Sem Drogas – A Jornada De Um Fisiculturista Natural (Documentário Completo)

Sem Drogas – A Jornada De Um Fisiculturista Natural (Documentário Completo)

I can’t do it It’s too hard My injuries are going to limit me I still need to recover from them I need to focus on my last semester This is what was going on in my mind a few months ago After suffering a couple injuries I believed that my bodybuilding carrer had ended But I decided to prove to myself, and to everyone who ever doubted me That it doesn’t matter how many obstacles you put in my way It doens’t matter how many detours I have to take Nothing, is gonna stop me from following my dreams My name is Caio Bottura, I am 23 years old and I’m going to compete in bodybuilding Without drugas Directed and produced by Caio Bottura Unless you live in a cave, you should know that bodybuilding is dominated by drugs more specifically, anabolic steroids There even is people showing how to use them on the internet These drugs are synthetic hormonones that facilitate muscle growth such as testosterone There are other drugs such as insulin ans growth hormone that are part of a group called “peptides” And others such as ephedrine and clembuterol But don’t think that just by using these drugs you’ll automatically have the body of a professional bodybuilder This takes years of discipline and consistence and of course, blessed genetics Drugs are not just a part of bodybuilding but of all high performance sports Every year in the Olympics there are scandalls of athletes caught doping And most of the time that is disguised by the media Not all the athletes are tested, and most of them pass the tests because they are flawed There are dozens of ways to go around these tests This was not the case of Ben Johnson A jamaican-born Canadian who broke the record in the 100m sprint in 1988 with the time of 9.79 seconds Ben was disqualified three days later because his urine contained stanozolol, an anabolic drug there are dozens of other famous cases, such as Lance Armstrong and others anyway, I don’t have anything against these drugs in fact, when they are used the right way with medical assistance It is safer than legal drugs, such as alcohol and tabacco, that kill hundreds of thousands of people The World’s Health Organization said that in 2012 3.3 million people died across the globe as consequece of alcohol consumption and this equals almost 6% of all deaths in 2015, the United Nations affirmed that Brazil its the third country in the world with male deaths caused by alcohol even caffeine was banned in the Olympics a few years ago but the our technological developments we came to understand that it can be beneficial in certain occasions the same way that is with steroids, but it is still Taboo to talk about this today Because bodybuilding has this “problem” with drugs some countries created natural federations to promote the opportunity for people, that for whatever reason, chose not to use drugs most of these federations uses the same drug list banned by WADA that is the World Anti-Doping Agency which menas the “World Anti-Doping Agency” the used in the Olympic Games these federations ask that the athlete must have been without using these drugs for at least 7 years other only accept athletes that have never used them and how do we know this? the most reliable test for this things is the polygraph that is the lie detector test the test is always applied by a professional, hired by the federation yes, it is not 100% reliable, but its the best that can be done because urine tests or blood tests would be too expensive… usually the champion or the top five will have to take them right after the award cerimony in the professional league, the athletes are tested ramdomly I’m not saying that no one outsmarts the system unfortunately there are people with no morals, that rather compete against natural athletes when they are not I pity them, because there is no money in natural bodybuilding natural bodybuilding is for people that just love this sport and wants to know how it feels to compete I’m not going to wast my time trying to prove to you if I am or not natural because I know I am not the one who is going to change your mind there is a theory in psychology called “cognitive dissonance” this theory says that when we are presented with solid evidence going for or against something we strongly believe in this belief only gets stronger we will always listen to what we want to hear and we become defensive to things that go against our belief a documentary about the journey of a natural bodybuilder 4 weeks out today, I live in the US as a student in the University of Findlay – OH I came here 4 years ago with a scholarship and I am a month away from graduating I am a Strength and Conditioning major a course about exercise physiology, more specific to athletes I love living here I couldn’t see a future for me in Brazil so I decided to leave many people called me a playboy they have no idea how much I strived to get here how much I studied, and dedicated myself to it I even got a job here as a Resident Assistant one of the most respected jobs on campus I don’t get paid money, but I get room and board for free. And this helps a lot with the cost of living abroad when I got here, one of the first things I did was to look for an online coach I really wanted to compete, to know how it feels to step on stage so I looked for some bodybuilding shows here around ohio, and I found this website I e-mail a guy, and hired a coach it was very nice, he trained me for about eight months and in my first competition I ended up getting 4th place the judges said that I could have placed higher, like second or third if I had posed a litte better and I didn’t know about this at the time, I knew nothing about competing what trunks to wear, what tan to use but it was an amazing experience and I got addicted so after this show I always already focused to do another one, very energetic and I said “one year from now I’m gonna come back and win this show” and that’s what I did, one year later I got ready again, with a new diet strategy this time this time, doing things a little but more… precise I guess so I got first in junior, novice, and middle weight and I got very close to winning the overall and if so I would win my pro card and become a professional athlete not that I would earn a lot of money by being a professional natural bodybuilder but you get to compete in the pro league and that experience was awesome, but… I was a little disappointed because I had very high expectations I thought about pro card, pro card, pro card, I’m gonna win the overall and I got second in the overall, was a very good experience that taught me that failing is part of the journey and taught me to be a little bit more humble I believe people judge me a lot, but they judge one picture a picture that they see on social media they didn’t see the six years of training, dieting discipline, and of successes and failures so it’s something very annoying most of the times because people see the final result but they didn’t see the process and because of that they judge me a lot, saying: you had to have used something, it’s impossible to do what you did natural but I take this as a compliment but don’t think that competing natural is healthy the human body doesn’t want to have 4% of body fat it wants to survive a study done during the second World War in Minnesota investigated the physical and psychological effects of a prolonged caloric restriction the purpose was to find rehab alternatives for people that would starve during that period the study was pusblished with 1385 pages and it was very well conducted concluding very important things it concluded that the prolonged caloric restriction led to depression, hysteria and hypochondriasis the participants said they noticed a decrease in concentration and comprehension abilities the basal metabolic rate, respiration, heart rate and sex drive were also lowered one of the participants cut off three fingers with an axe but does not remember being intentional or not another study followed a natural bodybuilder for one year taking readings of his hormones and showed that there is a direct correlation with your body fat and some hormones such as the thyroid hormones and testosterone the less body fat someone has, the less testosterona, T3 and T4 they produce and this causes a number of negative effects such as depression and social isolation I went through that first hand after my last few shows I did blood tests and saw that my testosterona was way lower than normal for these reasons, I opted for doing a shorter prep 14 weeks this time my last prep, I was in a caloric deficit for 24 weeks and because of that, I suffered these hormonal adaptations I am running against time and I don’t know if I’m going to be as lean as last time but I will give it my best these last few years that I did not compete made me mature a lot and today, I am more concerned about giving it my best effort, and to have fun at the same time because I don’t want to transform my passion into a burden the two sides has its advantages and disadvantages and they will depend on the personal opinion of every person my friend Rafal Rey has competed on both sides and talks about it my first two shows I decided to compete natural because I was fearful of using steroids I didn’t have enough knowledge or even the money for that because, it’s risky, the risks are high specially if you don’t know what you are doing and when I decided to stop being natural I sough for medical help first and of course that this makes the prep a lot more expensive to prep as a natural is a lot… easier in some ways and harder in others specially the financial side sometimes you spend money you don’t even have I had health problems and had to stop one of my preps and I had to distance myself from everything, drugs, training, dieting training not so much but I had to stop my prep and during this time, I thought about a lot of things specially about quality of life when I don’t use any drugs I feel more productive, you feel better you know it’s hard for you to be chained to something and have to do that thing everyday knowing that that is dangerous knowing that it is not healthy and that many times, most of the people could achieve what they want naturally what I am tired of seeing in gyms these days is people using anabolic steroids indisciminately and with no idea of what they are doing and to have mediocre results that they could have without drugs if they just trying to learn more about dieting, and training nowadays people lost their fear and they do things without thinking of the consequences and this time that I have been without using anything I can tell you that I have been living better I have enjoyed more of life I rest better, I feel more recovered I am not going to be a hypocrite and say that I won’t use it again during my next prep because I am at a competitive level and I need to do it for my category, I don’t compete as a natural, as Caio does but I think he is an inspiration for many people, even for myself and yes, I have thought about being natural again, because it improves quality of live and we never know about the future and what are the consequences of our choices maybe you won’t be able to have kids, or you could die from it… this past year was one of the worse when it comes to bodybuilding for me I suffered a couple of injuries, something I never thought it would happen to me but because of repetitive motion, this sometimes just happens we are prone to injury in any sport I think and it was very upsetting and demotivating to me because I am used to training heavy and giving my 100% everyday and I couldn’t do that anymore and I actually thought that my career in bodybuilding was over, that I wasn’t gonna be competitive anymore because of these injuries, and that was very sad but one day, watching one of my own videos one of my most watched videos, the one about my transformation actually I was simply motivated by it I thought: “if I was able to do it once, I can do it again, and even better this time” and that’s what I decided to do, that is why I am competing again 3 weeks out today I am working out with Cameron, one of my friends and my first workout partner here in the US he is taking me to a gym in the town where he is from and he says to be the best gym he’s ever been to I really like training with him, because he always motivates me to train harder and better and at this stage of the prep, this is something very important the poses are an essential part of bodybuilding however, they are very neglected by many athletes you can have an exceptional physique, but bodybuilding is a game of illusion so if you don’t know how to display it, you’ll end up hurting your placing I am not the best at posing, that’s why I ask Cameron to help me I am totally depleted, looking flat and having cramps anyways, I can’t stop practicing it here we can see how the lights wash me a out a little bit that’s why athletes have to tan for bodybuilding shows so that the lights don’t take away their muscle definition this is Holly, my girlfirend, best friend, and number one fan I thought twice before deciding to compete this time, because I know how much stress I go through and how this can be bad in a relationship but she has always supported me, in everything I do and she has been a great help when I become distracted or weak it’s amazing how having someone else by your side to share this journey with makes a great difference and it makes the journey so much more pleasurable this is a lonely sport but this doesn’t mean that you have to become a lonely person and distance yourself from others I guarantee that stepping on stage feels ten thousand times better if you have someone to share this moment with 2 weeks out the US has a totally different culture on sports there is a huge investiment here on sports kids start practicing since middle school to become good, and get scholarships for college through their sport I left Brazil thinking that I knew everything because I’ve been lifting for two years and that I used to train heavy but I was very wrong I barelly used to squat, and didn’t even know what deadlifts were I arrived here, and got embarrassed the athletes were a lot stronger than I and I couldn’t keep up during workouts so, I adopted their workout methods and being in a gym with 14 squat racks you can’t just not do it I am a normal boy with normal problems but to live in a different country, without my family and my friends from Brazil… sometimes it can be very hard you feel alone, and… you just want to put your head in a pillow and scream as loud as possible you become distressed, anxious and with graduation and the show almost here I start to feel anxious stressed out and it’s during these times that I look for my theraphy and no, this therapy is not the gym it’s the music besides training and competing in bodybuilding I have another big passion and this passion, it’s the piano I started to play the piano at the age of 4 my parents kind of forced me to learn an instrument my dad always thought that I should be able to play an instrument and play a sport and I thank him everyday for doing that for me I didn’t like it much at first because I was taught classical music and I don’t think that kids like but soon I fell in love with music and I would practice 4, 6, 8 hours a day on the piano we had at home there was a time in my life that I wanted to become a musician I tried to be in a band, but I believe God had other plans for me and today the piano still serves me good its like a discharge valve it’s what I come to when I am anxious or stressed… or when I need something to relax playing the piano is really like theraphy to me, it seems like all my problems go away and the world around me shuts off 1 day out I know this video is going to bother a lot of people weak minded people that project their own failure on me they don’t understand that failure is part of the journey the important thing is to get back up and keep going this people will never achieve something in this sport because with or without drugs, you have to, above all, have a strong mind and that’s what’s lacking in most of them my friend Jason, Youtuber and personal trainer tells his story, and how he was influenced into using steroids because people used to think that was the only way out the issue is a lot bigger than it looks because the person learns in the gym that they can’t grow without using hormones The personal training in my gym told me to use two weeks after I started going there he offered me to buy from himself and said that I wouldn’t have any problems and didn’t want to watch me train and not have any results so, you understand how the problem goes beyong the people just underestimating themselves? they learn that obsessed, ugly, gross crazy many are the names to define us, to repress us, to make us give up the preconception is there people have a pre-concept of me, of my personality a pre-concept of my dream the world is nasty, with tons of people to push you down you can kick me down one, two, five, ten times and I’ll get up eleven you can doubt me all you want but I always, always will prove that you were wrong today I enter a new battle winning or losing, I know that I will leave a champion because I overcame everyone who didn’t think I was gonna be there and most importantly, I proved to myself, that I can that I can do it that my dream is just a product of hard work a work that I did, that I do, and that I will keep doing everyday of my life today, I am accomplishing my mission award cerymony the crowd was confused, no one really liked the results it was a tie but they didn’t explain how they untied it one more time the pro card slips through my fingers the last 15 weeks flash through my mind and even getting second, my heart is sad a little disappointed but happy to be on stage again, and knowing that my journey doesn’t end here it’s easy to be a good winner, but very hard to be a good loser I need to recognize the others athletes’ effort accept defeat and to specially try to get better so that next time, there are no ties bodybuilding is a fascinating sport but very frustrating at the same time I lost to an athlete who was the client of the show’s promoter coincidence? I don’t know maybe I’m just being a sore loser it is years of dedication for only a few seconds on stage we spend thousands of hours in the gym and dollars with diet, memberships and shows and for what? only those who have stepped on stage know the answer, the feeling is unique indescribable and that’s why I won’t stop here this was only one step of my journey I still have many years ahead of me and I know that one day I’ll become a professional athlete But I have learned, that what’s more important is for you to be at peach with yourself know that you did what you had to do and that you have people around you that are rooting for you life is more than a plastic trophy the memories that you make is what matters even if they are good or bad they are part of who you are, and shape your character and today, I learned that in life we’ll always face defeat and victory will only happen when you get back up and persevere this time I don’t think I got as lean like last time and maybe this costed me the pro card but it’s part of it, it was another learning experience I wanted to give a special thanks to powerfoods that is my sponsor is the only national brand that really believes in the natural sport that supports the natural athletes they give me a fenomenal support they helped paying for travels, equipement for this movie they always sent me the supplements that I need from Brazil here to the US I also wanted to thank Holly, all the people around me, Tre and each and everyone of my subscribers that watch my videos, that comment on them the like the videos, and send me messages with love it’s amazing the love that I get from you and that is priceless, nothing beats that, a pro card is not worth more than the love you guys give me and for those who don’t know, during this prep… I lost a very dear friend of mine his name was Rodolfo Moreira, he was a subscriber and he suffered from cerebral ataxia a very unique boy, very special kid he had a dream about competing, even with his difficulties and he always had a smile on his face, he was always positive and without knowing, he motivated me when I heard that he had passed away I decided to dedicate this trophy to him so this trophy, the first place I got in middle weight it’s dedicated to you Rodolfo a special kid, that wanted to be on stage, but didn’t have the opportunity so, I did this for you know that you motivated me everyday, in every workout and that’s it, now I need to focus on the future and just try to get better because this sporte is a constant evolution of ourselves try to be better then yourself everyday and to compare yourself to yesterday and not with other people one week later one week after the show, the promoter, Josh Miller, contacted me via facebook saying that I won my pro card because classic physique is a new category, they were giving the pro card to the top two I really didn’t expect this I just got the news I was on facebook, and I am friends with the promoter Josh because I usually compete in his shows and he sent me a message saying that because classic physique is a new category I won my pro card, because they were giving it to the top two so next week I should get my pro card and its a indescribable feeling because, that second place… was a little disappointing but there was a reward behind it and it was a second place pro card, I am not gonna lie and say that I am totally happy with it when talking to Josh he said if I was a bit leaner I would have won my pro card in bodybuilding in bodybuilding that ended up getting first in middle weight and lost the overall to the guy who beat me in junior but I talked to my coach and we decided to keep cutting and that… a few months from now we’ll come back and win the pro card in bodybuilding so these are the plans for the future and now you are looking to the first Brazilian professional natural bodybuilder

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