrophy block before going back to more strength focused training?

  17. This felt rushed ;_; 5 Min Friday is a cute name but I'd rather have the info delivered at a casual pace.

  18. 5 minute Monday…if only. Great video, personally I've just always enjoyed higher volume in general but that's because I got use to it trying to get less fat

  19. Omg you talk so fast to try and get the video under 5 min :โ€™) You should just do a part two of more hypertrophy based training? Would like to hear more

  20. Thank you for saying this! I was at a gym where people minimized the importance of accessory training and it drove me nuts because it's wrong.

  21. Off base beginner who didn't know what they where talking about wow SMH tisk tisk Meg showing that whole card

  22. If you wanna see a super jacked female powerlifter you should definitely check out Isabella von Weissenberg, https://www.instagram.com/ivweissenberg/

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  24. Love the message of this video, 100% agree

    Also I donโ€™t think I have seen any other YouTuber give credit and link sources as consistently as you. Very helpful to us and considerate of the sources you tap into. As always great stuff.

  25. I dont think allot of amateur powerlifters can train like bodybuilders. They are clueless when it comes to training for size. The majority of them have crappy genetics and have some kind of mental block about training to failure doing more than 6 plus reps. Most of them are either fat or just look an average person, and if you try to get some of them train hard they get militant and make all kinds of silly excuses. I personally dont see most of them trying to build muscle mass.

  26. Cool info.
    My lean mass is 74kg, but my strength is way less than other guys' who have less muscle mass.
    What do you think may be the problem about it?

  27. So I was going through and watching all of my subscriptions. ANNNDDDD I realized you and Myka look so much alike to me!! Also, power lifting is where it is at, even though I've just had a baby so the gym is not happening right atm. Love you!

    p.s. this is a link to one of Myka's videos

  28. When you are talking about volume, you typically say 8 – 12 reps but not a recommended number of sets. Do you have a recommendation for a number of reps total for a workout?

  29. I'm sorry, i'm getting distracted by your beautiful eye colour ๐Ÿ˜›
    (I had to watch the video twice, so that I could actually get the fantastic information that was given)

  30. Iโ€™m not a bodybuilder or powerlifter and not really sure what kind of training I should be donโ€™t so Iโ€™m mixing it up and learning what I like, but this is super helpful and refreshing anyway because there seems to be a โ€˜choose one or the otherโ€™ mentality out there. I read the article you linked and itโ€™s very well written. Thank you!!

  31. Don't back off sets and drop sets help with Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (Strength gain) and Myofribular hypertrophy (Muscle Growth) ๐Ÿค”
    Just curious cuz I'm thinking a lot about different types of sets and muscle fiber types ๐Ÿ‹

  32. I've been training for powerlifting with my trainer for about a month. Nutrition being so important I'm having problems being able to hit my macros amount. I have crohns disease, so I have a very low appetite. Do you have any recommendations for food intake if you can't eat as many meals each day??

  33. This was a very helpful video that gave me more insight. I was stuck because I was trying to figure out weather or not I should cut out hypertrophy, eat big, and just focus on the main lifts. I would get super strong, but I also want to look good too. So I'll keep doing a mixture of both, and like you said the muscle does help in some ways.

  34. You should train like an athlete. If you only care about how you look naked, why would train like a powerlifter? If you only care about how strong you are, why would you train like a bodybuilder? If you're a soccer player, why would you need a 20 inch biceps? If you're a runner, why would you need another 20 pounds of muscle? If you're a cyclist, why would you need a massive upper body?

  35. I usually do both but as I have gotten older and realized I am never going be as strong as I want to be naturally more and more I lean more towards bodybuilding I mean of course I can always have the goal try get stronger with my lifts but just lifting 30 to 6 rep range for 3 to 7 sets failure and lifting what weight I feel like lifting that day just seems less stress and planning plus its better on my joints and I burn alot more calories I think that just might be the way to go but I do miss being able to lift crazy weights for someone that was natural but I had to eat and eat and eat and you pretty much have to stop caring what you look like when you want be strong as possible if you are doing it naturally also you have to psych your self up and that just burns you out with bodybuilding you dont have to psych up just go in there lift what you can and feel good afterwards well I mean you have to push your self through the workout and its alot more painful than powerlifting but thats what i like about it that burn and pump and being out of breath and keep pushing your self but anyways i forgot where i was going with this

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